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Hi Ken: I was watching commercial passenger planes pass over the area. The sky was blue the weather conditions were fine and it was perfect for spotting aircraft. I was looking towards the east watching a passenger plane that was quite far away when all of a sudden I spotted a white object that appeared to be heading towards the plane from above. I was looking through the viewfinder of my Nikon P900 camera at the time so I immediately started to take photographs of the object and the plane. I managed to take five photographs in total capturing the movement of the object as it flew directly in front of the plane. The object was far to large and fast to be a drone. The object clearly had no wings or visible means of propulsion. The object was definitely strange and out of the ordinary. I watched as the object and the plane flew across the sky together it was weird. The object matched the planes airspeed exactly while maintaining it’s position directly in front. The pilots must have been very alarmed and worried that they were going to collide with the object. As the plane flew off into the distance I saw the object move away from the plane and then I promptly lost sight of it.

I have witness similar incidents like this before and I often see objects like this near or around commercial aircraft. This is the main reason why I now regularly photograph commercial aircraft flying over the area. In the news these objects are conveniently wrongly reported as drones which they are not. After decades of research I have established that these objects are in fact multidimensional and are alien in nature. I know a lot of people who can’t handle this fact but it’s the truth. We are not alone in this multiverse. ‎The photographs were taken on 30th of ‎July ‎2018, 1:27 PM at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John. Have a great week my friend.



I had been outside for about an hour sky watching looking for anything strange and out of the ordinary. I had seen a lot of commercial aircraft fly over the area but I had not seen anything strange so I was feeling a little disappointed. I was looking through the viewfinder of my Nikon P900 camera zooming in and out of different areas of the sky. I was about to go back inside when something zoomed across the area of the sky that I was observing. I immediately paned the camera to the left to see what it could be only to see a large domed shaped object just hanging there in the sky. I could hardly believe what I was seeing… I took a photograph of the object just before it shot off at Incredible speed causing me to lose sight of it. I looked around the sky for a good 5 minutes for the object but it was no good it was gone. This object was miles away from the camera I was lucky to get such a steady shot. The Photograph was taken on the 31 July 2018 12:32 PM at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.




Hi Ken : I had been sky watching for a while and there was no signs of any strange activity so I turned around to go back inside when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. I turned to get a better look only to see a bright glowing orb hanging above an adjacent house. The orb was about the size of a tennis ball and had a yellow tinge to it. I quickly took a photograph of the orb and continued to watch as it remained stationary. I had the distinct feeling that the orb was checking me out so I decided to wave at the orb to try and get a reaction from it. I waved and to my amazement the orb moved from left to right and then went back to its original position as if to acknowledge my waving. I was totally astonished by this movement of the orb. The orb was definitely under some type of intelligent control. The orb continued to hang there for about five minutes until it started to get dimmer and dimmer before it just broke up into smaller round pieces that then just shot off in to different directions. I was absolutely astonished by what I had just witnessed… I had never seen anything like it before. This incident took place on the 13th of December ‎2016 at 11:18 AM at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John. 


Tall Humanoids at Echo Lake, N

Warrensburg, NY – 2018-07-17 – 21:30: I was at Echo Lake meeting up with some friends drinking and having a good time. I was the first one there. Everything was eerily silent. You could have heard a pin drop. That’s when something caught my attention. About 70 feet away is this humanoid creature. It’s about 4-5 feet tall, skinny as hell, and naked. It’s so white it’s almost glowing. It’s just staring at me. Like neither of us should be here. I can’t move, I can’t scream. I just stare. Then I heard some rustling in bushes behind me and I quickly turn and brace for a fight. I see another one of them things moving away from me. Then I turn and see the other one is gone. Now I don’t know if that was the same one and they just move super fast or what but it sure spooked the hell out of me. I called my friends and said you best not come anymore and got the hell out of there. – MUFON - NOTE: The above image is CGI.




On December 24, 2011, I was driving south on Hwy 36 from Boulder, CO when I looked left and spotted an object in the sky heading west. Object was black cigar-shaped with a white vapor ring around it. The vapor had a short tail trailing behind which evaporated very quickly unlike a jets vapor trail. Object appeared to be about 10-12,000 ft. in the air. Its speed was like that of an aircraft on approach to an airport but it maintained a level course and never descended. Thought the object might be an asteroid or meteor. No brightness, flames or debris being emitted. There was a bright blue sky with no clouds anywhere and no other aircraft were in the vicinity. Checked the time on the car clock at 10:50am. Exited onto McCaslin Blvd. heading west and continued to observe the object which gradually turned southwest. Could still see object moving away in the distance as I turned south. Lost sight of it shortly after driving among houses in the subdivision. Had feelings of amazement and puzzlement at what this was. First reported it that same evening as a meteor on the American Meteor Society website. A few days later received an email from Tokyo that my description could not be a meteor. Only later did I come to the conclusion it might have been a UFO. I am very familiar with many types of aircraft and it was unlike anything I had ever seen. Entered a report on the UFO Evidence website in July. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.



Unknown flying object observed from Otočec, Slovenia looking into night sky direction Novo mesto. Objects appeared about 60 degrees elevation, S, SW of the sky. Several objects seen by my friend standing beside flying in constellation, fast moving descending, slight change of direction. It appeared triangular shape with lights in the center and every corner. Seemed as enormous size and rapidly disappeared from the sky flying direction SW. Few seconds later there was a metorite like object just falling from the sky from same direction and just descending. I speak about similar thematics with my friend and he seems like never taking it seriously, but also not denying or calling me paranoid. Though this time he was standing with me while it happened and observed the objects with me. He’s first reaction was “If You’d tell me about this, I’d ask you what have you been drinking”, but now I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.


Three Missing Hours

To begin with, Crista Tiltan had no idea she had been abducted. She did, though, realize there was a period of around three hours late one night in July 1987 that she simply couldn’t account for. This would ultimately lead her to seek hypnotic regression in order to discover just what her subconscious was holding back from her.  The “most unusual night” of her life was a little sketchy at first. Vague memories of “two small aliens” dragging her by the arms from her room to a strange craft came forth. Then, she lost consciousness, or as Crista recalls “was rendered unconscious”. When she awoke, she was on a table inside of the strange craft, which was now moving. She was extremely groggy and disorientated, to say the least.  A strange entity who she would refer to as her “guide” approached her and handed her a drink, indicating that she should drink it straight away. She did, and almost immediately the grogginess left her. Then, she was led to a doorway and outside the craft, which had now, evidently, stopped. She stepped outside, finding herself on some kind of hillside. It was extremely dark, all except for a “faint light near a cavern” which they were now heading towards. As they neared this apparent opening, Crista could see a “man dressed in a red military-type jump-suit”. He also carried a heavy-duty automatic weapon.  By the time Crista was inside the tunnel she realized she was walking “into the side of a large hill or mountain”. They walked for some time before another man stopped them at an apparent checkpoint. He adorned the same red military uniform as the first man at the entrance. As Crista looked around she could see a futuristic-looking computer screen with cameras watching her.

The Facility

As the guide and the man spoke, she noticed a “large groove” next to them. This, she could see, was a makeshift road, or track, on which a vehicle would take you further into the mysterious mountain. On the other side stretched a long, lonely, but almost menacing hallway, home to many unseen rooms and offices.  Before she could take in any more details, she was ushered into the vehicle which sat patiently on the groove. It moved forward for “what seemed to be a very long time”. Then, the vehicle came to a stop at another checkpoint. This time, however, she was instructed to step on to a “scale-like device” which faced a large screen. As soon as she did, a frenzy of flashing lights and internal computer activity burst into life. Moments later a card emerged. Two holes were punched into it and it was given to Crista as an internal identification.  They then proceeded onwards into the building. When she asked where they were going, her guide only replied that they were in “Level One of The Facility”. Before she could ask any more questions, they stepped onto a strange elevator-type device. They moved down before coming to a stop at the next level. There, two more guards were awaiting their arrival, only these had a different color suit to the others.  They were led down another long corridor. As she walked she snatched glances inside the rooms along each side. Each room was an apparent hive of activity, with lines upon lines of computers and electronic devices along the walls. Strangest of all, though, was the lighting in the corridor. Try as she might, she could simply not see a source for it. It was both everywhere and nowhere.

Deep Inside “The Factory”

This last detail about the lighting might seem trivial and unimportant. However, it comes up in countless other descriptions of the interiors of UFOs. And in the, albeit rarer, accounts of such a facility as the one that Crista found herself in. Indeed, this “no-source” lighting is perhaps a connecting factor in many of these otherwise unrelated cases.  It was around this time when Crista began to become aware of many other people walking around. Her surroundings looked like “a huge office building” separated into “offices and cubicles”. Then she would spot what seemed to be the heart of the open-plan space. A “giant open space” that resembled a large factory warehouse. Inside and to the sides of this space sat several “alien-type craft”. Underneath them were grey-type aliens, seemingly performing repairs or maintenance. As she stepped onto another elevator, she noticed there were more cameras positioned at all angles and in all directions.  When they stepped off the elevator a sign declared they were in Level Five. As soon as she began to follow her guide she began to get an uneasy and frightened feeling. As if sensing this, her guide informed her that as long as she remained with him she wouldn’t come to any harm. Despite this reassurance, there was something about the guards on this particular floor that was different from the others. And more to the point, something not at all friendly.  As the guide brought them to a stop, he would hand her a bundle of garments. She was asked to change her clothes.

Large Tanks With Computerized Gauges

As she unbundled the garment she could see it was a strange hospital gown, only it fastened on both sides leaving her completely covered. As she changed, she noticed the guards in the room salute the guide she had followed. He wasn’t dressed in any military attire, but it was clear that he had some kind of authority here. While the guards all had an emblem or insignia on their uniforms, her guide simply adorned a plain green suit.  Before she could think about it any further, she was asked to step on to another scale-like device. Again, this activated all manner of activity and flashing lights. This time, though, the “strange tones and frequencies” caused severe discomfort to Crista’s ears.  When the activity had stopped, her guide approached her and asked her to follow him once more. They made their way down another corridor. The further down this walkway they went, the stronger a smell similar to formaldehyde became. Suddenly the corridor opened out into a large room.  As Crista scanned her new surroundings she immediately noticed “large tanks with computerized gauges hooked to them”. Tubes and a “huge arm-like device” also connected to these tanks. Crista would estimate them to be around four feet tall. She could see some kind of activity inside, but from the angle she stood, she couldn’t see inside. When she walked over to the nearest tank her guide suddenly reached for her arm and pulled her back. Perhaps ominously he stated that it would “complicate matters” if she was to see what was inside. They hastily left the room and ventured into a huge, open laboratory.

The Doctor!

Crista looked around the room in awe. She would later recall that despite her medical and laboratory background there were “machines that I had never seen before”. Furthermore, over by a desk or table, was a grey-alien, its back turned from her. When she heard the sound of metal against metal coming from the table, her medical background came into play once again. The metallic clinking reminded her of someone preparing “surgical instruments” ready for surgery.  As thoughts rumbled around her mind, her guide told her to sit on the table near the grey entity. She refused. However, the smiling, friendly face of the guide was no more. Almost threateningly he informed her it would “much easier” if she did as he asked. Then, another person entered the room. A man dressed in attire ready for the operating theatre. Her fears were gathering pace and beginning to go into overdrive.  Her guide stepped over to this new arrival. Crista could see he had an identification card like the one issued to her earlier. As she watched in ever-increasing horror, the guide turned to her and claimed he would wait outside.  It was then she noticed how truly cold it was in the room.  The doctor called out for help and another grey alien appeared in the room. Without realizing how or why, she began to feel extremely drowsy. As if some kind of relaxant was taking effect. Then, everything went black.

The Procedure

Her next memory is of regaining consciousness while she lay on an operating table. When she attempted to lift her head up the first thing she saw was two large, black eyes staring down at her. When she focused she could see these eyes belonged to one of the grey aliens. She noticed an intense stabbing pain and turned to see the doctor next to her. He was performing a procedure on her stomach, which now went completely numb.  She wasn’t at all aware of what they were doing, but the doctor and the grey aliens were fast and precise in their work. When they had completed, she was told to go into a small room off to the side where she would find her clothes. She did as instructed and after dressing, she returned to the room. Her mysterious guide had also returned and was now talking to the doctor quietly. As he walked over to her he brushed off any concerns by simply stating the procedure “was necessary”.  She would follow her guide down another hallway, noticing a group of grey aliens pass them heading in the opposite direction. She continued to ask questions in an attempt to understand what was happening. No answers came back. Both she and her guide stepped inside a vehicle like the one she had entered the base on and proceeded to another part of the facility. Crista would recall later, “It was there I saw the most disturbing things of all”.

Waxworks That “Were Alive!”

As she entered this next part of the facility, she was met with a sight she was simply not prepared for. Along the sides of the wall was row after row of tall, clear, medical chambers, each one containing a person. Each was “stood” upright and had the look “as if they were wax figures”. Some of the chambers contained animals. Something told her, however, while they may have looked like waxworks, she knew “they were alive”.

She wasn’t sure how long she stood staring at the morbid, grotesque scene in front of her before her guide ushered her onto a waiting elevator. This time, as the custom-made car made its way upwards she remained silent. Her mind was nearing breaking point trying to make sense of what she had witnessed. She was soon on board one of the alien crafts which proceeded to take her back to her home.  Throughout the entire incident, Crista couldn’t shake the feeling that these events had happened to her before. And not just once, but on several occasions. She has also, according to her claims, had several contacts with “other extraterrestrial entities” of a more-friendly nature since the incident.  As outlandish as the notion is to some, and if such accounts as those of Crista Tiltan are accurate and genuine, it would appear an invisible war on an entirely secret battleground is taking place in the background to the collective human reality. What the desired end goal of this apparent conflict might be, of course, is up for debate. Although, and again depending on the authenticity of such accounts, time might be running short to find out.  NOTE: The above images are CGI.




The sound of a saucer Sightings of UFOs in the skies of our planet have been reported for decades – and perhaps, even, for hundreds, and maybe thousands, of years. But what about the sound of a UFO? Interestingly, there are numerous accounts on-record where UFOs have reportedly emitted deep, resonating, humming noises that seem to exert some form of both physical and mental influence over the witnesses. Not only that, such encounters have also left eyewitnesses feeling distinctly ill and disorientated. It was the night of August 20, 1957, when a guard was standing watch near a U.S. Air Force aircraft that had crashed near Quilino, Argentina. Suddenly, he heard an “eerie hum” and was amazed to see above him a large, seemingly metallic, disc-shaped UFO. In stark terror, he attempted to draw his pistol, but with the humming sound becoming deeper and deeper, he found himself unable to do so and was certain that his very self-will was under extreme threat. Most fascinating of all, the guard then had an overwhelming sensation that his mind was being “flooded” with information from an intelligence aboard the UFO that revolved around mankind’s misuse of atomic energy – something that he perceived was of great concern to those inside the craft. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



On the late afternoon of 7th August 1968, two employees of Buff Ledge summer camp, sixteen-year-old maintenance worker, Michael Lapp, and nineteen-year-old ski instructor, Janet Cornell, were relaxing on the edge of a boat dock watching the slowly setting sun dance on the water. The summer camp sat on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont, just north of Burlington which, incidentally, is where most of the campers were this particular, attending a swim meet. Hence the entire campsite was almost deserted.  As the sun bid farewell to the day and night took charge, Michael noticed a strange light in the distance. At first, thinking it was a star or even a planet, he sat watching contently. Then, the light suddenly dropped much lower to the ground. And what’s more, it was moving towards the teenagers at an alarming rate.  As the pair watched this otherworldly performance, three separate lights detached from the first, large glow. These three lights would head directly towards the lake, while the larger light seemed to ascend again rather quickly and disappear from sight. The three glowing orbs zig-zagged and danced between themselves over the shimmering waters below, pulling off moves that neither had seen an airplane or helicopter manage. As the two teenagers continued to watch, the three shining objects moved closer still to them. Then, they formed a triangle shape and remained still for a second before two of them moved away slightly. As they did so, a sound rang out “like a thousand tuning forks” which caused considerable discomfort to the pair. The remaining object suddenly shot upward before diving straight into the lake and vanishing beneath the surface. Then, it reappeared and glided across the water, heading straight for them.

“Two Child-Like Creatures” In A “Transparent Dome!”

As the object continued its approach, Michael made out a “transparent dome”, seemingly on top of the it. Inside this dome, he could make out “two childlike creatures” with elongated necks and large heads. He also noticed their large eyes which stretched around to the sides of their heads. As it moved closer, rising from the water and hovering directly over the unnerved teenagers, it fired a beam towards them. Michael grabbed Janet out of the way forcing both of them to the ground and away from the strange light. He would later report he remembered shouting at the object “We don’t want to go!” as fears and stories of alien abduction filled his mind. He would also recall that he could see the bones in his hands as if viewing an X-ray such was the brightness of the light beam. It passed closer to them. Each would recall that it caused a floating sensation. And, even stranger, that the light itself had a “liquid” feel to it. The next thing either of the teenagers knew, they were sat calmly on the boating dock. The intense light was gone, and the strange object was now much farther in the distance and heading away from them. The sky was now no longer the dark blue of early evening, but completely black, suggesting it was much later. When Michael turned to Janet, she appeared to be in a trance. Both of them felt somewhat disorientated and confused. As the strange object finally vanished from sight, the pair could hear the other campers back from their swim meet.

A Decade Of Intense Nightmares!

Michael and Janet would keep the sighting strictly to themselves for the remainder of the summer. And following the end of the camp season, the two witnesses would depart back home and back to their individual plans and lives. However, over the years, Michael began to suffer increasingly intense nightmares. They were always the same – of being abducted and “not wanting to go”. The dreams eventually made him think about the incident at Buff Ledge more and more until eventually, ten years after the encounter, he would contact the Center for UFO Studies to make a report.  UFO researcher, Walter Webb, would take on the case. He would almost immediately suggest hypnotic regression to get to the bottom of the nightmares, and to find out just what happened on the boating dock in the summer of 1968. It would appear those memories were bubbling just below the surface as Michael immediately recalled the incidents as soon as he was regressed. He would state that the light had seized both of them and lifted them on board the craft. He recalled “streams of approaching colored lights” while also noticing a “loud whine” the nearer to the craft he got.  Once inside the craft, he could see Janet laying on a table and under examination. Several of the small entities performed the procedure. They would shine lights in each of her eyes and take samples of skin, hair, and blood. He viewed the events from some kind of “upper deck” with one of the alien creatures beside him.

Inside The Dome!

As he looked upwards to the transparent dome, he could clearly see the Earth, the Moon, and an everlasting net of stars against the blackness of space. Michael also noticed a huge “cigar-shaped” craft which he assumed was a “mothership”.  He would recall how these creatures all looked exactly the same, and how their bodies had a “damp and clammy” look and feel to them. He estimated them to be around five feet tall with long, thin arms and legs. Their skin was a strange “greenish-blue”, a similar color to the skintight green suits they donned, which made them appear as though they were naked.  He would further recall that each had “three-pointed web-like digits” for their hands. During this, the entity placed a thought into Michael’s mind. Their mission was to “make life like ours…other places”. When pressed on this, the explanation was much clearer. They wished for life on Earth to be like their planet – without violence. He would also recall that the entity was “surprised” that he was alert and asking questions. Perhaps ominously, and correctly, the creature would state that because of this “it would be difficult for him after the experience was over”. Despite the situation, and for reasons he didn’t understand, Michael claimed to have a “great affinity or closeness” with this particular entity.  The creature then led Michael down a set of steps and onto the floor which housed the table upon which Janet lay. Then, the creature led Michael to another table. It tilted slightly to allow him to lean against it before returning to its horizontal position. The last thing he remembered is looking out of the transparent  dome, seeing the large cigar-shaped ship now much closer. Then he lost consciousness.

A “Real External Event” With “No Opportunity For Collusion!”

During the investigation Webb had managed to track down and convince Janet, now a married twenty-nine-year-old, to also undergo regression. What she described under hypnosis corroborated Michael’s version of events entirely. She would recall laying on the examination table, which induced a “cold” feeling within her. She also recalled something “pulling (my) hair and pinching (my) neck”. Furthermore, like Michael, she recalled following one particular entity who she referred to as her “guide”. And who was “her only source of comfort” throughout the experience. Webb would also conduct extensive research with numerous ex-employees of the summer camp. And the guests during the summer of 1968. He discovered that several employees at Buff Ledge had witnessed strange lights and objects over Lake Champlain on the same evening that Michael and Janet claimed to have been abducted.  Furthermore, two other employees would also report to Webb they suspected they too were the victims of abduction. The incident was earlier in the summer, several weeks before the August incident of Michael and Janet. However, it mirrored theirs almost exactly. An incident which began with strange lights over the waters followed by the appearance of a disc-like craft.  Webb would also perform several character evaluations on both Michael and Janet. All in all, they were, according to his research, credible witnesses with no reason to manufacture such a story. Certainly not ten years after the fact with no known contact between the pair since the summer of the incident. Overall Webb would find, the pair had “no opportunity for collusion” and “experienced a real external event of unknown origin”. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



As I was driving home on 31 July 2018 at 01:43 on Ohio state route 13 north of Mount Vernon, OH a 7-8ft tall, skinny, humanoid like creature ran across the road out of a corn field across into a soybean field (from a east to west direction). I noticed the creature in my headlights from 50-75ft away as I was traveling at a rate of 55-60mph. As it came out of the cornfield I immediately let off the accelerator. At first thinking it was a deer but then seen the creature walked upright. It was 7-8ft in height, tall slender body, arms and legs small in diameter, hands and feet looked over-sized for its body proportion, small neck with oval elongated head, being dark tan to light brown skin tone and had no body hair. The creature slightly turned its head towards my vehicles headlights and I seen the creatures black eyes and small mouth just open slightly as it continued to run across the road. It barely took 2-3 steps and it was across the road at a tremendous rate of speed. I was in total shock and thought I should check it out at first but then thought for a second and being uncertain of what I may have just seen I had better get out of the area. I lost sight of the entity due to darkness. I am a 24 year USAF retired aircrew veteran with a top secret security clearance. Not to be totally bliss but would someone please advise me on what I seen because it still and truly and frightened me. – MUFON  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



A driver passing by El Paso, Texas recorded something strange in the sky of what appears to be a glowing triangular-shaped UFO. Ufologists are at a loss with the object moving completely silent. The video shows the strange object moving at high speed in the sky. The UFO appears to be a glowing triangle with a bright backlight, flying without any sound. Some believe that it could be an extraterrestrial aircraft. Many reports of triangle-shaped craft around the world but not often they are captured on any media. The capture of this type of flying craft surprised American researchers of extraterrestrial civilizations and the aliens. As apparent aliens appear on the planet every year more often than before, they are also manifested more and more in a fantastic way. Some observers shared their thoughts about the video after analyzing and verifying its authenticity. They note that it was strange the car appeared to pace the UFO so well. According to the videographer, he was driving to work and noticing a mysterious light in a triangular shape toward the horizon. He took his Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone out and snapped photos and a short video.   The incident reportedly took place on August 31, 2018, at 6:25 in the morning. He stared at the sunrise as usual because he had to stop a red light. Before he got on the freeway to work, he noticed the UFO to the right. He thought it was weird, so he took multiple pictures.



I had awoke around 12:00 a.m. in the morning of August 24 2018, looked out my window and observed the moon and a rather large, oval shape, cluster of lights southeast of the moon. I thought it was stars but it was too concentrated and very unusual. I decided to get my camera (Nikon D5600) and snap a few photos from my driveway. By the time I gathered and set up my equipment it had appeared to lessen in size. I was very disappointed but took the pictures anyway. Any program should tell you the exposures information for I cannot remember, but I do know I set the exposure time for different lengths. Please if you possibly may, observe the pictures, and render a reasonable explanation for me. Thank you for your time and attention.



We came home from dinner and I looked in the sky and said what are those four bright lights in the sky all in a straight line? Then they started tot around and then got back I formatik . I thought this was crazy and unusual and asked my daughter to film it. Many lights and shaped cams out of these four lights and then they formed a straight line again. This went on for about ten minutes. We felt dizzy and light after the sighting. And felt very weird, hard to explain.This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer, Chief Investigator MUFON New Jersey.



After leaving the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, on the evening of 5th July 1972 where she was visiting her son following an accident when a cupboard fell on him at school, Maureen Puddy would drive to her mother’s home in Frankston to update her on his condition. And to have a much-needed cup of tea before making the final drive home. At around 9:15 pm, Maureen bid her mother farewell and set off back on her journey.  Shortly after, she noticed a sudden glow of blue seemingly coming from above her. Thinking it was likely a police helicopter she would pull the car over to the side of the road. As she stepped from the vehicle expecting to see an officer with a loudspeaker issuing instructions to her, she instead saw a huge, blue, round object, like “two saucers placed together”. She would estimate it to be around “two telephone poles” from the ground. Later investigations would estimate the size of the object to be around one-hundred feet wide. As she pressed herself against the exterior of her car, now questioning her decision to exit the vehicle but remaining where she was nonetheless, she took in as much detail as she could. The entire blue-metallic surface had no joins or seams that she could see and was entirely smooth. Similarly, she noticed no doors or windows of any kind. An “intense blue glow” enveloped the entire craft and cast its brilliant wash all around the immediate area. As she continued to watch the hovering, though motionless object, she noticed a humming noise permeate the air.

Three Weeks Later, Same Time, Same Place

After several moments she suddenly snapped back to her senses and quickly positioned herself back in the driver’s seat, starting the engine in one fluid motion. She sped away from the scene but much to her horror when she glanced back she noticed the object was following her. No matter how much she increased her speed, the strange blue craft would maintain the exact same distance. This continued for several miles before the object suddenly disappeared leaving Puddy to see a “very bright light streaking” across the sky away from her.  She returned home, confused about what she had seen, but certain it wasn’t a dream or an illusion of some kind. She made a report to the police although they certainly didn’t take it very seriously. Nor did the several friends and members of her family who she told of the incident. So much so, she decided to keep the encounter to herself from then on.  However, following a similar hospital visit on the evening of the 25th July, at almost the same time of 9:15 pm, at roughly the same spot, the large, blue disc appeared again. This time, though, she decided against stopping the car. In fact, she gripped the wheel and pressed her foot down harder on the accelerator. However, instead of speeding into the distance, the car came to a calm stop at the roadside. As she looked out of her windscreen, the object was hovering above and in front of her.  Then, a voice entered her head.

“Tell The Media…You Are Now In Control!”

“Don’t be afraid, we mean you no harm” were the first words that went through her mind. This was followed by the rather bizarre “your tests will be negative. Tell the media…you are now in control”. What was meant by this is not sure.  Then, the car engine started of its own accord. She remained still for a moment before speeding away from the scene. She would make a report of the sighting to the police once more, if only to get it put on record.  Several months passed before UFO researchers, Paul Norman and Judith Magee would take an interest in the case. She would speak directly to the researchers as well as giving a public talk at their urging. Puddy would attempt to contact the wider media (as per the apparent instructions to do so) but decided against pursuing the action further due to the usual ridicule she was met with.  She claimed to still receive messages, however. And one evening, after claiming to have received a message to “return to the meeting place” she would contact Magee and Norman and arranged to meet them. It would be an evening that would prove to be one of the most bizarre of any of their lives. At a predetermined meeting place near an electricity sub-station off the highway, they arranged to meet at 9 pm. Magee and Norman arrived slightly earlier and could see Puddy approach in her car. As she parked up she immediately ran from the car to the researchers and informed them she nearly “went off the road back there”. Magee and Norman left their car, locked it and walked over to Puddy’s station wagon, asking her to tell them of the encounter on the way to the “meeting place”.

Invisible Entities

As soon as Magee stepped into Puddy’s car she would notice a strange “electric” feeling. As if something simply wasn’t right, although she didn’t know what. They drove on and Puddy informed them that as she was driving to meet them a strange figure in a gold-foil suit appeared out of nowhere in the car. The shock of the sudden appearance almost caused her to lose control of the car. Both researchers would note how genuinely shook up she seemed to be.  They arrived at the meeting place, a quiet spot off the main road, and stopped the car. As they sat speaking, Puddy suddenly reached out and grabbed Magee’s arm. “There he is! Can’t you see him?” she exclaimed to the two researchers. As they both looked to where Puddy was looking all they could see was empty road ahead of them. Instead, Puddy appeared to be in some kind of strange trance stating that it was getting closer. So close that if they reached out they would be able to touch it. It was telling her to follow it, she claimed, but she didn’t want to go.

All the while, Puddy remained in her seat at the front of the car, apparently seeing something the researchers could not. At this point, Megee would offer to “go with her” and would attempt to coerce her out of the vehicle. However, instead of leaving, Puddy simply gripped the wheel as tightly as she could, refusing to move. Then, while remaining in her seat and still very much in some kind of trance, she began describing the inside of the entity’s space-craft.

An Out-Of-Body Experience

According to Puddy, she was standing in a large circular room. The entity was in front of her, pointing to a “mushroom-like object” in the middle of the room. This object was around ten feet tall and continually moved “like a jelly”. At the base of this mushroom-shape were symbols or “lines like Roman numerals”.  She suddenly became extremely agitated blurting out, “I can’t get out. There are no doors or windows. I can’t get out”. Magee would later state that all the while, Puddy was crying very real tears. If this was some kind of bizarre hallucination, it was very real, if only in her mind.  “He wants me to close my eyes” Puddy would offer out of the blue. She did so and appeared to instantly relax. All the while, the two UFO researchers looked on, both amazed and slightly spooked at what was happening. She would continue describing what she could see “inside” the craft, eventually becoming extremely animated once again. Then, just like that, she was “back” inside the car with them. However, before each of them could take a breath, she went back into the trance stating, “I’m back in there again”. She went quiet, but remained calm, before stating to the researchers that the entity was no longer in the craft. She then “returned to the car”, the incident apparently over.

The sightings of Maureen Puddy would ultimately lead to one of the strangest cases of alleged abduction on record. The events began on a lonely Australian road as she drove home from visiting her son in a Melbourne hospital in July of 1972. Following two strange sightings, she began to receive telepathic messages and would ultimately be called back to the “meeting place” by the apparent entity behind them, where two UFO researchers witnessed a most bizarre contact experience.  NOTE: The top image is CGI.




Victor writes, “It followed us during half of our orbit. We observed it on the light side, and when we entered the shadow side, it disappeared completely.  It was an engineered structure, made from some type of metal, approximately 40 meters long with inner hulls. The object was narrow here and wider here, and inside there were openings. Some places had projections like small wings. The object stayed very close to us. We photographed it, and our photos showed it to be 23 to 28 meters away.“Cosmonaut Afanasyev commented on sightings of an alien UFO sighting that occurred while traveling to the Solyut 6 space station, April of 1979. NOTE: The above image is CGI



A husband and father, 35, claims he doesn’t necessarily believe in UFOs but cannot resist posting an alleged UFO sighting near Charlotte on Facebook.  Javion Hill of Kings Mountain in North Carolina said he captured multiple photographs of the object during a storm on the night of August 18, as he drove on U.S. 74 southwest of the largest city in North Carolina. The images show something square having edges fringed in lights hovering above the treeline. Hill said the craft frightened him to the point that he could not sleep that night.  Mr Hill was on his way home with his wife on the speakerphone and noticed there was a tornado coming, so he was trying to take a photo of the clouds for his wife. But then he saw something unusual that left him baffled. He started trying to take as many pictures as he could while driving.  Mr Hill said that he pulled over at the next exit trying to get a video, but the aircraft had disappeared then a heavy rain followed instantly. He further stated that the actual object was bigger than what was seen in the picture. He was worried for his safety even after the sighting. He claimed to be an unbeliever in UFOs until that moment.



I reported this event here and also worked with a local mufon investigator. Since that event occured I have had a host of very strange phenomenon happen to me. I have been shy talking about these things, from what I believe is a result of my interaction with this object.

About two months after my encounter/sighting all of the moles on my body began to fade then completely disappear. To date five moles have completely disappeared and nine more are in different states of fading. About five months after this event occured all of the hair on my arms and legs began to change to light blonde en mass. I have medium brown hair and am only 29 years old. Although I originally considered premature greying I began to notice the individual hairs changed color from the root upwards and when the hair started to change it took about 5 days for the complete hair change the top of the hair fading from medium brown to reddish to blonde. So it was not as if it was growing out this color and no amount of sun exposure has ever caused lightening like this on me before,also the hairs that have changed colors have actually changed in consistency they were originally a medium coarseness and now they are feather soft fine.

About two months ago my spider veins in my legs began to fade and now one that I have had for about 5 years is completely gone and another is fading rapidly. Since this has occurred I have had ‘dreams’ almost nightly of entities who talk to me and claim to be intelligent species from somewhere else and they keep trying to give me strange information I don’t understand. I have woken up a few times and caught myself uttering some language that I have never heard before but I have ruled out speaking in tongues because it seems this ‘language’ seems to have structure and form. I also have feelings of hot and cold in different parts of my body, I get pulsating feelings on the bottom of my feet up my legs down my arms and on the palms of my hands. Sometimes this pulsating becomes so intense it is painful. I have also felt this heat/pulsating feeling right below my eyes between my eyes and in the front of my brain. I am very upset and confused as to what is going on with me. NUFORC.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Pitch-Black Humanoid Figure

It was approximately 9PM, and I was in my bed watching television. Directly above my bed are three windows with 12″x”12 glass panels. The television was to the left of my bed. Suddenly, my attention was drawn to the floor approximately four feet from the desk my television was on. What I saw was a beam moving very quickly in small circles in one concentrated spot on my floor. The circle motions it made were not perfect, the best I can describe them as were “wobbly circles”. The beam was solid, pure solid light and approximately an inch wide…it was fairly thin. The color was a pure white with somewhat of a blueish tinge around the outside of the beam. The beam itself was bright, but did not seem to emit any light beyond its edges. My room was NOT filled with light, only this beam. I was able to watch for about 5 seconds before I fled my room in a state of total panic. I was not able to tell exactly which of the three windows the beam was aimed through, but assuming that had it beamed straight into my room onto the wall parallel it would be 90 degrees, I would estimate that it hit my floor at a diagonal angle of about 60 degrees. When I got downstairs, I looked outside to see any evidence of a craft (I have never to my knowledge witnessed a UFO) and there was none. There were no aircraft of any kind besides high-flying commercial planes. I did not tell anyone in my house about what I had seen. I wasn’t sure if my mind was playing tricks on me or what had actually happened, but I saw something. When I checked the area later, there was no evidence whatesoever of the beam having ever touched my floor.

Two days later, on November 3, 2004, I witnessed one more anomalous event which I believe may be connected, and this time my younger brother was also witness. A PITCH black figure, which appeared to be two dimensional, in a very humanoid form quickly passed across a window and wall which were directly in front of where we were sitting, about 12 feet away. The figure had NO discernable features in its face, no clothing, no hair. Just a round head and human like torso were all we were able to make out. It was impossible to make a height estimate. It was for certain INSIDE our house, not a reflection from outside. The sighting of this “being” lasted 3-4 seconds. There was no logical explanation for what we saw, it was most certainly paranormal. I have seen a figure like that once before and I am certain it was of the same nature. – NUFORC  NOTE: The above image is CGI.


JUNE 30, 1990  ……….  BEL AIR MARYLAND

I became conscious from sleep but was paralyzed completely. I could feel pressure all over my physical body as if I were being held in place and held down, even on a molecular level. There was a sound all around that was reminiscent of the sound a baby’s heart makes in its mother’s womb… very loud in my ears and it was externally audible. It felt like my life force was being sucked up, and in my mind’s eye I saw 3 figures sitting above me and siphoning my energy somehow. I became very angry that my free will had been attacked. I willed myself to fend them off by saying over and over that they had no right and they would be blown to oblivion. (prayer did not help at all, it was only when I made it known that I was the ONLY authority over myself that they stopped and ran away) All of a sudden, my eyes clicked open and the pressure was relieved. But then there were heavy footsteps on my roof and the doors of my armoire flew open and some items flew out of it onto the floor. I heard noise in the tree outside my window and I went to look outside to see 3 figures heading in the direction of Main street (I lived across from St Margaret’s church at the time). Needless to say I was freaked out and could not sleep anymore that night.

My brother lived across from Bel Air High School on Heigh and Kenmore and was also paralyzed that night. The difference in his experience is that his friends broke his door down so they could all go see the “UFO” that was over the school. My brother told me he was paralyzed and could not respond to his friends at the door, who then became alarmed enough to bust it open. When they enetered his apartment he was able to move again. They all ran outdoors to see the ship/craft/ufo. The next day I had bruises on my legs and back which were not there the day before and also some small scars on my ankles that had not been there before.  I realize this happened 28 years ago. But I will never forget the feeling and the experience with these beings. Of course being in between 2 military bases, Bel Air is a perfect place for things like this to happen. And there was no internet to tell my story back then either. – NUFORC  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Early Reports Of Fast-Moving Lights

The first reports began to come in to several Washtenaw County police departments from just before 4 am on the 14th March 1966. Deputies Bushroe and Foster would report seeing several disc-shaped objects with “star-like colors” of red and green. They were moving across the black early morning sky with great speed. They also performed extremely sharp turns, unlike any known aircraft. By 4:04 am, Livingston County Sheriff’s Department would confirm the sighting and would send extra patrol cars to Bushroe and Foster’s location. Within the next ten minutes two more police departments – Ypsilanti and Monroe County – also confirmed sightings of the strange objects. At 4:20 am, Bushroe and Foster would report a further four objects of the same description. Just over half-an-hour later at 4:54 am, they would report another two objects. All traveled the same route. Munroe County Police Department would begin receiving calls from concerned citizens of the strange high-speed lights overhead. Selfridge Airforce Base would further confirm anomalies over nearby Lake Erie.

By 6:15 am the objects appeared to have disappeared and the incident over. Deputies, Bushroe and Foster would make a formal joint-statement regarding their sightings. They would claim it to be the “strangest thing (we) have ever witnessed” and that they “would not have believed this story if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes”. Bushroe would further add to the media that the object would “swing back and forth like a pendulum”. It would then “shoot upwards at tremendous speed”, hovering in mid-air before descending again “just as fast”. Three days later in the 17th March, at a similar time of 4:25 am, Sergeant Nuel Schneider and Deputy David Fitzpatrick witnessed several strange objects hovering and rising in a purposeful fashion in the sky.  Three days later, things got stranger.

Strange Object Over Mannor Farm

On the evening of the 20th March, perhaps the most well-known of all the incidents on record would unfold. Farmer, Frank Mannor, was returning home following his usual walk with the family dog, Qazar. He planned some quality time with his wife and son and was looking forward to a hearty meal. As he entered his property, he noticed a strange light in the sky. It was a considerable distance away, however, and after a moments glance, he shut the front door and thought no more about it. Until Qazar began to bark, obviously agitated, that is. After several minutes, Frank and his son, Ron, would go outside to investigate. And to calm the now worked up animal. As soon as they stepped out into the front yard they could see the strange light above them. It was now closer than when Frank first witnessed it. And it was descending.  The pair remained stationary and braced themselves for the aftershock of the apparently imminent impact. Then, in the most bizarre fashion, the object stopped dead and remained motionless over the treetops of the woodland opposite the Mannor family home. The would describe the craft as a “domed oval” with a “quilted or waffled” exterior. Lights also flashed from the middle and at each end. After several moments, Frank quickly raced inside. With the object still hovering silently, he called the Washtenaw police to report the sighting. Then, he and Ron set out towards the swamps to where the strange craft came down.

A Disappearing And Reappearing “Brilliant Light!”

The two police officers who received the call to investigate the strange light over the Mannor Farm were Deputies, Stanley McFadden and David Fitzpatrick. They would pull up their patrol car near the Mannor’s land and then proceed on foot through the swampy grounds. It wasn’t long before they too witnessed the strange light for themselves.  As they approached the woodland “a brilliant light” was visible which “dimmed in brilliance” as they approached it. It would then appear again. Then disappear. Appear once more. Then disappear once again. On the other side of the swampland, Frank and Ron Mannor were significantly closer to the lights. So close, in fact, they could see it was a distinctly solid object. Frank would estimate it to be the size of a car with a “cone-shaped” top and a flat underside. It had appeared directly in front of them seemingly out of nowhere. The whole area around them lit up as if someone had suddenly flicked a switch and caught them in a searchlight. A strange mist appeared to emerge from its underside, changing from green, to red, to white in sympathy with the intense glow of the craft’s lights. Then, it vanished. A few seconds later it appeared again with equal suddenness but in a different spot to where it was only moments before. This continued several times before the craft then “took off” at breakneck speed. As it did, and unbeknown to Frank and Ron, it passed directly over the officers McFadden and Fitzpatrick.

The Hillside County College Sighting

At just after 10:30 pm the following evening a student at the New Women’s Dormitory at Hillside College would report that a strange craft had descended near their dormitory before disappearing. The student would report that the strange object had flashing lights of red, green, and white. Furthermore, as well as herself, there were sixteen other students who had witnessed the incident.

A half-hour later, the same student again contacted the Civil Defense Office stating that the strange craft had suddenly reappeared and was now hovering close to the ground near their dormitory. The person who had taken both calls was the Civil Defense Director for Hillside County, William Van Horn. He would notify the police department who would send three patrol cars to the location. Van Horn himself would also make his way to the apparently other-worldly events currently unfolding. When he arrived at the dormitory, he was taken to the room where the sighting was made. When he looked out of the window he immediately saw a strange object hovering or resting in a hollow on the ground. He noticed a dim orange light that would glow brighter, eventually turning a red, and then to a full white.  Suddenly, the strange object began to move, rising slightly into the air, hovering, and then descending again. As it moved, the glow allowed him to make out very definite details of a solid structure.  Both Van Horn and several of the students and staff remained at the scene observing the bizarre movements of the glowing crafts. The last sighting of them came just after 4:30 am when they simply disappeared. NOTE.  The above image is CGI.




An Object “As Big As A Football Field!”

It was coming up on 3 am in the early hours of 27th October 1975 when twenty-two-year-old, David Stevens, and his friend, Glen Gray, were driving along a quiet road in the countryside, just outside Oxford, Maine. Theirs was the only vehicle on the road, their lone headlights cutting through the thick darkness of night in front of them. That was until a brightly lit UFO “as big as a football field” filled their sights.  The strange object would head straight for their car, maintaining a position directly over their moving vehicle for several moments. Then, a beam of light shot from the behemoth-like craft and hit them. The vehicle immediately went into a sideways skid, coming to a stop around fifteen feet further down the road.  Each man must have blacked out as the next thing they knew they awoke in the stationary vehicle and several hours had passed. They returned home, confused, and both aware that something very much out of the ordinary had just happened to them. However, it would be several weeks before Stephens would see a doctor and undergo hypnotic regression to unlock the missing hours following the blinding light incapacitating their car. When he listened to the hypnosis sessions back, his mind was flooded with the disturbing events on the lonely road near Maine.  Incidentally, subsequent investigations would reveal a corroborating witness of sorts. Although they didn’t see the incident involving Stephens, a police officer would report a similar UFO at the same time and in the same area. It is highly likely he witnessed the same object David Stephens claims he saw. And went aboard.

“Taken” To The Back Roads

Although the men had seemingly blocked them out of their minds, the strange events appeared to begin before they spotted the huge, brightly lit object. At around 2:30 am, while heading towards Lake Thompson, their car suddenly came under some “outside control”. The pair would find themselves on the “back road” to Oxford. However, the car appeared to be “elevated off the road”. Stephens would recall the pair “went around a curve and suddenly saw these colored lights” in front of them. They were only visible for a few seconds before “two big bright lights” filled all points of their vision. The next memory Stephens has is of “looking down on the car” from the window of a strange room. Then, he noticed a strange creature enter the room. He would describe this strange being as around four-and-a-half feet tall with extremely pale skin. Perhaps strangest of all was the mushroom-shape of its head. There were two eyes without eyebrows, and in place of a nose were “two dots”. Around his body was “a sheet or a robe”.  A message sounded inside his head to not be afraid, suggesting to investigators, telepathic communication. The creature then guided Stephens to a different room, in which there were several other figures the same as the first. The room had a distinct medical-type feel to it, including what appeared to be an operating table on which he was told to get on to. Once there, samples of his blood were taken. When he was asked to undress, instead of complying, he took his chance and lashed out, hitting one of the creatures.


Although the action on Stephens’ part did cause the creatures to back away from the table slightly, they merely persisted that he would not be harmed, and asked him to undress for examination. Eventually, the surreal nature of the experience already weakening any resolve he might have, Stephens did as they requested.  The next thing he knew, a large device with an arm like an X-ray machine was moving over him. As the device was moved over the entirety of his body, a distinct “clicking” sound rang out. They would retrieve samples of his hair and even of fingernail clippings. These would go into some kind of strange-looking tubes. He was then asked to redress, which he did, immediately realizing he was suddenly in another room, again looking out of a window. Then his memory appeared to “fast-forward” once more as he was suddenly back in the driver’s seat of his car, with Glen in the passenger seat beside him. Both were just coming to, and the vehicle was still in the middle of the lonely road in its sideways position. Even more unnerving, however – the large craft remained over them. Stephens quickly started the engine and pulled away from the scene. They would go as far as the town of Poland when the strange object finally disappeared from sight. A short time later, they turned the car around to head back towards Oxford. Not long after doing so, though, the car once again came under the control of an external force. The pair would find themselves on a dark lane, overlooking Tripp Pond. That was when the engine cut out, and a large craft appeared in front of them.

The Second Sighting – The “Mothership”

The craft was no more than 300-feet from the roof of the car. As they looked in awe at the unbelievable display above them, each also noticed two smaller crafts emerge from the water. They would rise high before diving towards the water again. They would repeat this several times before they, along with the main craft hovering over the crippled car shot into the air and disappeared. The encounter had lasted around twenty minutes. By the time they restarted the car and set off to Stephens’ parent’s home, the sky above them was beginning to lighten. A look at the clock revealed it to be after 7 am. The two young men went straight to bed after arriving home, determined to keep the encounter to themselves lest “everyone’d think we were nuts”. However, shortly after arriving back, both began to feel extremely ill. Stephens would recall how they “felt like we were in a daze”, and of feeling as though he “couldn’t walk, see straight or hardly even talk”. When Stephens’ mother examined the young men she would find “their hands and feet swollen” with both men sweating yet complaining of feeling intense cold. Despite them doubling their layers, “I couldn’t keep them warm enough” she would recall.  By the end of the day – around twelve hours after the incident – they began to feel somewhat better. However, both wouldn’t feel back to full health for several days.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



What made me first notice the object was motion, I could see a string of lights that resembled the visibility lights of a semi-trailer. Wondering why there would be a truck here at this time of night I began to pay closer attention to them and quickly realised that these lights were of various colours instead of the usual amber that truck lights have. I also noticed that there was no engine sound despite the fact that the “truck” was within 100m of me, on a very still and clear night. At this point I realised that I was not looking at a truck but at a spaceship that was moving along the ground from N to S at an altitude of about 6 ft. There were no wheels, it was not an aircraft and yet it hovered silently above the ground.  I was absolutely bloody terrified! No joke. The moment I realised what I was looking at I froze and it took me some time to recover my willpower. When I did I immediately turned and ran back to the house, not looking back and when I arrived I told everyone what I had seen. I lost sight of the object after running away from it.

A short time after this event, either a few days or a week or two I was lying in bed and had been asleep or almost asleep when I was awoken by a very bright light shining through my window. It was typical for my parents to park their car on the side of the house where my room was and, as they pulled in they would usually turn the car so that it was facing outward for the next trip. (This is on a farm so we’re not talking about a small suburban driveway but a larger area on my side of the house where they usually parked). I remember that the light was on for some time and I could not understand why they had stopped half way through the turn with the lights, which seemed to be on high beam, blaring right into my window late at night. I was irritated by this because I wanted to get to sleep. Finally the light went off and I relaxed a little, anticipating the sound of the car door and my folks coming inside but the sounds never came.

Once again I began to wonder what was going on? First they shine the headlights lights in my window for some reason and now they’re just sitting out there? Are they drunk, is something wrong? It was making me curious and I was preparing to get out of bed to investigate when I heard the sound of a car coming up the driveway. The car was my parents. Confused, I waited on the verandah for them to come out of the car. In my mind I still believed that the light had come from a car outside my window and, as there was no car there, I was struggling to understand what was happening. When my parents arrived they seemed quite agitated and scared. They told me that they, as they had approached the turn off to the driveway (once again, our drive was over 1km long as we lived on a fairly large property), had seen a bright light in the sky hovering over the house and that, as they had approached in the car, it had disappeared. They seemed unsure if it had disappeared or shot into the air at very high speed. It’s almost certain that the light I had seen was from this spaceship, which also may have been the same ship that I had seen previously, come back to visit again. I’ve had other experiences since (and prior) to this but this is my only “close up” sighting of a spaceship (I hate stupid terms like UFO, “Flying Saucer”, UCT etc, why beat around the bush with daft euphemisms? They’re bloody spaceships so I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and call them that!) Further Notes: After having been greeted by bemused looks upon reporting my first sighting I felt rather vindicated by this second event.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I was about to take a nap in a friend’s loft on the 5th floor of an apartment building on Market Street in San Francisco in the spring of 1994. I was lying down for about a half hour and not asleep when suddenly a tall white alien figure about 7 feet tall appeared at the right side of the loft bed. It had large blue eyes and a huge white head with two dots for nostrils and a tiny mouth. It had skinny pencil thin arms torso and legs. All long. It was waving its arms up and down and suddenly touched me and numbed me with its left arm closest to the bed. I could not move. Then another tall white head appeared at the right end of the bed and it looked like the other tall white alien. It also numbed me with its waving skinny arm and they both lifted me up and took me through a large window at the foot of the loft and the last thing I remember was looking down over Market Street.

The next thing I remember was being on a metal table aboard their ship I guess. Several aliens of various sizes were standing around me in a room and there were curtains around the table I was on. one of them had a large needle like object. One of the tall whites told me through telepathy that they were not going to harm me and would return me soon. I was scared but the next thing I remember is waking up back in the loft.

I told my friend when she returned as she did alien paintings and I think they were looking to abduct her. not me, because she had had many strange experiences. I had no disruption to my life there after oddly enough and no nightmares. Years later I did trauma therapy with Jed Turnbull in Manhattan and he works with the group of abductees in New York City, he said as long as it does not affect my life then not to worry.  It hasn’t really affected my life. I think like many abductees I have read about, I wondered if it really happened, but I know it did. – MUFON  The above image is CGI.



On Labor Day 2018, I had just arrived to the beach on the Jersey Shore When I laid down to get some sun around 3 pm. Almost immediately, I noticed an object of unknown size and height high up in the northern sky. If I had to estimate and at that height, approximately 2 to 4 times larger than a typical commercial passenger plane. The sky was mostly clear, with only some hints of cloud coverage. The object was oriented perpendicular to the horizon, and parallel to the shoreline. It was shaped like a slender vesica pisces, or cigar. When I first laid eyes on it, the object was on the edge of the largest cloud in sight, which happened to be positioned right in front of my gaze from my laying vantage point on the beach. The object vacillated On Labor Day 2018, I had just arrived to the beach on the Jersey Shore When I laid down to get some sun around 3 pm. Almost immediately, I noticed an object of unknown size and height high up in the northern sky. If I had to estimate, I would guess an altitude between 70,000 and 140,000 feet, and at that height, approximately 2 to 4 times larger than a typical commercial passenger plane. The sky was mostly clear, with only some hints of cloud coverage. The object was oriented perpendicular to the horizon, and parallel to the shoreline. It was shaped like a slender vesica pisces, or cigar. When I first laid eyes on it, the object was on the edge of the largest cloud in sight, which happened to be positioned right in front of my gaze from my laying vantage point on the beach. The object vacillated from white to platinum-silver on the edge of the cloud, effectively removing itself from camouflage. Presumably, this color-change action is what must have allowed it to be plainly visible to me, in effective giving up it cloud-white camouflage. It moved at the pace of satellite, which I first presumed it was. Then continued to change colors from platinum-silver to blue and red to invisible to white and so on between these four colors plus invisibility, slowly, repeatedly. The object moved from the north to the east, then stopped. It moved back about 10% toward it’s original position toward north, then stopped again. It stayed there. I could not take my eyes off it and felt nearly entranced. It was among the most beautiful sights I have ever seen and the color and lights that is exuded were unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. After staring for over a minute, all the while it vacillating between invisibility and it’s 4 colors, I began to perceive a circular aura about the object and sense in some way that it was trying to communicate. It was after about 30 more seconds of this (app 90 seconds so far) that I turned to my friend to ask if he could see it to, to  which he affirmed. I then asked him to describe what it was that he was seeing and his description matched what I myself was seeing. After a minute, I asked if he knew what it was or had ever seen anything like that before. He admittedly that he had never seen anything like it. Shortly after we continued staring, I turned to some strangers a few feet away to ask if they could see anything in the sky.

One of them spotted it and immediately screamed, “Oh my God! What the Fuck is that?!” and pointed when it then became invisible for good. I then lost track of the object, but couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I knew I had to report it here to MUFON. Thank you. from white to platinum-silver on the edge of the cloud, effectively removing itself from camouflage. Presumably, this color-change action is what must have allowed it to be plainly visible to me, in effective giving up it cloud-white camouflage. It moved at the pace of satellite, which I first presumed it was. Then continued to change colors from platinum-silver to blue and red to invisible to white and so on between these four colors plus invisibility, slowly, repeatedly. The object moved from the north to the east, then stopped. It moved back about 10% toward it’s original position toward north, then stopped again. It stayed there. I could not take my eyes off it and felt nearly entranced. It was among the most beautiful sights I have ever seen and the color and lights that is exuded were unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. After staring for over a minute, all the while it vacillating between invisibility and it’s 4 colors, I began to perceive a circular aura about the object and sense in some way that it was trying to communicate. It was after about 30 more seconds of this (app 90 seconds so far) that I turned to my friend to ask if he could see it to, to which he affirmed. I then asked him to describe what it was that he was seeing and his description matched what I myself was seeing. After a minute, I asked if he knew what it was or had ever seen anything like that before. He admittedly that he had never seen anything like it. Shortly after we continued staring, I turned to some strangers a few feet away to ask if they could see anything in the sky. One of them spotted it and immediately screamed, “Oh my God! What the fuck is that?!” and pointed when it then became invisible for good. I then lost track of the object, but couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I knew I had to report it here to MUFON. Thank you. NOTE: The above image is CGI. This case is under investigation by Chief Investigator Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey.


A Light In The Middle Of The Motorway

It was a little after 2 am on the 16th October 1973 when Gabriella Versacci passed the exit road for Langford Budville. Hers was the only car on the lonely motorway road. That was until she saw what appeared to be a single headlight in front of her. It didn’t appear to be moving, making her think it was perhaps another motorist who had broken down. She slowed up a little as she got closer to the light. By the time she realized the source of the glow wasn’t the headlight of a stranded vehicle her car had already lost all power. Now with no headlights to guide her, she focused intently on the road ahead as she brought the vehicle to a stop. The light was still shining a little way off ahead of her. Already frightened, that fright began to bubble into panic at the thought of remaining stationary and vulnerable in the middle of the motorway. She took the keys out of the ignition and exited the crippled vehicle. As she did so, she became aware of a soft humming sound. The more she listened to it, the louder it appeared to be getting.

She looked around trying to locate the source of the noise. It was then that an unseen and “heavy hand” struck her shoulder, pushing her down to the ground as it did so. As she turned her head, expecting to see an opportunistic attacker, she instead saw a “tall, dark-colored metallic figure”. The last thing she would recall seeing before losing consciousness were multicolored-lights flickering nearby.

Memories In Between Unconsciousness

She would awake, stood up in a field. The skies were still dark over her and the robot-like figure was next to her. Before she could react to her captor, she noticed a “half-moon-shaped” object, glowing brightly in front of them. The underside of the craft had a distinct flat finish with several “thick legs” protruding towards the ground and supporting its weight. The top had a round shape to it and the entire exterior was “silver-gray”. Along the side was a huge oblong-shaped window, through which she could see bright yellow lights glowing. She would later estimate the craft to be around forty feet in width and at least twenty feet high.  She noticed the humming sound once more and quickly realized this large cosmic vehicle was the source of it. Then, overcome with the surreal nature of the events, she lost consciousness again. The next time she awoke she scanned her surroundings to find she was in a strange, round room. She was laying on a table. When she tried to sit up, however, she realized she was strapped down tightly to the platform. She also realized that under the equally strange blanket she was completely naked. As she moved her eyes around the ominous room, she saw the robot-like creature stood motionless to one side. She also noticed the floor was of some kind of thick rubber matting.  ALIEN ABDUCTION IN LANGFORD ENGLANDthe details from Versacci here. The strange blanket covering her, for example. Many abductees mention this. Some even of having it pulled over their faces with holes then cut in the mouth and nose to breathe. Also, the “thick rubber matting” is another description of a UFO interior that comes up regularly.

A “Trained Retrieval Device!”

Suddenly, three men entered the room. All adorned the same clothing. A light blue tunic including a skullcap, as well as long elbow-length gloves, an apron, and a facemask. They looked, much to Versacci’s internal horror, as though they were a team of surgeons ready to operate. They each placed strange cubes on her body. As soon as these cubes made contact with her, they glowed fantastically.  As these unknown procedures went ahead, Versacci noticed how the eyes of the men were “more rounded than human eyes”. They also appeared to contain no emotion within them whatsoever. The men would, however, on occasion nod and acknowledge each other, although none of them spoke or even made a sound. They appeared to take various samples, including nails, skin, and blood. Although she didn’t recall any pain or discomfort, she was terribly cold throughout the examinations. When the procedure was over, a large blanket was placed over her which began to warm her thoroughly.  All the while, she would cast a quick look towards the robot-like figure who still remained motionless – as if “turned off” at the side of the room. When one of the men noticed her glances he spoke to her, informing her it was a “trained retriever device”. It’s duties, according to the man, was to bring “specimens for examination and study”. Although the man spoke in perfectly clear English, there was something strange about his actions. Versacci, for example, did not once see any movement of a mouth under the facemask. Nor did she notice him blink. Furthermore, his overall movements were “practiced and deliberate”. Then, the three men simply turned and left the room. As Versacci turned to watch them leave she noticed a purple light flashing on the robot at the wall.


article washington


Being confined by language, with the additional restriction of vocabulary, it is difficult to convey individual knowledge, but this is what I must try to do. I live in a condo in this small town, overlooking Lake Michigan and also overlooking a park located to my Southeast. From this park, the Town celebrates three or four festivals every year, including of course July 4. This fireworks display is clearly visible from my third floor (lakeside) deck and I intended to watch the 2016 display but was reading and forgot about it, until I heard the first Boom. But as I went out to watch I was attracted to a small bright light out over the lake, directly east and moving north. This was odd because there is never a light out over the lake at night but I thought it was probably a helicopter, moving at about that speed, headed toward Green Bay. Then things changed. As I watched, the light suddenly made a sharp left turn and started in my direction (and the direction of the fireworks). I keep a pair of binocs hanging on the deck door and wanted to get them but was afraid I’d lose the light, now a bright orange and getting brighter as it got neared but finally hurried to get them. Sure enough, the orange light was gone. I’d lost it.

So it was back to the fireworks with some disappointment, until I realized it was not gone but had changed from the very bright orange lights to smaller, dimmer blinking ones, obviously on the bottom of something very large. At that hour of the night, all I could see were the lights but by now the object was much closer, just offshore and slightly to the northeast of my position and of the fireworks display. And though it was quite dark, there was the impression that the craft was triangular. It held its position totally silent and motionless for six to eight minutes, as though someone in it was curious about the fireworks.  Then as I watched with the glasses it seemed like someone aboard flipped a switch. The white, blinking bottom lights (levitating?) went out and the two very large and extremely bright orange ones snapped back on, ambient light illuminating the entire rear (power?) end of the craft, giving me a very clear view. There still were no sidelights so impossible to determine actual size or shape, only the impression of big and triangular. It sat immobile and silent for another couple of minutes and then moved leisurely to the southeast until it disappeared over the lake horizon, obviously abandoning its original destination. Most interesting about this event is what it tells us about the beings involved, that is: we are not being visited by preprogrammed probes but by ships was under intelligent guidance, they are not from our own future (not interested in fireworks), not our military for the same reason, and obviously not interested in direct communications so far. I do a considerable amount of rendering and have made one of that part of the craft made visible by the large orange lights which I shall try to include. Not a computer literate, but will give it a try. NOTE: The above image is the witness drawing.


JULY 31, 2018  ……….  MOUNT VERNON OHIO

2nd Humanoid Sighting in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Mount Vernon, Ohio: As I was driving home on 31 July 2018 at 01:43 on Ohio state route 13 north of Mount Vernon, OH a 7-8ft tall, skinny, humanoid like creature ran across the road out of a corn field across into a soybean field (from a east to west direction). I noticed the creature in my headlights from 50-75ft away as I was traveling at a rate of 55-60mph. As it came out of the cornfield I immediately let off the accelerator. At first thinking it was a deer but then seen the creature walked upright. It was 7-8ft in height, tall slender body, arms and legs small in diameter, hands and feet looked over-sized for its body proportion, small neck with oval elongated head, being dark tan to light brown skin tone and had no body hair. The creature slightly turned its head towards my vehicles headlights and I seen the creatures black eyes and small mouth just open slightly as it continued to run across the road. It barely took 2-3 steps and it was across the road at a tremendous rate of speed. I was in total shock and thought I should check it out at first but then thought for a second and being uncertain of what I may have just seen I had better get out of the area. I lost sight of the entity due to darkness. I am a 24 year USAF retired aircrew veteran with a top secret security clearance. Not to be totally bliss but would someone please advise me on what I seen because it still and truly and frightened me. NOTE: This is a 2nd recent sighting in the Mount Vernon, Ohio area. The above image is CGI.



Ryan Hase Lasted maybe 30 minutes. Facing the ocean. Lights were super bright and twinkly. Formed patterns in the sky. Very surreal.  Jeff Ermoian Shot from the balcony of our apartments this evening. My wife Sherri came outside when she heard our friend Marisol excitedly calling her. I grabbed my cel phone and got this long segment.  Shot by Jeff Ermoian. Unusual lights, mostly all stationary above Pemex in Baja California. Pemex was until recently the only gasoline supplier in Baja. This part of the coast usually has one or two ships nearby.   Shot by Jeff Ermoian. Kay Dee I saw this strange thing in the air over Baja MX. That’s all I’m saying. Watch the video for yourself  RollsChoice Adhesive Pen San Diego, California August 29 2018 At first 2 lights appeared then disappeared. Reappeared. Disappeared. Followed by a string of them moving around and disappeared and came back one final time.


JULY 11, 2018  …………. HURON OHIO

I live on a golf course on Lake Erie, approximately one quarter mile from the water. I was out on my patio early evening and looking up the sky and noticed that there were no clouds in the sky, just overcast. I saw this strange looking grayish vapor like cloud that almost looked like a short jet stream. There were no planes in the air at that time and the altitude was somewhat low. It appeared to me that it was out over the lake. I used my phone and took a picture of the cloud and then I took two more within 5 or 6 seconds after that. Then the cloud and all objects were gone. When I looked at the pictures which I have attached this is what I saw. I am the type of person who has to see it to believe it and I can assure you that this was not photoshopped or Faked in any way.  I’m a very skeptical person anyhow this one has me asking questions. Your thoughts.


1-31-1966 ……. Soviet Moon Probe

It’s hard to believe that next year will mark the fiftieth anniversary for humankind’s taking of its first steps on the Moon, the nearest celestial body to the Earth. Just three years before the historic Moon landing of the American Apollo 11 landing vehicle, space scientists the world over were still trying to figure out what the lunar surface was largely composed of.

Patriotic contactees like George Adamski and Howard Menger, who had been to the Moon courtesy of the Venusians, told personnel of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) working on the proposed Moon shot that our astronauts would have nothing to fear in that regard, that they would find a hard and safe surface to walk on.

Perhaps the NASA scientists and technicians working on the Apollo program already knew about the lunar surface conditions; but they didn’t want to share that information with the Soviet scientists. After all, we Americans were in a race against time with the Soviets to put the first astronauts on the Moon and return them safely to Earth. If the Soviets wanted to know about the lunar surface, the head honchos at NASA probably decided it would be better if they wasted their own time and money to figure it all out. Why cut them any slack, and give them a leg up on us in the ongoing space race?

Just one month into 1966, the Soviet Union did just that. On 31 January the Soviet space program successfully launched their Luna 9 probe. It “soft landed” on the Moon on 3 February by employing its powerful retro-thrust braking rockets to set the 3,200 pound craft gently down. Of course, the Soviets amazed the entire world with this landing. Americans were beginning to wonder if NASA was going to maintain fidelity with the late president John F. Kennedy’s stated ambition for the United States of America to put the first astronauts on the Moon.

With the Luna 9, it was clear that the Soviets had taken a significant leap ahead of us in the space race. What was even more impressive was that the Luna 9 probe, after landing without any problems, was able to deploy a television camera and send live photos from the surface of the Moon. One of the biggest discoveries about the Moon revealed by this television transmission was the firm ground that the spacecraft touched down upon. This literally served to explode the famous theory of a dust-covered lunar surface in which any space vehicles would simply sink out of sight (Otto Binder, “Our Space Age” syndicated panels, 28 and 30 March 1966, Bell-McClure Syndicate, Paterson News, New Jersey).

Lunar “Pyramids” and “Spikes”

It became more than obvious that if the American populace and taxpayers were going to continue to stand behind NASA’s efforts to land astronauts on the Moon, that something should be done to at least catch up with, and maybe outdo, the Soviet Union’s great accomplishment in landing the Luna 9 on the Moon’s surface. The big breakthrough was revealed on Tuesday, 22 November 1966, when scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, declared that their own Lunar Orbiter 2 had taken photographs of what appeared to be “pyramids on the Moon,” along with other “spike-like objects or obelisks that bore a remarkable resemblance to the Washington Monument.”  

A spokesperson for the JPL announced that, “Unusual mounds that appear like tall, skinny pyramids” turned up in one of the photographs among the first batches of the Lunar Orbiter 2 photographs. The photograph with the pyramids was enlarged five times and showed an area of about 750-by-550 feet. It represented the fourth of 13 potential landing sites for American astronauts slotted for exploring the lunar surface. The unique photograph was forwarded to NASA by the JPL. A spokesman for NASA noted that the area in question had about “six protuberances with the largest appearing to be about 50 feet wide at the base and 40-to-75 feet high.” The spokesman added that, “Some of the smaller ones look like upside down ice cream cones. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

By way of explanation, the NASA spokesman declared that, “At the same time that the Orbiter 2 was photographing the area, the Sun was about 11 degrees above the lunar horizon during the sunrise phase of the Moon’s two-week long ‘day.’ This accounts for the long shadows,” the spokesman asserted, hoping that his conjecture would suffice for the members of the press corps present for his Lunar Orbiter 2 mission briefing.

The spokesman rambled on: “The striking shadow-casting protuberances are naturally occurring features on the lunar surface. They looked indigenous to the Moon and are spaced at random.” He also stated that a “determination of the precise height of the protuberances would only be possible after ground slope measurements had been made,” additionally noting that, “Some of the smaller protuberances in the cratered upland basin in the area called the Sea of Tranquility appeared weather beaten and rounded.”

The source for this information was a United Press International (UPI) report dated 22 November 1966, as published in the Wednesday, 23 November 1966 edition of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Inquirer newspaper. Remember, this was almost three years before the launch of the Apollo 11 mission, whose destination was ultimately designated as the Sea of Tranquility, the location of these strange lunar protuberances and domes. Clearly, NASA officials were desirous to find out the true nature of these structures. It is doubtful they accepted the first premise offered of them being something “indigenous” to the Moon and spaced at random” insofar as the true height of each object could not be determined. Some of the objects were also purely conical in shape while others resembled obelisks. These are not naturally occurring shapes.

Some kind of fervent activity appeared to be taking place on the Moon. It might signal extraterrestrial construction on our own supposed “natural” satellite. Keep reading this site for Dr. Raymond Keller’s The Moon Is a Venusian Colony, Part II, where the “Cosmic Ray” reveals other unique lunar phenomena and demonstrates how the strange protuberances on the Moon actually stumped all of the JPL and NASA’s so-called lunar “experts.” Learn what key figures in the international ufology community were saying as NASA was preparing to launch the Apollo 11 and American astronauts would walk on the surface of the Moon. You can be sure our explorers were not alone up there.

KENS NOTE: I feel we did not have the technology to land a man on the moon. I feel that even today we do not have the technology. Too many dangerous hurdles to jump over.  Van Allen Belt and the extreme space temperatures are just a couple of many.  Apparently the Russians were far ahead of us in the space race.  Why didn’t the Russians beat us to the moon ??  The Russians finally realized that it was impossible to do it…..simple as that……



The incident would occur on the Paraguay River, a stretch of water that Leverger himself helped to chart and map out in the year prior. The river runs between Paraguay and Brazil’s Matto Grosso area. In June 1846, Leverger was leading two gunboats down the stretch of water. Their destination was Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay in what was largely (and unofficially) a “military muscle-flexing” exercise on the part of the Brazilian government. When they were just under twenty miles away from Asuncion, though, things began to turn strange. It was, according to the details recorded by Leverger, 5:57 am when the “phenomenon never seen before” was first occurred. The sky up until that point was clear and calm. However, out of nowhere, a “luminous globe performed with instant speed a 30-degree curve” in front of them. Apparently connected to this globe was a “light band”, along which “three bodies” were visible “whose brightness was much more lively”. Leverger would offer that the object, including the three extra bodies, “exceeded in intensity the full moon”. Leverger would report that the three extra objects were separate from each other and of different shapes. He would describe one as “circular”, another as “an arc of a circle”, and the top object was an “irregular quadrangle”. Furthermore, a “ribbon of very faint light” would move around the object in a zig-zag motion.

Changing Shapes

Perhaps the differing shapes was the object turning on its own axis as it traveled. This is a detail, albeit usually with disc or sphere-shaped craft, that is relatively common in UFO sightings. As they continued to watch the strange object, it would change shape again. This time it would appear to be a “flat elliptical shape”. After twenty-five minutes, the object had disappeared into the distance, leaving “not the slightest sign of disturbance”.  Leverger wasn’t alone in seeing the strange craft. As well as the crew of the boat, the Brazilian Ambassador, Dr. Jose Antonio Bueno was also present. Furthermore, when they arrived in Asuncion a short time later it was apparent that many had seen the strange incident from the city. Many people, including Leverger himself, pondered if the incident was some kind of atmospheric incident or even a meteor. However, the highly detailed description sits comfortably with contemporary descriptions of UFOs. Furthermore, the fact the object was visible for almost thirty minutes makes the meteor claims pretty much obsolete. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




In October 1972 on the Isla De Lobos, a small island off the coast of Uruguay, situated where the River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean meet, one of the most intricately investigated close encounters in Uruguayan UFO history would unfold. The island is all but deserted save for a lighthouse which the Uruguayan navy maintain. It was during one such maintenance mission that a young corporal’s life was changed forever.

Strange Lights During Routine Check

It was just after 10 pm on 28th October 1972. Five navy personnel, Corporal Juan Fuentes, Jose Gomez and Hector Gimenez, along with the officer in charge, Francisco Cascudo and telegraph operator, Jose Lima, were playing cards following their evening meal. Fuentes checked his watch and excused himself to carry out his generator inspection duties.  The generator units were near the lighthouse, opposite the barracks and living quarters of the men. As Fuentes stepped outside the lighthouse standing at over 200 feet looked down on him almost menacingly. Before he could take more than a few steps, however, strange lights on top of the generator roof, around twenty-feet from the ground, caught his attention. He stopped in his tracks, confused. To him, the lights looked like the headlights of a car. He backed up and returned inside. Without notifying any of the other men, who were on the other side of the building, he went to retrieve his pistol. He then returned outside and proceeded to approach the generator at the foot of the lighthouse.  He could see now that whatever the object was, there were several lights of multiple colors of yellow, white, and violet. Fuentes continued forward, but slowly. He could see a “figure” at the base of the mystery object moving around. Then, he noticed a second figure making its way down to the roof from the object. Immediately after, a third figure emerged – this one taller than the first two. He would estimate the taller figure to be around six foot, while the first two appeared to be closer to five foot.

It was then that all three of them suddenly turned around to face the approaching Fuentes. He stopped immediately.

“Don’t Shoot Because It’s Useless!”

He was around thirty yards from the generator when the three mystery figures turned to face him. His first instinct, partly through fear and partly through his military training was to raise the pistol into a firing position. However, as he went to extend his arm fully, something stopped him from completing the motion. Fuentes would later struggle to explain what stopped him from doing so. He would describe a “vibrating” feeling in his arm as well as feeling paralyzed and unable to lift the weapon. Fuentes also recalled a strange, almost telepathic communication telling him “don’t shoot because it’s useless”. He remained where he was, noticing how the figures moved in a slow, bumbling manner. He would later recall thinking that the suits, which covered their entire body, must have been extremely heavy. This is a detail that is almost identical to the aforementioned Facchini case over two decades previously and on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Italy. He would also state that the figures had “elongated heads”. While this would perhaps fit with descriptions of gray aliens, it is more probable that it is a reference to some kind of head garment, probably part of the suit itself. After several moments, certainly no longer than a minute, the beings began to re-enter the craft, which itself had a distinct metallic quality to the exterior. As each of the figures went back inside the object it was obvious to Fuentes from the motions of their bodies that they were climbing some type of steps to do so. Then, the doorway closed with a sideways motion and began to rise directly upwards. When it was slightly higher than the top of the lighthouse a bright “fireball” shot from the underside and the craft vanished at breakneck speed.

Interest From The American Embassy

Fuentes remained for a moment watching the sky. Despite the ferocious speed with which the craft vacated the area, aside from a low “humming sound” the action was otherwise silent. Content that no other mysterious crafts were overhead, he returned inside. When he arrived where the rest of the unit was still playing cards all noticed how pale the young corporal was. And that he had a pistol in his hands. He informed them all of what he had seen. All of the men were dismissive of the sighting, although Cascudo quietly took in the details. While it isn’t certain, it would appear that Cascudo would pass on the report to a superior. Shortly after the incident, Fuentes received orders to report to a high-ranking military officer. This time, the details were meticulously recorded, and Fuentes’ account was treated with much more seriousness. So much so that two “special agents” from the American Embassy would speak to the high-ranking officer in an off-room immediately following his interview with Fuentes. They would then offer him several drawings of strangely shaped crafts and discs. He was asked to highlight which one was the closest to the object he saw.  Then, the interest from the military and the American embassy ceased – at least officially. While Fuentes would tell of the account and the incident would be investigated by several UFO researchers, it remains unexplained. Of course, the fact that the American embassy would be interested in a sighting that officially the US government has no interest in is perhaps a telling sign in itself.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.




I was about 12 or 13 years old. It was daytime and I was doing someones hair in the living room near the front door of the house. I heard a loud humming and fluctuating sound coming from outside. I went out to see what it was. I stood out in the middle of my front yard looking up. Trees obstructed my view until the craft slowly moved into view right above the tree top. It then stopped over me. I felt paralyzed, maybe because I was shocked. I know I was thinking, pay attention to everything you see so you don’t miss any detail and can remember what you are seeing. The craft was shaped like a disc, but it tapered in the back to a point. It was a little more round at the top and flatter(but not flat) underneath, like a disc. It had 3 elongated lights around the front, but were spaced . I saw none in the back. It was about 30-40 feet in diameter. After a few moments, it moved slowly over me and that is when I saw the back of it. I was very scared, thinking- what is going to happen to me. I felt like those inside knew I was there and they were observing me. I also felt like they had almost called me outside only. The reason I say this is because I can’t understand why no one else in the house came out. It was so loud! Why didn’t the others follow me out to see what the noise was? After the craft had moved very slowly over me a very short distance, it took off extremely fast and slightly to the right of the path it appeared to be on when it came. I became completely hysterical, screaming as I ran into the house. I yelled at my mom and dad screaming we have to call the police the government, somebody, everybody, anybody. Nobody believed me, they did their best to calm me down and told me it must have been a plane. They were wrong! It was no plane. It wasn’t shaped like a plane. It didn’t sound like a plane and it didn’t move like a plane in maneuvering or speed. My dad went out to look around and said he saw a transport plane out there in the distance. What I saw was long gone even before I began to run to the house. I never knew who I could share this with all these years. Family or friends never believed my story, but I never forgot it to this day. I have no pictures of course- it came and went unexpectedly. I can draw a picture of it, but don’t know how to summit that. I would never believe in UFO’s had I not seen one for myself. I have never had any other experience since then. I don’t remember my street address where this encounter took place, but could look it up from school records if I had to I’m sure, I just don’t know how to do it. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. This case is under investigation by State Section Director Bob Spearing of MUFON New Jersey.



The event in Trancas is one of the most intriguing UFO encounters in history. Incidentally, part of the account was used for the fictional blockbuster, ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’, with one of the main witnesses, Jolie Moreno personally authorizing Steven Spielberg to use their story.

Strange Lights Along The Railroad!

As the evening began to give way to the night on 21st October 1963, two sisters, Argentina and Jolie, were settling down after recently arriving at the Moreno family home from the town of Rosario. Each had with them their small children, and each was married to a man in the Argentine army. With both men away from home on military service, the sisters had opted to travel to Trancas to see their parents and their other sister, Yolanda.  Following an evening meal – eaten a little earlier than usual due to the sudden failure of their electric generator – the entire household would retire to their bedrooms for an early night’s sleep. It was around 9 pm when the live-in domestic worker of the family, fifteen-year-old, Dora Guzman, appeared in the main part of the house looking to alert one of the family. She claimed to be able to see “strange lights” moving along the railroad. With their parents asleep and Jolie feeding her young child, Argentina and Yolanda would speak to Dora to see what the matter was. Both could see how concerned the young girl was, something that was completely out of character for her. She would even go as far as to say there was “machines” outside near the tracks. Fearing the strange lights could be the result of guerrilla activity, which occurred relatively frequently, they decided to investigate for themselves. Quietly, they opened the door to their family home and ventured outside into the night.

A Green “Tunnel Of Light!”

One sister would grab a torch while the other would pick up a small handgun. Along with Dora, they set off in the direction of the railway tracks, using their farm crops for cover as they did. They could see the strange lights in the distance. Several “beams” would occasionally shoot into the air. Perhaps, they wondered, there had been a train crash? Or maybe a train had been a target of the guerrilla groups? They remained at a distance for several moments, believing they had seen several “human silhouettes” moving about in the distance. Then, as curiosity won out over fear, the three women decided to get nearer. As they got closer, all three could see the lights more clearly. They were broken into two sets of three. As they focused on them more closely, they could see that each set of lights was the underside of a disc-shaped craft. Running in between the two discs was a green, beam of light creating a “tunnel” effect. They decided to get closer still.  Suddenly, they were in front of a pair of “dim greenish” lights. And they appeared to be heading in their direction. One of them wondered out loud if this was Rodriguez’s (one of the farm workers) pick-up truck. Then, the green light completely enveloped the trio and they realized the lights were not those of a truck. They didn’t appear to be anything of this world at all.

Solid Light And Trance-Inducing Fog

As the two sisters and Dora stood looking ahead and upwards, a huge disc hovered over them. Each of their faces and clothes shone in the green glow of the craft’s lights. Whatever this craft was, it was not the same as the two small discs they had seen produce the “tunnel of green light”. It turned slowly in the air as it hovered. Several rectangular windows, themselves emitting a green glow, were clearly visible to the witnesses. As were several such portholes on the underside. As the trio continued to watch this cosmic craft in fascination and amazement a beam of “solid light” slowly emerged from a center-point on the underside of the object, eventually reaching the ground. Descriptions of the light later given by the women suggest some type of laser, although all were specific in mentioning the “solid” appearance of it. Yolanda would step forward and slowly place her hand in the mysterious beam. They would notice how the light didn’t stop on her hand as a normal light would. It appeared to simply go straight through it. Although the young woman would later report that she could feel a hot sensation around the hand when under the light, it wasn’t uncomfortable or painful.  Then, the beam of light would slowly retract, and a mist began to gather out of nowhere under the craft. The mist particles shined a fantastic green color under the glow of the craft’s lights. It was then that the two sisters noticed that Dora seemed in a hypnotic state, staring blankly at the strange fog, which was growing thicker with every second.

Sudden Disappearance

As Dora continued to watch, still spellbound by the strange mist, along with the two sisters attempting to free of her trance, the green light suddenly changed to a hot shade of orange. Inside the middle of the craft’s underside, a set of yellow lights began to spin. The witnesses would later describe them as orbs in a ring or a circle, spinning. The craft itself began to rock noticeably.  Suddenly, a burst of flames surged out of the underside of the craft causing the three women to fall backward. They quickly staggered to their feet. Fearing they were under attack they turned and ran back to the house as fast as they could. They would glance back on occasion. Although the object was still there it didn’t appear to be pursuing them. They did notice how it seemed to move over the farmland as if surveying it, however. Then, just as they neared the house, the light and the object vanished. The three women looked out over the farmland, which only seconds earlier was aglow under the bright other-worldly lights of the strange craft. Now, it sat peacefully and silently under the darkness of the night as if nothing had happened. By the time the women returned inside, Dora was far from calm. Likely suffering from delayed shock, she began to scream that she had been burned. She hadn’t, but by this time, everyone inside was awake and rushing down the stairs of the property. Looking at the clock, the sisters worked out the incident had lasted just short of an hour.  Although some in the press would highlight slight differences in the descriptions of the craft by the three women, there was no real indication of falsehood on their part. Furthermore, there were several corroborating witnesses. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




I recently received a very interesting telephone call from an eyewitness ‘WA’ in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This is in reference to an incident that occurred in 1973 in Douglasville, Georgia, as well as continued UFO encounters…culminating to present day ‘humanoid’ sightings in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

In 1973, WA was in the back seat of his mother’s car with his brother. They were traveling south on Powder Springs Highway towards Douglasville, GA one early evening (dusk). They began to notice cars speeding past them and driving recklessly. In fact they witnessed one car careen off the road and flip into a nearby field. The boys looked out the back window and observed a huge saucer-shaped craft hovering behind their car. Their mother hit the gas and headed directly to their home on Hickory Rd in the Hickory Estates in Douglasville.

They quickly exited the car and rushed inside, the boy’s mother telling them to go to their rooms upstairs and to stay there. She called the local police to report what had happened. The police were very busy taking other calls from local residents reporting a flying craft over the neighborhood.

When the boy’s mother got off the phone, she heard loud noises coming from the roof. She yelled for the boys to come downstairs, fearing that they may be in danger. All three ran outside and witnessed 3 short-stature beings dressed in white ‘NASA-like’ space suits without helmets, standing on top of the roof. WA stated that these beings looked ‘perfectly human,’ with regular facial features and ‘slanted eyes.’ They stood still and looked directly at WA and his family. They quickly went back into the house, waiting for police.

When the police arrived, they demanded that the families in the neighborhood stay indoors as they investigated the situation. Apparently, the police told the boy’s mother that they witnessed the 3 beings and that ‘Federal authorities were on the way.’

In the meantime WA and his brother were in their shared bedroom. About the same time the police came into their house, one of the beings ‘came through the wall in the bedroom.’ It didn’t say anything, but WA said that ‘we had a strange sensation and possible lost a small period of time.’ The brothers were paralyzed during the encounter and could not react. When the being exited through the wall, they regained their faculties and screamed, running downstairs to their mother and the police. One of the officers quickly went upstairs, but found nothing.

A few hours later that same evening, Federal authorities arrived and questioned the families in the neighborhood, including WA and his family. WA remembers that his father, who had been at work during the incident, was annoyed that Federal authorities were in his home. His father always maintained that the entire incident was some sort of mass hysteria and actually punished his sons when they would mention the incident.

After the encounter, WA had a oozing sore develop on his ear. It never healed and eventually started to expand in size, until a year later a ‘small hard chip-like object’ broke through the skin. He showed the object to his father, who immediately threw the object into the trash and punished WA severely.

About the same time (WA recalls it was the summer), WA and his brother spent the night outside in the back of his father’s open pickup truck. As they gazed into the night, the same saucer-shaped craft descended from above and hovered over them. WA is positive that they lost time during this encounter. These occasional UFO encounters have continued over the years. Fast-forward to the current time. WA lives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He has witnessed ‘upside-down funnel-shaped craft ascend from the ocean’ at different times. He also reports that there have been ‘humanoids’ seen throughout the Ft. Lauderdale area recently.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.


On 28th September 2017,  a vineyard owner would witness a luminous glow settle on his land. He went to investigate. Upon being no more than fifty yards away, three beings exited the glowing craft. When they noticed him, he suddenly became victim to some kind of paralyzing force before losing consciousness. He would awaken to find the three creatures and the glowing craft gone.

Only three nights later on 1st October, a similar encounter would befall a resident of the small town of Bry as he walked his dog. That same evening in Bergerac, a gentleman would become paralyzed when he noticed a strange silver disc “resting on three legs” close by as he went to close his gate. When the disc took off, he regained the use of his limbs.

Four nights following this encounter, on 5th October, a group of people out in the country near Clermont-Ferrand noticed a large craft in the sky heading in their direction. As it approached they all experienced a strange feeling in their limbs. They were rapidly unable to move until the object had passed completely. Two days later, in Monteux, a local resident would suffer a similar fate as he ran towards a strange craft resting in a field. The use of his limbs only returned when the craft had disappeared. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



UFO Seen From US Navy Ship

While in the US Navy in the summer of 1986, I was standing lookout aboard the USS Edenton ATS 1 (currently decommissioned). The lookout watch, stood outside on top the bridge of the ship, and was responsible for reporting all contacts seen both in the water and sky. It was around eleven p.m. one clear night at sea, located about fifty miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC.

During one of my scans of the night sky, out of know where, four red circular lights appeared. The lights where hundreds of yards apart from each other and formed a square. At first, I thought it was four separate air craft, such as, military helicopters because the lights were stationary; however, due to the distance from the ship, the lights where too large to be aircraft running lights.

There were also no other normal running lights like green and white, which make-up the normal outline of an aircraft seen at night. The lights where located about twenty degrees above the horizon and about a mile away from the ship. Again, these four red lights were each about the size of a small plane, which were very bright and visible in the night sky. The night sky was also clear, moon lit, and a moderate amount of stars were visible, which also aided in calculating the distance and size of these lights.

As stated, when I first saw these lights they were all stationary in the sky and appeared out of know where. Once I noticed that these were not normal lights, grouped in a square and not moving, I called down to the bridge over a salt and pepper line informing the conning officer of a possible UFO sighting. This brought laughter across the wire at first, but I relayed the contact again in a stern but excited voice, which succeeded in getting the bridge officers attention. After relaying the contact information a second time, the four lights, in a flash, darted towards the horizon amazingly fast. The lower two lights in the square went first, with the top two lights following directly behind them in a curved swooshing motion and there was no sound.

Then all four shot straight up into outer-space and out of sight, all within a split second. At this point, I felt very excited and shocked, and was personally praying someone on the bridge had seen what I just saw. Having been an avid watcher of the night sky, seen shooting stars and a believer in that life has to exist somewhere out there, I become even more excited because I knew, I just saw my first unidentified flying object(s).

To my amazement, when I returned to the bridge after my watch, I was very pleased to learn that the conning officer and everyone else on the bridge had seen this sighting and logged it into the ship’s log as a UFO sighting.

Next, after a half hour had passed since the sighting, the radiation detection system (gamma roentgen meter) on the bridge started making a loud clicking sound. At first, no one seemed to know what was making this sound then a very loud bell went off notifying us as to what was going on, we were being radiated.

When the instrument stopped clicking, it indicated we had taken a hit of 385 roentgens in the period of about one minute. At this point, the captain of the ship was awoken and called to the bridge, as well as the chief in charge of the radiation metering equipment onboard ship.

The captain was not impressed with an entry of a UFO sighting being placed in the ship’s log, and at first, took the roentgen meter as being defective. However, the chief informed the captain that the meter had been serviced and calibrated the day before and that other like meters throughout the ship had just gone off indicating the same amount of roentgens received as the bridge.

The captain stated not to log the instance concerning the radiation exposure and left the bridge. During the rest of my watch duty that night, no officer or enlisted person spoke of what happened, and also acted liked nothing happened. This experience, however, was etched into my memory as if it happened yesterday and I have told this story to only a few people, people who I thought would believe me. This is also the first time I have documented the events of this night.

In conclusion, as an indication of the strength of gamma radiation, I and others received that night; all the personnel during the Project Trinity experiments conducted in 1945 at ground zero, only received between 1 and 6 total roentgens of gamma radiation. This leads me to believe, we traveled through the wake of radiation produced by the UFOs seen thirty minutes earlier. – MUFON CMS  NOTE: The above image is CGI.




1947 is known as the year of the first “wave” of modern flying saucer sightings. A study of U.S. newspapers that year documents over 832 sightings in the United States just in the thirty days between June 15, 1947 and July 15, 1947. For the entire year there were over 1,500 reports. Included on this website is a CIA report tracking saucer sightings in 1947. This report was secret and withheld from the public for decades

The Kenneth Arnold Case

This is the first key flying saucer case of modern times. As you can see from my sections, ‘Ancient Alien Sightings’ and ‘Aliens in Ancient Art’, reports of flying objects are certainly not unique to our century. However, this is the case that caught the attention of the media and re-informed the contemporary world that flying saucers existed.

The Facts

Kenneth Arnold was a private pilot and a businessman. He was also a member of the Idaho Search and Rescue Mercy Flyers and a Federal Deputy Marshall. On June 24, 1947 Arnold joined in a search mission to find a Marine Curtis C-46 transport plane that was believed to have crashed in the Cascade Mountains.  While flying at about 9,000 feet at 2:00 p.m., Arnold saw nine silver disks moving in formation directly across his flight path. He estimated them to be about twenty-five miles away. Since they were unusual, to say the least, Arnold decided to time them to estimate their speed. He checked his watch as they passed Mt. Ranier and again when they passed Mt. Adams. It took them 1 minute and 42 seconds. After landing and checking the distance between the two peaks, Arnold realized the disks had been traveling over 1,700 miles per hour! This was twice the speed of sound, and the world airspeed record in 1947 was only about 650 miles per hour!

Not only Arnold, but people flying in a nearby Douglas DC-4 also saw the flying disks. In addition, disks were seen by hundreds of people on the ground. The disks made no sound. They were completely silent. In an interview with The East Oregonian newspaper, Arnold said: “They flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water.”  When the Associated Press picked up the story, they called the disks “saucer-like objects.” From this, the term ‘Flying Saucer’ was officially made an integral part of the human language. Be sure to check out the CIA’s official report on the Kenneth Arnold sighting in our ‘Alien Documents’ section. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




I was standing near a busy train station in Jersey City  when I noticed what appeared to be a black saucer shaped disc flying slowly around the Goldman Sachs building on the Hudson River. At first, the two people I was with saw the object also. They beloved it was just a drone. I decided to walk a little closer to observe the object more and left my friends behind. The plaza I was standing in was packed with people. Its a Saturday afternoon and we are standing across the river from the World Trade Center. Lots of Helicopters and Commercial aircraft flying into nearby Newark Airport. A storm was also blowing in at the time with dark clouds and gusty winds. Anyway after some time, I watched the object slowly ascend up ito the clouds and disappear. Please note that this object was flying around a large area. I observed it fly over the Hudson and back over Jersey City. It just appeared to be too high in the sky to be a drone, but also, it was effected by the wind either.  NOTE: The above image is CGI. This case is under investigation by Chief Investigator Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey.



Hi Ken : I was star gazing looking south when I spotted a pulsing white light that was slowly moving around in the night sky. I immediately looked through my high powered binoculars only to see that the pulsing white light was in fact being emitted from an object that looked just like an Adamski type saucer. The saucer had a dome on the top of it with round windows that appeared to go all the way around the craft. But what really caught my attention was the three spheres on the bottom of the craft that were glowing a dull red. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a photograph of it and as I did the whole craft lit up in very bright colours. It was amazing the middle part of the craft was glowing a beautiful aqua blue while the spheres on the bottom of the craft were flashing yellow green and orange. However the dome on the top of the craft remained a grey colour through out the sighting. I also noticed a thin green mist that permeated around the craft. I watched in amazement as the craft slowly moved across the sky heading away from me towards the south.‎ I eventually lost sight of the craft as it moved off into the distance and disappeared over a wooded area. The next morning I watched the local news to see if anyone had seen and reported the craft to the local media but to my dismay no one had. I count myself very fortunate to have seen and photographed this incredible alien craft. The photograph was taken on the 22nd of ‎July ‎2018, 10:46 PM at Newton Abbot Devon England.




Perhaps one of the strangest encounters took place on the evening of 16th July 1981. Three friends, Rosemary Hawkins, Viv Hayward, and Valerie Walters were driving home from Shrewsbury to Telford when each of them noticed strange lights overhead. Viv, who was driving, would increase her speed. However, it was soon apparent that the lights were following their vehicle. They would head towards Telford Police Station to report the sighting. It was only when they arrived that they discovered the twenty-minute journey had taken them just short of an hour. All three were convinced that something had happened during the half-an-hour or so that they couldn’t remember. So much so, all three would agree to under hypnotic regression. Their accounts of “floating” towards a “metallic object”, as well as four-foot aliens with “robotic voices” were practically identical. As were the drawings they produced. Perhaps one of the more interesting details was that all described feeling “big and clumsy”, maybe suggesting a drastic altering of their perception, atmospheric conditions, or even their reality. Only four days later came another, almost identical case that occurred in almost the same location. Referred to only as “Tom”, the main witness was traveling along the same point of the A5 road as the three disco-goers. As he did a “very large light” lit up the sky and the treetops, which it was just above. Tom would describe the craft as looking like a “double-decker bus, all illuminated”. It remained motionless for some time. Then, a blue light emerged from the underside of the craft. It reached towards the ground, turning a shade of green as it did so. The next thing Tom knew the craft was speeding out of sight at an electrifying pace. It was then he realized three hours had gone by. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Black Triangle Seen Before Pascagoula Abductions

“In 1973 while fishing in the Gulf off the coast of Alabama heard a low rumbling sound in the absolute quiet of the night. It was 1am and slick calm. There was no moon light but the sky was clear and the stars bright. I scanned the water and horizon and saw nothing for miles then I looked up and saw a black triangle going overhead. No feature were visible in fact all I could see was a triangul

The UFO Encounter

On the evening of October 11, 1973, 42-year-old Charles Hickson and 19-year-old Calvin Parker — co-workers at a shipyard — were fishing off a pier on the west bank of the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. They heard a whirring/whizzing sound, saw two flashing blue lights, and reported that an oval shaped “craft”, some 8 feet across and 8 or more feet high, suddenly appeared near them. The ship seemed to levitate about 2 feet above the ground.

A door opened on the ship, they said, and three creatures emerged and seized the men, floating or levitating them into the craft. Both men reported being paralyzed and numb. Parker claimed that he had fainted due to fright. They described the creatures as being roughly humanoid in shape, and standing about five feet tall. The creatures’ skin was pale in color and wrinkled, and they had no eyes that the men could discern, and slits for mouths. Their heads also appeared connected directly to their shoulders, with no discernible neck. There were three “carrot-like” growths instead – one where the nose would be on a human, the other two where ears would normally be. The beings had lobster-like claws at the ends of their arms, and they seemed to have only one leg (Hickson later described the creatures’ lower bodies looking as if their legs were fused together) ending in elephant-like feet. Hickson also reported that the creatures moved in mechanical, robotic ways.

On the ship, Hickson claimed that he was somehow levitated or hovered a few feet above the floor of the craft, and was examined by what looked like a large football-shaped mechanical eye, about 6 to 8 inches in diameter, that seemed to scan his body. Parker claimed that he could not recall what had happened to him inside the craft, although later, during sessions of hypnotic regression he offered some hazy details. The men were released after about 20 minutes and the creatures levitated them, with Hickson’s feet dragging along the ground, back to their original positions on the river bank.

In a later interview over 20 years after the initial incident, Parker’s story became much more elaborate. Here Parker confessed to lying about fainting in sight of the creatures. He claimed that he was in fact conscious when the creatures took him on board the craft and led him into a room at the other end of a hallway to the left of the craft’s entrance. He claims he was laid down on a sloped table and examined by a ‘petite,’ evidently female, being. Though he was paralyzed, he was able to observe the being inject a needle into the base of the underside of his penis. The being later communicated with him tele

The UFO Encounter

On the evening of October 11, 1973, 42-year-old Charles Hickson and 19-year-old Calvin Parker — co-workers at a shipyard — were fishing off a pier on the west bank of the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. They heard a whirring/whizzing sound, saw two flashing blue lights, and reported that an oval shaped “craft”, some 8 feet across and 8 or more feet high, suddenly appeared near them. The ship seemed to levitate about 2 feet above the ground.

A door opened on the ship, they said, and three creatures emerged and seized the men, floating or levitating them into the craft. Both men reported being paralyzed and numb. Parker claimed that he had fainted due to fright. They described the creatures as being roughly humanoid in shape, and standing about five feet tall. The creatures’ skin was pale in color and wrinkled, and they had no eyes that the men could discern, and slits for mouths. Their heads also appeared connected directly to their shoulders, with no discernible neck. There were three “carrot-like” growths instead – one where the nose would be on a human, the other two where ears would normally be. The beings had lobster-like claws at the ends of their arms, and they seemed to have only one leg (Hickson later described the creatures’ lower bodies looking as if their legs were fused together) ending in elephant-like feet. Hickson also reported that the creatures moved in mechanical, robotic ways.

On the ship, Hickson claimed that he was somehow levitated or hovered a few feet above the floor of the craft, and was examined by what looked like a large football-shaped mechanical eye, about 6 to 8 inches in diameter, that seemed to scan his body. Parker claimed that he could not recall what had happened to him inside the craft, although later, during sessions of hypnotic regression he offered some hazy details. The men were released after about 20 minutes and the creatures levitated them, with Hickson’s feet dragging along the ground, back to their original positions on the river bank.

In a later interview over 20 years after the initial incident, Parker’s story became much more elaborate. Here Parker confessed to lying about fainting in sight of the creatures. He claimed that he was in fact conscious when the creatures took him on board the craft and led him into a room at the other end of a hallway to the left of the craft’s entrance. He claims he was laid down on a sloped table and examined by a ‘petite,’ evidently female, being. Though he was paralyzed, he was able to observe the being inject a needle into the base of the underside of his penis. The being later communicated with him telepathically, suggesting that he had been taken for a reason. While he was not able to define it, Parker felt a sense of imminent harm. Nevertheless, he was led back outside the craft and deposited back into his original position unharmed. He then claimed that 19 years later, he came in contact with the same craft again. This time he voluntarily walked aboard the craft and met with the same female being that had examined his body in 1973. He claimed he had a conversation with the being, in English, in which she communicated to him a religious message. She informed him that they shared the same God, that the bible was an authentic text, and that her species wanted to live on earth but could not due to humanity’s tendency towards war and destruction pathically, suggesting that he had been taken for a reason. While he was not able to define it, Parker felt a sense of imminent harm. Nevertheless, he was led back outside the craft and deposited back into his original position unharmed. He then claimed that 19 years later, he came in contact with the same craft again. This time he voluntarily walked aboard the craft and met with the same female being that had examined his body in 1973. He claimed he had a conversation with the being, in English, in which she communicated to him a religious message. She informed him that they shared the same God, that the bible was an authentic text, and that her species wanted to live on earth but could not due to humanity’s tendency towards war and destruction

ar patch of sky absent any stars slowly moving to the west. I couldn’t judge it’s altitude but it was very high and if it was flying at the same altitude as jet aircraft it would’ve been at least 10 times larger than an airliner. Later that week some fishermen in Pascagoula, Ms. claimed to have been abducted as they fished from beach near Ingal’s Shipyard a large naval contractor that builds nuclear powered warships. In the following weeks multiple sighting were reported all along the Gulf Coast. That’s my UFO story.” 

The UFO Encounter

On the evening of October 11, 1973, 42-year-old Charles Hickson and 19-year-old Calvin Parker — co-workers at a shipyard — were fishing off a pier on the west bank of the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. They heard a whirring/whizzing sound, saw two flashing blue lights, and reported that an oval shaped “craft”, some 8 feet across and 8 or more feet high, suddenly appeared near them. The ship seemed to levitate about 2 feet above the ground.

A door opened on the ship, they said, and three creatures emerged and seized the men, floating or levitating them into the craft. Both men reported being paralyzed and numb. Parker claimed that he had fainted due to fright. They described the creatures as being roughly humanoid in shape, and standing about five feet tall. The creatures’ skin was pale in color and wrinkled, and they had no eyes that the men could discern, and slits for mouths. Their heads also appeared connected directly to their shoulders, with no discernible neck. There were three “carrot-like” growths instead – one where the nose would be on a human, the other two where ears would normally be. The beings had lobster-like claws at the ends of their arms, and they seemed to have only one leg (Hickson later described the creatures’ lower bodies looking as if their legs were fused together) ending in elephant-like feet. Hickson also reported that the creatures moved in mechanical, robotic ways.

On the ship, Hickson claimed that he was somehow levitated or hovered a few feet above the floor of the craft, and was examined by what looked like a large football-shaped mechanical eye, about 6 to 8 inches in diameter, that seemed to scan his body. Parker claimed that he could not recall what had happened to him inside the craft, although later, during sessions of hypnotic regression he offered some hazy details. The men were released after about 20 minutes and the creatures levitated them, with Hickson’s feet dragging along the ground, back to their original positions on the river bank.

In a later interview over 20 years after the initial incident, Parker’s story became much more elaborate. Here Parker confessed to lying about fainting in sight of the creatures. He claimed that he was in fact conscious when the creatures took him on board the craft and led him into a room at the other end of a hallway to the left of the craft’s entrance. He claims he was laid down on a sloped table and examined by a ‘petite,’ evidently female, being. Though he was paralyzed, he was able to observe the being inject a needle into the base of the underside of his penis. The being later communicated with him telepathically, suggesting that he had been taken for a reason. While he was not able to define it, Parker felt a sense of imminent harm. Nevertheless, he was led back outside the craft and deposited back into his original position unharmed. He then claimed that 19 years later, he came in contact with the same craft again. This time he voluntarily walked aboard the craft and met with the same female being that had examined his body in 1973. He claimed he had a conversation with the being, in English, in which she communicated to him a religious message. She informed him that they shared the same God, that the bible was an authentic text, and that her species wanted to live on earth but could not due to humanity’s tendency towards war and destruction.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.


In August 1993, 27-year-old Kelly Cahill, her husband and three children were driving home after a visit to a friend’s house.  Their routine journey would soon become a harrowing trip into an unknown world of strange beings that occupied space but were void of color as we know it. The Dandenong foothills, near Belgrave, Victoria, Australia would have its location forever linked to one of the most unusual sightings of a strange creature in Ufology archives.

Journey Home:

After midnight, the Cahills were on their journey home when they first noticed the lights of a rounded craft with windows around it.  It silently hovered above the road. Different colored lights were clearly visible on the bottom of the object. The UFO was so close to the ground that Kelly thought she could see people through the window openings.  As she began screaming to her husband what she was seeing, the craft zoomed off to their left, disappearing as quickly as it had made itself known.

Blinding Light:

Continuing their drive home with a renewed interest in the sky, they suddenly came upon a light so bright they were practically blinded.  Shading her eyes from the intense light with her hands over her eyes, Kelly begged of her husband, “What are you going to do?” Her husband, now frightened to death by the glowing presence before them, replied, “I am going to keep on driving.” Within what seemed only a second or two, Kelly was now very relaxed, suddenly calmed by the absence of the UFO.

Missing Time:

The first words out of Kelly’s mouth were, “What happened, did I blackout?” Her husband said nothing, as he had no answer to give his wife. He cautiously drove his family home.  Upon their safe arrival Kelly could smell a foul odor, like vomit, and she suddenly felt as though something was missing from their drive home. Something was missing… an hour or so of time had vanished from her and her family’s life.  That night as Kelly undressed for bed, she noticed a strange triangular mark on her navel-a mark she had never seen before.  It must have been created early this every night. But how? And why? And most importantly, by whom? Kelly suffered from general malaise for the next two weeks, and was taken to the hospital on two occasions, one for severe stomach pain, and another for a uterine infection.

Walking Toward a Giant Craft:

Kelly would recall the object they had seen in a slightly different place than she first remembered. It was hovering in a gully, and the UFO was big. She estimated it at 150 feet in diameter.  She could also recall that when the object was first spotted, her husband had stopped the car, and both her and her husband had gotten out of the vehicle, and walked in the direction of the massive craft.

Not Having a Soul:

To their surprise, they noticed another car stopped on the side of the road. As they walked toward the craft, they saw a creature unlike either of them had ever seen before.  It was black, not a black color but black as if all matter was removed where its presence was. Kelly would later describe it as “not having a soul.” Kelly’s words for the alien were “void of color.” The black alien entity was taller than an average man, about 7 feet tall, according to Kelly.

Aliens Moved Effortlessly:

After being mesmerized by the sight of the being, she saw more of them. “Heaps of them” is how Kelly described them as she stared into the open field. The aliens were out there in the field, beneath the immense flying craft.  The beings seemed to congregate in small groups, and one group glided toward Kelly and her husband, covering a hundred yards in a mere few seconds. Another group was approaching the other car which sat motionless near the hovering craft.

Second Family Abducted:

Her great fear and dread would cause her to scream at the alien-looking entities to leave them alone. She remembered going unconscious, and then… she was back in their car. As strange as this encounter seems, it was not without corroboration.  The occupants in the other car would come forward and tell almost an exact story, a story of abduction, mind control, and embarrassing medical procedures.


This particular case is the only one to my knowledge to describe such a being, although there are some very strange aliens described in various accounts. We have no reason to discount the Cahill account, and it remains one of the best cases of alien abduction on record.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I was on my way home from work on the evening of January 19, 2018, around 6:12pm. As I turned off the main road onto a side road heading towards my house, I noticed some extremely bright lights in the distance. I stopped my truck as I could see out across the valley to a ski slope on the far mountain. The lights at first looked like a large plane, but they were too bright to be a plane. It was traveling towards the east, and I was heading towards the west so I continued down the road, and as I went around a turn in the road to the left, the craft seemed to turn and head straight towards me. As I came up to the stop sign at the end of the road about a half of a mile from where I first saw the lights, the craft had came right up in front of my truck. I was at a T intersection were I had to turn left to my house, and the craft was maybe about 100 feet away just above the tree tops. I grabbed my cell phone to try to get a picture of it, but was having problems getting it to work.

I tried several times but it just wouldn’t work at all. Once it went off seconds after trying to take the picture getting the dash board, then again when I held the phone pointing down at the cup holder trying to see what was the matter. I didn’t think the camera was going to work, and the adrenaline was making me not able to think right. I looked back up at the craft and it was moving off to the northeast over top the right side of my truck and disappeared overtop of some houses on the road. I drove the rest of the way to my house, adrenaline flowing, not being able to believe what I had just seen. As I went into my house I grabbed my cell phone to see why I couldn’t get it to work right, and see what was on it. That is when I discovered that I in fact did catch a picture of part of the craft, but did not have the entire craft in the shot. It did get a part that you could see what looked like lights, windows, and the side of the craft were it curved just below some windows. Prior to seeing this that evening I always thought people were seeing helicopters and things, but after seeing this with my own eyes, I believe what I saw that night. I am a U.S. Military Vet, and have been around a lot of Military helicopters and equipment, but this was like nothing that I have ever seen in my life before.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



As she was driving on the A5 road towards her family home from Shrewsbury, twenty-year-old, Diane Foulkes would witness events that were fascinating and other-worldly. It was around 2 am and she was approaching the Montford Bridge which stretched over the River Severn. Suddenly, the entire area around her lit up. The source of this sudden glow of light was a circular object which was almost directly overhead.  She watched the object for only a second or two before fear, and adrenaline kicked in. She pressed down hard on the accelerator, now in a hurry to reach her destination. To her alarm, the brightly lit object followed her. It remained at the same height and distance, but all the while, it casually pursued her vehicle.  When she finally arrived home, she ran from the car and alerted her parents. Both her mother and father would witness the strange disc-shaped craft from the garden of their home. The craft made no noise of any kind and glowed a pale-yellow color. After thirty minutes it rapidly began to get smaller and smaller. As it did so, it began to change to an orange-red glow until finally it was gone. All three witnesses would assume the object was speeding away from them. Although Diane and her parents would largely keep the sighting to themselves, when a similar episode occurred, they would seek advice from the military.

Rays Of Light Administer “Electric Shock” Sensation!

Almost exactly two years later on 8th November 1966, Diane would encounter what seemed to be the same craft. And what’s more, the encounter would take place at almost the same spot as it had previously. Just prior to midnight, as she neared the same bridge, the glowing round craft appeared in the sky overhead. This time, however, it was much lower to the ground than before.  Diane would later report that she could see “rays of light” emanating from the airborne vehicle. As she had before, although somewhat calmer, she continued on her journey home. And, as before, the object followed her, maintaining the same distance throughout. At least initially. After several minutes the strange craft suddenly approached the moving car. As it made its way past, the lights from inside briefly penetrated the vehicle. She would describe feeling a “bump against the side (of the car)”, while at the same moment feeling a sensation like an electric shock in her neck. Simultaneously, the left-hand side headlight also went out.  The object would back away again and then maintain its distance before vanishing. Shortly after returning home, however, Diane would begin to feel “very ill” for the rest of the evening.

Military Denial, And Connections To Mr. Griffin 

Two days following her second encounter, on 10th November 1966, Diane’s father would contact Flight Lieutenant Williams at RAF Shrewsbury. He wished to know if the military could shed any light on an incident along the A5 that had “left his daughter frightened by an object in the sky”. There was, he would report, even “burn marks” on the left-hand side of his daughter’s car, proving that something was most certainly over the road that evening. A letter, dated the 11th November, would arrive at the Foulkes’ home on the 14th. In it, it informed them that “no service aircraft had been flying in that area at the time of the incident”. Not that Diane seriously considered the military as being behind the bizarre sighting. Although she wasn’t sure exactly what it was she had seen, she believed it was probably connected to another local resident, Mr. Griffin.  According to Diane, and many other townsfolk, Mr. Griffin was “reputed to have made contact” with the occupants of these bizarre objects. Furthermore, there were some who claimed he had even gone inside these other-worldly vehicles. Further still, the contacts of Mr. Griffin had taken place at the same bridge where Diane had witnessed the glowing disc. The incident remains unexplained. It is, however, far from the only UFO sighting in this region of the United Kingdom.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.




This incident happened at approximately 3AM in the morning. For some reason I can remember everything like it just happened This incident happened at approximately 3AM in the morning. For some reason I can remember everything like it just happened. This was not a dream or a nightmare. I woke up to the sound of a child laughing. As I rolled over to see where the sound was coming from when, I saw the boy running back and forth beside my bed. I felt like something had control of my body. I couldn’t move. My first instinct was to yell, but when I tried nothing would come out. At this point I then realized how bright my room was. It wasn’t like sunlight, but it was so bright my whole room was light. I looked to my window and that’s when I saw the large Grey alien out my window. Now what’s weird is my window is on the second floor of the house so it must of been able to hold on somehow or levitate. I don’t know if it was supposed too let me see it because when we made eye contact it seemed to teleport away. The only way I can describe the teleportation is that it went from a solid being to a static kaleidoscope type image and then vanished.

At that point I was able to move again. I remember going to the window and that’s when I saw about six more of the tall alien Grey types slipping back into the woods. But it was so bright and at that point I could tell the light source was coming from directly above my house. I then remember the boy grabbing my hand and pulling me towards my bedroom door. I remember not really being able to fight back. I was in like a zombie state of mind. When I reached the top of my stairs just outside my room there was a woman sitting at the top of the steps. For some reason I didn’t feel afraid anymore. She wore a pink hooded sweatshirt and grey sweatpants and she told me not to be afraid and that we have met before and that the boy was ours, but he lives with them (the Greys). From there all I remember was the 3 of us walking out of the house and then everything goes blank.

I will add, this is not my only experience with abduction. The reason why I know this really happened is that I remember telling my sister and brother-in-law this story and they both looked at each other in shock and told me how my brother-in-law’s mother (who is my neighbor across the street) woke up randomly one night and she said that outside was so bright like brighter than the daylight were her words and it was coming from over my house, but she never went to the window because she was to scared. – MUFON NOTE: The above image is CGI.



NASA astronaut reveals close encounter with ‘alien-organic’ object during Shuttle Mission

In a chat on Twitter with fans about his experiences in space, astronaut Leland Melvin who worked as an engineer on board Atlantis was asked by Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily if he had ever witnessed UFOs or intelligent alien life living in outer space.

Melvin replied to Scott and revealed that he had seen something organic/alien like floating out of the payload bay and that he called the ground to ask what it could be.  Ground control then answered by telling Melvin that it was ice that had broken off of the Freon hoses.  Then Scott asked Melvin: “ I think ethics would say that your opinion of it being organic is more reliable than the opinion of someone on ground control over 400 miles away, is it possible they lied and called it ice to calm you down and make u focus on the shuttle.” Melvin: “Hmmmm, don’t think so but you never know.”

We know NASA for their misleading answers and in this case Leland Melvin has probably encountered some sort of bio form, living entities which inhabit the cosmic void. Already dozens of organic compounds have been identified in space, including formaldehyde, prussic acid, and cellulose. In short, there is an abundance of basic building blocks out there to allow for the evolution of these entities. These alien-organic entities may have migrated to all sectors of space – both within and without galaxies. Endowed with both mobility and intelligence, it is conceivable that some may have actually penetrated our zone of existence.




Tonight was an incredible night. It was a bit hazy in Las Vegas but it had no effect on three UFOs I caught over Sunrise Mountain on the eastern side of Las Vegas. When I first spotted them I thought it was possible that it was a large airplane coming into land but it was going the wrong direction and the three lights were not flashing and there were two fireball looking lights with a lighter one in between. As I was looking at them through my binoculars I realized rather quickly that these lights had nothing to do with an airplane because there were no red and green lights and they continuously changed positions and eventually spread out from one another. They moved very slowly towards Nellis Air Force Base which happens to be very close to Sunrise Mountain. As they slowly moved they began to go lower and lower. I had to move the cameras several times because a chimney on a neighbor’s home was in the way and then they got so low I had to put the night vision camera up on three upsides down ceramic plant pots. It got to the point where the camcorder was useless because they were so low I could no longer see them so the night vision camera actually got more video than the camcorder did. What was most amazing of all is that this was something new. I had never filmed UFOs before where I began to film them and because of where they ended up. When I finally turned the night vision camera off at least two of the three had stopped in the exact spot where I get so much video from the Air Force Base.

This was the first time I have ever filmed them coming in from that height and location. I am publishing a full-length, combined version of these two videos (Camcorder and Night Vision) because I haven’t done so in the past. The point in publishing both of these at actual speed is that I filmed these three incredible UFOs with two completely different cameras over a period of about seventeen minutes. I keep hearing from people (so-called experts) that everything I film is airplanes, helicopters or cars coming down a mountain road or trail. The very same people say they are not experts on what a UFO looks like on a video and they don’t have any UFO videos of their own but in the next breath, they boldly say that I am filming cars and airplanes. Which is it? Are they or aren’t they experts? You can’t have it both ways. Either you are an expert or you’re not. Sorry for sounding grumpy but it gets pretty old after more than four years of spending countless hours outside at night watching for anything strange that happens in the sky and even on the ground or just above it. I have never, as a matter of factly, boldly claimed the objects in my videos are anything but UFOs and amazing technology.



Although figures vary between different UFO organizations and groups, just under half of all UFO sightings take place near to a significant body of water. This statistic alone creates many theories as to why this might be. Some believe “alien bases” reside deep down at the depths of the Earth’s oceans, seas, and lakes. Others speculate that these cosmic crafts use the underwater world as a way to traverse the planet. Some even go as far as to suggest that “portals or gateways” may exist, or be created under the water, which allows travel to elsewhere in the universe.   One of these bodies of water, Lake Erie – one of the “five great lakes in North America”- is one that has a plethora of UFO sightings to its name. The ancient lake runs from the Ontario Peninsula in Canada and has shores in four US states. One of these US states, Ohio, was the subject of a highly detailed sighting of a strange, and still unexplained object in March 1988. Not only were there multiple witnesses to the events, these would include two members of the Ohio Coastal Guard, who would make an official report.

The Baker’s Usual Friday Night Drive Was Anything But!

The Baker family would eat out every Friday evening. Sheila and her husband, Henry, and their two children looked forward to it each week. On Friday 4th March 1988, all four of the Bakers were driving home following their usual Friday night meal. It was a little after 8:30 pm. Henry was driving, and the two children were in the back. The heavily pregnant Sheila, meanwhile, looked out of the passenger window at the frozen Lake Erie. The ice almost shined in the moonlight. Then, she saw a strangely lit object “rocking on the surface” of the lake.  She nudged her husband who took his attention away from the road for a moment. He could see it also. At Sheila’s insistence, he would turn the car’s direction towards the waterfront. Once there, they instructed their sons to remain in the vehicle before opening their car doors. They stepped out into the cold night and began to cautiously make their way the to the water’s edge. The lights were still there. What Sheila first noticed, though, were sounds that appeared to be the ice of the frozen lake cracking. She would liken them to “claps of thunder”.  As they got as near as they could without stepping on to the ice they could clearly make out a “football-shaped object” with bright white lights at either end. The object itself appeared to be of a “gunmetal gray” color and was hovering overhead as opposed to being on the surface. Despite the obvious movement, the strange craft made no noise whatsoever. All Sheila could hear were the sounds of cracking ice.  Suddenly, as if it had become aware of their presence, the object “swung towards them”, heading in their direction. Panicked and frightened, the couple turned and ran back to their vehicle.

Still Visible From The Baker Home

Henry would drive the remainder of the journey with alacrity. Once the Bakers arrived at their home and settled their children in bed, Sheila would contact the police to report the sighting. They would tell her that she would have to make the report to the Coast Guard. She did, and despite their initial refusal to deal with the case, would eventually agree to pick them up and take them back to the waterfront.  Meanwhile, the Bakers could clearly see the object hovering over the lake from the window of their house. As they watched, six independent triangular objects suddenly emerged from the larger one. They would move around the main object in a darting motion, before stopping suddenly. They would then move in the direction of the Perry nuclear power plant.  The Bakers would ask a neighbor to watch their children, and when the Coast Guard arrived, they would accompany them back to the lake. According to the officers, James Power and John Knaub, several other reports (including from their own employees) had come in regarding the object. As the coast guard’s vehicle pulled up at the waterfront, the smaller triangular objects were once again circling the main craft.  As soon as the coast guards opened their car doors the sound of “rumbling ice” met everyone’s ears. This was constant, as if the object’s purpose was to crack the ice and gain access to the water below. The coast guard’s report would state, “The ice was cracking and moving abnormal amounts”. Whenever the object came closer to the surface, the cracking sounds became more intense. The coast guards would radio back to their control base stating that “the object appears to be landing on the lake”.

Triangular Objects “Scouting” The Area

The coast guards would continue to advise the control room of the situation. As the triangular crafts became active once more they would report that “there are other objects moving around it”. Furthermore, these objects were “going at a high rate of speed”.As Sheila and Henry, along with the two coast guards continued to watch the fascinating display, they noticed one of the triangles suddenly turn in their direction. It was heading straight for the coast guard’s vehicle. Right before what seemed to be an inevitable impact, the object veered upwards in a “blur of light”. It then returned to the main, larger craft, as did the other smaller, triangular objects. All the while, the sound of ice cracking continued. It seemed that the previously bright, white lights of the craft were now beginning to flash and glow in a display of red, blue, orange, and green. The craft itself appeared to be descending. The lights went out for a second and then returned.  And then, without warning, the lights and the rumbling audible carnage were gone completely. The witnesses were not clear if the craft had sped away or if the lights had simply gone out. Perhaps it was still hovering over the ice only now they couldn’t see it. Sheila, though, would voice her suspicion – for reasons she doesn’t know – that it had plunged directly below the ice and into the frozen waters.  Although several of the smaller triangular objects were seen flying directly overhead a little later that evening, the larger craft didn’t reappear. One of the coast guards would report that the triangular crafts behaved as though they were “scouting” the area. None of the coast guards could identify any of the objects they witnessed.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



MARCH 15, 2018 ………………MILO MAINE

I was standing in my driveway smoking when I felt very odd and my hair stood up. I heard dogs barking all over the place. I looked above me and noticed a red/orange sphere about 3,000 feet above me. I initially thought it was a satellite. I then realized it was far to low. I watched it glide over the town of Milo. Once it reached the edge of town, it dimmed down to the brightness of a star and started zig-zagging through the sky. I watched it then shoot faster than anything I have ever seen straight up. A black helicopter from nowhere appeared and circled Milo for 15 minutes. Once the helicopter left the area, it zoomed back by and flared up for a second as it travelled by at an amazing speed. I stood outside for 10 minutes processing what I just saw.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



The apparent crash and recovery of a UFO in the Kingdom of Lesotho in September 1995 is surrounded by legend. However, it does appear to fit a pattern of clandestine operations regarding the recovery of extraterrestrial technology by the South African military.  According to farmer, Peter Lachasa, at around 9:15 pm on the evening of 15th September 1995, a “strange sound” from the sky overhead disturbed the serenity of the night. It also disturbed his cattle and livestock who were now making their fright known through a cacophony of cries. Before he had a chance to take a look outside, a “dull explosion” rang out. It was then that Lachasa ventured out to investigate. Several neighbors of Lachasa had already made their way down to his property by the time he opened the door. They had been watching the strange light in the sky for some time. According to them, the object began to descend slowly towards the Lesotho foothills. However, it would explode upon hitting the ground “giving off a series of blinding flashes”. The small group, led by Lachasa, would head towards the impact site. As they approached it, all could hear an “electronic humming” noise which was clearly emanating from the crippled craft. It was a dull grey metallic color although any further details were hard to examine as there was an “intense heat” which radiated in all directions. So intense was the heat, in fact, that several patches of dry grass began to burn. He wasn’t sure if he could see an occupant moving or not, but Lachasa had a sudden urge to inform the authorities in case there were any survivors. By the time he arrived at the Leribe Police Department, it was a little after 10:20 pm. Lachasa would speak with the officer on duty that evening, Sargent Thobo. He would state that a “strange aircraft” had crashed on his farm. Furthermore, there could be injured crew. And it was frightening his cattle, so he required the police to remove the metallic ruin. After several moments Thobo, along with Constable Nandi, would follow Lachasa back to his farm to investigate. Their report would state that a “large round disc-shaped object lay within the boundaries of Mr. Lachasa’s farm”. They would estimate the object was around sixty feet in length and around ten feet high. They would confirm the color to be “dull grey”, while also stating they could see no windows or portholes. Nor could they see anywhere to indicate a point of entry or exit from the mysterious craft. Despite the ruinous appearance at the scene, the craft itself didn’t appear to the officers to have any significant external damage. Unsure what to do, Thobo would radio into the police switchboard. He would receive orders to return to the station and prepare a report immediately, which he did. Around an hour later, shortly after midnight, an official internal report went from the police to a Lesotho government official. They would authorize a report to go to the South African intelligence department. It would appear a covert operation to recover the craft was already underway. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



At 7 p.m. est on 8/2/2018, I took trash to the back yard. It was very blustery. I “felt” I should look up. I noticed what I thought at first was merely an unusual cloud shape. The day had been rainy. Unlike the other clouds, this cloud did not move with all the wind. It was massive. It was shaped like an upside-down bowl with 4 equal, angular projections, much like stairs canted at an odd angle.  Approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the object was visible based upon cloud cover. Only the western area of the craft was visible. There was a great deal of shifting cloud activity. That is what caused me to watch the thing. It never moved. Its visible edges were crisp and unnaturally geometrically precise for a cloud. Clouds of varying shapes and sizes passed in front of it, behind and above it. Smaller clouds passed across it rather quickly. At one point, the sunlight directly illuminated the object’s western edge/area. Its outline became even more precise. The object was a dull, non-reflective, gray. It was opaque. clouds that blew behind it disappeared. I live near multiple naval stations, Oceana Naval Air station, and a mile from Norfolk International Airport (ORF).

It is common to see aircraft, including awacs, all over at that time of day. Not one aircraft was visible for at least 15 minutes. Normally, I can hear planes taking off from ORF. I lived for years within walking distance from Santa Monica airpot and 7 miles from LAX. I used to park just west of LAX and watch the planes ascend and bank over Santa Monica Bay. I have been to multiple, military airshows. I know what “regular” aircraft looks and sounds like.) I felt mildly afraid. mostly, my initial incredulousness changed to one of “holy crap, that thing’s enormous!” I “heard” the phrase “We’re here.” I felt deep jabs in my left and right temples, alternating. I had been feeling them all day. A very deep cloud cover came in from the east, opposite the prevailing wind, and completely hid the object after about 15 minutes. Shortly thereafter, regular air traffic commenced-commercial jets, small props, etc. but not one Navy jet, awac, or any groups helicopters were visible or audible for hours. I tried to file this report within an hour of the sighting. everything I typed was scrambled, I could not enter numbers, etc. It looked like a monkey banged on my keypad. This continued for several hours. I quit trying, until today. whatever this thing was, it was gigantic. Aircraft carriers or tankers could have fit into it by the thousands. a day later, I managed to speak to a friend about my experience. Her family, and several neighbors, saw a similar object in the early 1960s. It also hovered, made no sound, and became obscured by clouds. neither the object I saw, nor the object seen by my friend, looked like anything from popular tv shows or movies. I spent several hours on the internet looking at weird cloud formations. nothing similar. I have been feeling mildly anxious with a non-stop headache since thursday evening. I am prone to migraines, but this is different. the headache seems to be deep in my head, deeper than the actual physical confines of my skull-if that makes any sense. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

1. I was just laying in the garage on a kot with my dog and was about to go inside but decided since the moon was out and facing to the west lighting up the property, I’d go sit with her under the pine trees to the west of the property 2. I decided to glance in the sky like I normally do to spot shooting stars and I glanced south and when I did seen about 8 to 10 very distinguished lights 3. I was thinking they were some planets showing because of how bright the moon was, I figured those planets were shining too, so I looked away then glanced back thinking it’s impossible for all the planets to be aligned in that way without hearing it on the news 4. I watched and it seemed like they were moving to the south not losing much spacing so I figured it was aircraft maybe military or some strange civs doing air formation flights but why are they doing it at 4:50 in the morning I thought 5. There’s been lots of strange civ planes and by weird I just mean some tiny aircraft that look like they could have been unmanned drones, but they’re just tiny aircraft, anyway they’ve been in the area so I figured it was either planets, or aircraft so figured I’d watch them fly over past my view of the horizon if it was aircraft flying close together like that, but as I tried fiddling with my phone to focus and looked at the lights, one by one the lights on the furthest ends started to fade out then off completely one by one almost in unison on the ends and then the center lights faded out and I couldn’t see the lights any more. I had my phone out the entire time trying to use my camera but it wouldn’t focus and when it finally somewhat focused, it would lose focus again then the battery died. 6. One by one the lights on the ends went dark and I lost them in the mess of star light. Please be advised, the image I’m attaching isn’t an actual image, it’s an image off google with similar lighting to the time of sighting, the dots in the top right corner are more or less EXACTLY what I seen, the amount of lights however may be inaccurate as I’m terrible recalling numerical things from memory, however its fresh on my mind as of typing this.



Awoke around 3:00 a.m. and the room was brighter than usual. Got out of bed to look out the bedroom window at the sky and the moon. Noticed there was an object to the lower right of the moon that caught my eye. It appeared with red and blue lights. The strange thing was the lights made it almost look triangular (pointed on the end towards me).

At first I thought it was a plane however there was a strange look to it, as if reflective. Realizing if it was moving in a straight line, it might appear not to be moving. Went and put on my glasses for a better look. The clouds passed over and I thought it would be gone in a minute. When the clouds cleared, the object was still there however the lights were not as noticeable. At that point I went to get the camera and started to take pictures. Stood and watched for approximately half an hour. When the clouds returned and after they cleared, the object was gone.



We have been observing a light in the sky for about 2 weeks. The light is visible starting at about 10 pm through 4am. The light looks to be spinning but does not seem to be a sphere More oblong or triangular. It appears every night at the same time and doesn’t follow other stars, planets or the moon as the earth rotates. Around 2 am the light will starts to move. It will zip to the right, loop go up and come back down. The light gets brighter as if spinning and on one occasion a Wawa Wawa sound was heard. It will move slowly up and down about 6 inches in 15 mins around the 10 to 12 hour.

On another occasion I witnessed it at approximately 10:30 pm and the object was completely gone about 20 minutes later. At that time I called a relative that lives about 10 miles away and they could see it moving towards the West at a high speed then stop and hover. The odd part is i live close to the airport and have seen plans fly right above it but never infront of the light. We have searched multiple sights seeing if anyone else has reported a similar sighting and have found nothing.



1. I was watching the sunset on a 2nd story porch facing the bay.

2. I first noticed how bright the object was and I thought odd there were nostars out yet.

3. I had no idea what it was but it was slowly moving in my direction. Then became stationary.

4. The object had huge bright lights surrounding w a metallic background and smaller dimmer lights in the center. Moving very slowly.

5. We brought my cousins telescope out to the porch. We then could see the details described in #4. I was very excited, jumping up and down, due to details we could see through the telescope. It was not normal.

6. I had to attend to my special needs daughter inside for about 15 min. when I went back outside, it was gone. We did see the same object the night before on July 9th in the same place.

I also reported seeing an object in the same area two yrs ago. I recieved an email from one of your investigators. Life got busy, I lost the email and I just let it go. Never thinking I’d see another UFO in the same place.

This case is under investigation by Chief Investigator Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey.



In late-August 1990, only weeks before the official unification of East and West Germany followingThe lights had, in fact, been appearing since the first days in August, usually hovering over the waters of the Baltic. These lights would suddenly display movement not of any known aircraft. They turned with a razor-sharp precision and their speed was much faster than a plane or a helicopter. They would often appear for several minutes at a time before vanishing from sight. Several weeks later, however, they appeared much further near land. And what’s more, they were visible for a lot longer than a few minutes.

Witnesses For Miles Around

The strange spherical lights appeared in the early evening, around 8:30 pm on the 24th August. The sky had a burnt, golden orange tint to it as the Sun bid farewell until the following day. Residents would witness the events in their hundreds in Greifswald, Rostock, and Neubrandenburg. Other witnesses would include residents on the Isle of Ruegen, and the Isle of Usedom. Many would manage to snap photographs of the other-worldly display. Some would even capture video footage. That something was clearly visible that evening over East Germany is without doubt.  A school field trip was taking place that week on the Isle of Ruegen. There were forty schoolboys and several teachers who all viewed the cosmic show from their accommodation for the thirty-minute duration. They would report that objects were in a Y-formation much the same as other witnesses. However, perhaps because of their vantage point, they were able to tell that the lights appeared to be individual components as they moved freely of each other, although they stayed within the boundaries of the formation.

Another witness, Mrs. Vinogradova, along with her husband would witness the events from the second floor of their Greifswald home. The pair were at first disturbed by the sounds of a commotion from children in the street below. So noisy were they, that Mrs. Vinogradova went to the window to see what the fuss was about. In front of their house, around fifty people – a mixture of adults and children – stood looking upwards at the sky. She followed the group’s gaze and soon saw for herself the “two luminous groups of lights” overhead. She would call her husband who saw them also. They too would report the lights moved independently of each other. the fall of the Soviet Union and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, came a sighting over Greifswald, a city in the former East German territories near the Baltic Sea.




I was Out camping.  Odd lights to the south, flying low over horizon.   Thought they were helicopter lights but no known flight path out that way, military? All of a sudden they were all around me. Small basketball-sized floating orbs. From seeing them in the distance, say at least 10 miles away, to having them all around me was a second or 2 at the most. They floated around me, I yelled, “ok MF’s”, as I readied myself for a fight, “lets get it on”. The next thing I remembered, at that time, was waking up the next morning. We were fully clothed, laying on our sleeping bags, (which were in the tent the night before). We were to be out camping for another week at least. Instead, we woke up, didn’t speak to each other, packed up camp and went home. Very very strange.

Later I went to a college and took a writing course. The instructor had us do some free writing and this all came out. I am remembering things even now. I spoke with them on a ship of some sort. It was transparent inside, meaning you could see out in all directions. The sides and top, bottom, etc. like riding in a glass elevator. Feeling no movement. They were friendly and answered my questions. They read my mind I guess. I asked about a higher power in the (no human word applicable) cosmos, for lack of a better word. They said ‘yes’ but they didn’t know what it was. That interaction with them, the little guys, just came back to me a few months ago. I feel the need to share this but as you may imagine, this is a bit out of my league. Maybe you could get back with me? There is a lot more but the main point is yes, there is a higher power.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.


I have made some more discoveries on Mars.  This time I used Gigapan for the hi-definition images.  I have been doing this for many years and it takes a lot of time and devotion to scan every photo published by Nasa.  I have only touched the tip of the iceburg and there is evidence of life on Mars.  Rock formations and shadows produce many strange images on a photo but the ones that I published are definite fossils or skeletons of the past or present. You be the Judge.



Joan Vincent would finally reveal the encounter to the Cornish Guardian newspaper. As we will look at shortly, 1965 was a year of increased UFO activity throughout the world, not least the United Kingdom. Cornwall also has a long history of strange and paranormal activity, including UFO sightings. And those sightings, it would seem, continue in abundance today.

Late One Night In 1965 

At the time of the sighting in 1965, the Vincents’ family home was in Stenalees, a rural area of Cornwall. It was late one evening and the couple were driving home on the largely empty country roads. According to Joan, they had been driving for around fifteen minutes when “suddenly it was as if a light had been switched on outside”. She would further tell how they could “see for miles” over the fields and open countryside such was the brightness of the light. The area they were driving through had a well-known reputation in recent years for being a place where “flying saucers” could be seen. Many students would hold all-night vigils in the hopes of seeing one of these cosmic visitors. With that in mind, the Vincents were already sure of what was unfolding around them. As they scanned their surroundings from inside their vehicle, Joan would notice a dome-shaped, glass-like object that seemed to be hovering behind a large edge in a nearby field. Joan would explain three decades later that the hedge was so thick that “neither of us know if it was hovering or resting on the grass”. The light appeared to be emanating from inside the dome itself on top of the object.  They would later estimate the craft to have been between fifty to seventy feet in length and around forty feet high. Joan would even state that inside the dome she could see “big cabinets with dials on them”. The material around the dome was more solid and metallic. It was of a grey-green color and contained several portholes. The couple remained motionless, staring at the magnificent sight for what seemed like minutes. In reality, it was merely thirty seconds. Then Joan urged her husband to “get (us) out of here”.

Not A Bizarre Hallucination! 

Roy did as his wife requested and pressed down on the accelerator and they sped away from the scene. Once home, each would approach the sighting with very business-like mindsets. They would each go into separate rooms to draw the object they had just seen. Once done, they would compare the sketches. Not surprisingly, they were practically identical. While they couldn’t explain what they had seen, they could at least rule out, if only in their own minds, that it was some kind of bizarre hallucination. They would, however, make the decision to keep the matter to themselves. They would tell only their son and Joan’s mother, who unfortunately both passed away before the couple went public with the account. Consequently, no investigation would take place. And perhaps most unfortunate, is that no further corroborating witnesses were found who very well might have seen the events from a different vantage point. The Vincents would return to the field the following day but could find no evidence of what they had seen. This only further strengthened their conviction that they should keep the matter to themselves. Incidentally, the field where the sighting took place is now a spoil tip for the (then) newly built industrial estate. Furthermore, the road where the Vincents would view events from their stopped car also no longer exists as it was re-routed during the developments of the following decades. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



El Paso, Texas – December 1, 2014 at approx. 1:30am: I was asleep in my bed on my day off from work. Suddenly, I got the sensation of floating above the bed. I awoke and instantly dropped to the bed. Upon awaking, I remembered hearing voices. I assumed that the voices were what woke me up and someone was outside (I lived on 7 acres and my house was far back from the road. In order to hear voices meant that someone was in my yard). I grabbed my gun and went to the window, which was open as it was a cool night and I didn’t want to run the A/C. I sat and listened for a few minutes, but heard nothing. I decided to check on my daughters to see if they were awake, so I placed my gun on the bed and crept back to their rooms. Both girls were asleep. I returned to my bed and slept with my gun by my side the rest of the night.  The next morning I awoke with discomfort in my chest, along the bottom of the sternum. It wasn’t painful, just felt like something was there. I know that when you reach your 40s the cartilage will ostracize. I felt my chest and felt a triangular shaped structure in my chest and just assumed that it had just fused strangely. I just never noticed this before as it was sticking out raising the skin around it. The discomfort lasted about 1 1/2-2 weeks and slowly dissipated during that time. I dismissed all of this as mere coincidence as I didn’t believe in this sort of thing.

December 3, 2016 – 1:37am: I was asleep in my bed. My wife had moved back in with me (we had been separated for about 8 years) along with her two dogs (Chihuahuas; Alex-the white one who slept between us and CC-the black one who slept on my wife’s side of the bed). I awoke suddenly to the sensation of floating above the bed. Immediately I felt the drop and landed on Alex, who was under the covers (both times, I landed above the covers). She yelped very loudly and woke everyone up in the house. My wife asked, “what happened?” “I don’t know,” I replied. “I landed on the dog. Was I floating above the bed?” She replied that she didn’t know as she reached for Alex to comfort her. The next morning, I felt this discomfort in my ear which lasted about 4 1/2 weeks. Once again it didn’t hurt, it just felt like an earache that wouldn’t go away.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I was on duty at the MCAS Quantico air station as a Weather Observer. Shortly after 2200, which is when the field closed for operation, the air traffic controller squawked down that he had landing lights approaching from the south and they couldn’t make radio contact with the aircraft, the tower requested the base ops people to alert the Officer of the Day. Myself, my watch partner and a couple of base ops people went outside to have a look. There appeared to be an aircraft landing light moving from south to north on the usual landing pattern, as it got near the south end of the runway it stopped moving. We could hear no sound because the mechanics were testing the engine of a Grumman S-2 out at the south end of the field. The OOD arrived within minutes and made the same observation. For approximately ten minutes all of us were watching and wondering what was going on, we all pretty much assumed it was a helicopter due to the hover, and could not hear engine noise due to the noise of the S-2 engine run up. The craft then started to accelerate going north, up the Potomac, as it passed to our east it was perfectly silowetted below a broken layer of Stratocumulus at approx. 1500 feet which was nicely backlit by a full or 3/4 moon.

We saw a triangular craft with a white light on the nose, a standard red light on the port tip and a blue light on the right tip. It accelerated straight north up the river and was gone in seconds. The OOD separated all of us witnesses and had us write up what we saw, apparently we all saw the same thing because the write ups were in agreement. The OOD then took all of our reports and, turned them in to the Air Base intelligence office. He had also instructed us not to talk about this incidence. It’s now many years later and I’ve always been curious as to what happened to those reports and what if any actions were taken by the Marine Corps in this regard. This was witnessed by myself, my watch partner in the weather office, two Marines from Base Operations, three or four air traffic controllers and the OOD who was a Presidential White Top Marine-One pilot.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.


Ken, I took these pix on July 30, 2018 in Sebring Florida at the break of dawn. My wife and a I were visiting her aunt and I was loading up the car to leave for St. Augustine, Florida. I saw this anomaly in the sky and had to take some pix. No-one can explain them to me. It looks like the light is coming from inside the anomaly. At the break of dawn, it appeared to shoot through a hole in the sky causing the unusual ring. Any thoughts?

KEN’S NOTE:  Looks like a possible portal in the sky.  Amazing photos from a Ufologist in Florida Dan Lewandowski.




Hi Ken : I was sky watching at Teignmouth when I spotted an approaching passenger plane so I zoomed in to take a photograph and I was amazed to see that the plane was surrounded by lots of different sized UFOs. I was utterly astonished by what I was seeing I counted at least eight UFOs around the passenger plane. All of the UFOs were white and they all appeared to have a strange glow to them. The way these UFOs were moving proved to me that they were definitely under intelligent control. One of the larger UFOs passed directly under the right wing of the passenger plane while the smaller UFOs went to the front and the tail section of the plane. I could not believe that the larger UFO had passed by the planes powerful rolls royce engine with out being sucked in. It proves for sure that these UFOs were not any airborne debris.

While I had been watching this amazing event unfold through my camera’s viewfinder I had also been taking photographs. The camera was set to burst mode allowing me to capture four photographs of these strange UFOs as they had moved around the passenger plane. After taking the photographs I watched as the plane and the UFOs flew off in to the distance. I am now seeing a lot of UFO activity in Teignmouth and surrounding areas. I wonder what the reason could be behind this sudden increase in activity it really is fascinating. The photographs were taken on the 22nd of ‎July ‎2018, 3:33 PM at Teignmouth Devon England. All the best John.



After studying these objects for the last 3 years, first seen in March 2015, I am finally getting good pics. Since the 4th of July fireworks season, there have been 6-10 objects visible each night in my area. I had been out, already recording several objects on this clear night with moon setting early, on the opposite side of sky from my area. I was looking to the SE, and a white star-like object was moving toward the north. Initial Az 115 deg, elv 90 deg; object moved fast past Vega (Lyra)to the north. Brightness about +2 magnitude.

The object’s apparent size a little larger than a star. Photo shows 4 white circular lights arranged in a square, its own light source, not reflecting light. Surface is reddish. Like the other objects I observed, it appears to have its own light source, is tumbling and rotating through the sky, is only about altitude 2-5 miles (supported by detail obtained with low power equipment- LEO satellites at least 50 miles up), has no solar panels, has apparent metal structure. This one gradually descends while moving north; just after Cygnus it turned to the NW and headed toward the North Star (Polaris). It took 90 seconds to go from the SE horizon to passing over my roof and disappearing from sight in the NW. Final Az 4 deg, elv 45 deg (over roof).

Again, at the end of the video I turned the infrared on/off so as to see the roof line of my building (white) for size comparison. (Turning on infrared turns video to black & white.) Not a commercial satellite; altitude to low, size and brightness too large (need binoculars to see LEO and higher satellites in my less than dark sky), moved too fast. Continued to see several others on this night, not videoed, but flashing light at them. Some respond by stopping, turning around, and even hovering nearby for extended time. Magnitude appears proportionate to velocity.



On about June 4th at just after 6pm, I was headed to my girlfriends house in Hampton Va. I pulled up to the intersection to make a left turn to head to Jefferson Ave.  I was waiting for a car to pass when I saw a disc shaped object gliding from my left to right. It was only about 50 or 60 ft from the ground. It was at a 45 degree angle and appeared transparent. I could only see it because the sunlight was reflecting off of ridges that looked to go around it. I thought it was a reflection of a car or something as I watched it glide through the air, but as it came into a treeline across from me, I saw it just below the tree tops. I knew it was not a reflection when I could see it behind the tree tops. I took a right turn instead and attempted to watch it come out on Turnberry Blvd. But when I got down there and turned onto the street. I waited but could not see it come out from the trees. This event only lasted about 7-10 seconds at best. I know It was a disc and that it appeared to be between 4-8 ft in Diameter. I live next to an airport, about a quarter mile, and that it the direction in which it came. I regret I was alone and could not have another witness.I have not seen anything like it since. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Awake at 2 am and spotted bouncing ball of light over my blueberry field. Captured 2 minutes and 40 seconds of video containing a stationary “ball of light” once zoomed in and frame stopped, it appears to be a meteor that “stayed still” can not wrap our heads around this. Most amazing and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Then stopped recording and it remained stationary until I fell asleep. No sightings of meteor landings in my area this morning. over my blueberry field. Captured 2 minutes and 40 seconds of video containing a stationary “ball of light” once zoomed in and frame stopped, it appears to be a meteor that “stayed still” can not wrap our heads around this. Most amazing and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Then stopped recording and it remained stationary until I fell asleep. No sightings of meteor landings in my area this morning. Case is under investigation by State Section Director Bob Spearing of MUFON New Jersey.



Taking place on the evening of November 25, 1964, just north of the small hamlet of New Berlin, NY (nearest large city – Oneonta – 25 miles away) Mrs. Kathy Hatzenbuhler and her mother-in-law were witnesses to the whole startling event across from her property on New York State Route 80.  The most astounding part of this encounter of “high strangeness” was, of course, the humanoid figures trying to repair the grounded UFO. As Mrs. Hatzenbuhler described them: “they seemed to be dressed in something like a skin diver’s wetsuit.” It was a dark color and their hands were visible… out from the wrist of the suit. Their skin was lighter than the suit that they were wearing. They were built like men… the only difference [was that they] were slightly taller… between 6 1/2 and 8 feet tall… they seemed to have hair like we do, although their hair wasn’t long… it seemed to be well barbered, fairly close to their heads.” After the second UFO approached and landed just beyond the first one, five more figures exited it to join the crew working on the first object. Mrs. H watched through her powerful field glasses as almost all of them worked hard to cut long sections of what appeared to be “heavy dark cable.”  Hazenbuhler felt quite safe watching the whole procedure, but her mother-in-law grew quite frightened. They both considered calling the authorities, but decided against it as they felt that the police or sheriff might end up harassing the “alien men.” Also, both ladies later told investigators that they felt that “the men” were watching THEM closely the whole time.

The crews from both ships worked non-stop for four hours trying to re-fit the contraption they had removed from the one craft, back up into place. Three attempts failed, but on the fourth try they succeeded. Hatzenbuhler explained what she saw after that: “I could see them quickly pick up everything they could pick up and the men who had come down from the vehicle above them on the hill ran back with the materials up there.  These men were running with something extremely heavy – (like) two men with a toolbox – one that required two men to carry. There were at least two more toolboxes, [and] there were two men who were laboriously running [and] it looked like they were picking up cable pieces [that] these other men had left. They ran up the hill with them and [then]… I didn’t see them anymore.” Then, around 4:55 AM, the whole episode abruptly came to an end. The vehicle on the uppermost part of the hill left first. “It went straight up… almost like an instantaneous disappearance in the direction it had come from – south / southwest,” Hatzenbuhler recalled. “A minute later the other vehicle rose straight up, went to the crest of the hill, rose a little further again and shot off in the same direction, at the same speed. And that was it.”  The next day curiosity got the better of her and she and her husband (a chemical engineer) made their way up to the area where the craft had landed. There they found two sets of evenly spaced triangular depressions, fourteen inches wide and around eighteen inches deep. But they also found something else that amazed them both; there sitting on the ground in full sight was “an apparent piece of cable.” NOTE: The above mage is CGI




I was on the roof of a hotel relaxing and talking with two lady friends, facing NW. They sat across the table from me. Suddenly I spotted a bright orange light about 45 deg above the horizon and moving toward us. It moved slowly, so at first I thought it was a helicopter, but there was no noise at all. Generally the only aircraft we see in the sky over Nazareth are either military jets or helicopters, but they bear conventional lights, which this object did not. I got the impression that it had some kind of structure, as the light was not round or symmetric. It grew brighter, even quite bright, as it passed overhead maybe 500 ft up. It then passed through 90 degrees or straight over us to the SE. Before it was occluded by the higher structure of the hotel roof behind me it faded out. I was quite calm at first until I realized it had no green or red light and therefore was not a jet or helicopter. Then I was suddenly excited (but tried to remain subdued) and called my friends attention to the light. They both turned around and looked up and saw it and asked, “What is it?” They suggested “airplane” or “helicopter”, but I pointed out that nothing that flies at night over Israel is orange. Also nothing in the sky simply fades out. I was disturbed when it faded out, for nothing that I know does that. I had no good explanation for what we saw. I never thought of taking a photo with my Israeli cell phone, which can do that, but in low quality. I still have no explanation for the light or for my own inability to think of photographing it.  NOTE: The above image is real but from an Indiana sighting. This case is under investigation by International Director of Israel Ken Pfeifer.



I was driving with my 4 years old child to the Settlements supermarket, when he suddenly asked me to tell him what was the object that was flying up in front of us. I looked forward an up, and then I told him that I didn’t know, and after watching closely I told him that It was a UFO. He didn’t fully understand because his short age, and when I was watching I was trying to explain it to him. Suddenly It changed It’s form and then some light balls appeared circling it, I realize then that It really didn’t change It’s form, but what happened is that It opened Itself then the lights get inside It and then It closed Itself again. We watched It moving a little, like hovering, and then It slowly began going up, then It apparently stopped and then it began moving on the same altitude, because we saw It as It begin to shrink, until It disappeared. I make an anonymous post in the local weekly news sheet asking to contact me If someone watch something strange in the sky that day. A very religious lady contact me telling that she saw something “strange” that look like some kind of weird bird, but that she noticed that It was not exactly a bird. She didn’t have an idea that maybe was about an UFO what she saw and asked me to keep her informed. This is not the first time I saw an UFO. The first time was a child, together with my parents and 2 of my siblings. The second time was in 1986 over Mexico City, and I saw It together with a taxi driver. The last time was almost 2 years ago, here, in the same settlement that I’m describing this sighting. It’s very weird that took me too long to “officially” report about this, and more strange taking on account that I start getting very interested and reading a lot about the UFO’s since my first experience watching them.  NOTE: The above image is CGI. This case is under investigation by International Director of Israel Ken Pfeifer.



At that time I was in the Israeli army deployed next to the Syrian border. It was winter time and I was assigned to a patrol on the road along the security fence. We were heading north at speed of 15 mph as suddenly I saw a spot of orange light moving in the clouds. I was facing west holding a machine gun, observing this spot moving in exactly the same speed as our vehicle. It felt like it had been following us for more than 10 minutes so I asked the commander to slow down because I see something strange in the sky. As we arrived to a full stop, the light stopped moving as well, emerged from the clouds and revealed itself a a flying disc. It grew larger and hovered above a field, spinning around itself while swinging from side to side. Its dome was covered with blinking lights colored in orange light. It hovered around 20 minutes as all of the sudden it flew up into the clouds in a straight line and vanished. A few moments later, it was reported to be seen 30 miles north. This event occurred 20 years ago but it has been bothering me until now. Thanks  NOTE: The above image is CGI. This case is under investigation by International Director for Israel Ken Pfeifer.


MUFON Case # 29384

Submitted Date: 2011-06-04

Event Date: 2003-03-16

City: Leakesville

State: Mississippi

Shape: Other

Distance: Over one mile

Summary: Giant Jellyfish

I was awakened by the telephone. It was my mother, a 20 year special ed teacher, calling. She was very upset and wanted me to go outside and see if I could see anything in the sky. I was talking to her as I walked outside and looked around the sky. Looking to the northeast it was unmistakeable. A huge Jellyfish or squid looking object was in the sky. I was immediately scared as I knew it was no flying object man made. The object was huge. It had 8-10 long tentacles is the best way to describe it. They where waiving back and forth and had lights going up and down them. I would say the object was no more than 5-10 miles high. I went and woke a friend who was staying at my house and we both sat and watched as what appeared to be little craft flying in and out of the largest craft. I was almost brought to tears as I watched and knew that we in fact were not alone. My mother called the sherriff station and was only laughed at. My mother was approx. 4 miles away from me and we talked on the phone as we both witnessed this event. The Jellyfish made no maneuvers other than the tentacles waving back and forth until just before sun up. As the sun rose the lights on the tentacles began to pulsate brighter and the craft slowly faded from sight. That night made me a firm believer in life from outside our planet. It was a very scary event, as well as a life changing event. I have searched intensily on the internet to find a video or picture of what I saw. If you know of such media, please let me know at the email I have provided. Thank you.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



One hot night in Morristown, NJ during the summer of 2017 (I believe sometime in July) I was sitting on my deck reading. It was dusk, with the sun having dipped below the horizon, but still not very dark. Behind my deck and backyard there is a wooded patch which extends along the back of the houses on my side of the street then opens up into a larger tract of woods.

Being very serene and peaceful back there, I often glance up into the woods and just take in nature. That night was no different as I looked up to view the darkening green leaves as the day slowly dissolved into night. But this time there was something else. I was sitting at an angle so my line of sight was toward my neighbors’ property and the treeline there. That’s where I saw a strange light formation seemingly float out from the woods. At first I though it was the last rays of sunlight drifting through the foliage before the sun’s reach was extinguished for the night. However, this thought was dispelled when I realized that whatever it was was clearly a separate object having nothing to do with the evening sun.

The best I can describe it is that it looked like the screen of a window, comprised of squares in neat rows, or like the design on a typical waffle. It was about eight feet tall and six feet wide. It appeared to have some thickness but not much, perhaps a few inches. It wasn’t a perfect rectangle but had uneven sides, like if someone used a knife to cut out a patch of screen from a window leaving jagged edges all the way around. As for the color, it was a golden-cream which shimmered slightly. I perceived it as having some kind of electric charge as it seemed to emit a light of its own and the bars that comprised it appeared to be “static-like” with no stark definition. The edges of these bars almost reminded me of the edges of a lightsaber but a bit more fuzzy if that makes sense. The bars themselves had the visual of the old static “snow” on TV, but instead of black and white it was gold, cream, and brown, and I could swear I saw specks of blue in there too.

After it emerged from the trees it drifted to my right, toward my backyard. When it got to about the property line it stopped, hovered for a couple of seconds, then, like it threw itself into reverse, slowly melted back into the trees. When this happened it was no more than 30 feet from me. As it backed up I saw leaves come through the open squares in the object like branches might poke through a trellis. The entire time there was no noise. I ran down the stairs of my deck and across my yard to the treeline and spot where it re-entered the woods. Peering in I saw nothing. I have no idea what I saw that night. – Keith in NJ  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Shortly after 3 am in the early hours of 2nd September 1990, half a dozen strange brightly lit crafts moved silently over the skies of Megas Platanos in Greece. Several people witnessed the events – mainly shepherds and local residents. As all looked on from their various vantage points, it was clear to each that one of the apparent UFOs was flying erratically. Trantos Karatranjos, a shepherd working in the area would state to investigators that the erratic flying UFO suddenly “crashed to the ground”, freefalling and landing around 500 meters from where he stood. He could see flames and fires spreading to bushes nearby. Nevertheless, he remained where he was, thinking it unwise to get any closer. It was a decision that, in retrospect, was correct.  The remaining five crafts were now hovering over the crippled object. Suddenly, two of them began a calm descent to the ground close to the crash site. Karatranjos soon realized the fires were no longer burning and assumed this was down to the landed UFOs.

For several hours until dawn announced the immediate onset of day, there was increased and dramatic activity from the crash site to the skies overhead. Several strange, small lights seemed to “dive” down, hover for several moments, and then bounce back upwards. One witness described these as “light spots”. Investigators would theorize these lights were likely part of an “alien retrieval” team.  While only a handful of witnesses saw events unfold in their entirety, numerous people had awakened before dawn and many of them witnessed the “retrieval lights” performing their apparent duties. 

Scorch Marks and Wreckage

As daylight took over, a small group of local residents ventured to the spot of all the activity. They noticed a dark, burned oval shape on the ground. Witnesses to this makeshift investigation would state how the edge of the oval was extremely acute “as if it had been cut with a knife”. They also discovered tiny pieces of “metallic remains” and “small wires”. Many witnesses took small parts home with them as souvenirs. Their whereabouts today, however, is largely unknown.  It is almost certain, at least according to local witnesses, that some of the remains went to the Hellenic (Greek) Air Force, who would arrive to “investigate” the scene for themselves a little later in the morning. Witnesses recall them taking what little remains were left with them.  They would make an official statement that what they had witnessed was a “Soviet satellite” or a “small plane”. Of course, to those who witnessed the events close up, this was nonsense. What they saw, they believed, was certainly not a satellite or a helicopter.  While the incident in Megas Platanos is arguably one of the most intriguing and talked about Greek UFO sightings, there have been several other equally intriguing encounters in the 2000s. And what’s more, these sightings appear to be increasing in this part of the world today.NOTE: The above image is CGI.




It was about 2:30-3:00 AM last night (7/10/2018), and we were on this road in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. The road is called 52nd street, we were just outside of the airport and in the countryside. I looked to my left and I see about 100 feet out. It was was the front of this large Manta Ray shaped object frozen in midair on a 45 degree slant. The front of the object was white and had this ring surrounding the top of the craft. It had this green light circling through it and as we were driving. We saw the back side and it had these huge white lights and they were in a pyramid shape, very symmetrical looking. As we continued driving, it did not move from the spot that I spotted it at. I didn’t really believe in UFO’s and other extraterrestrial things but this thing was clear as day and one of the most technologically advanced craft I have ever seen in my life. It was the most shocking this I’ve ever seen on this planet. SD  NOTE: The above image is CG.



The lady told me she saw an unusual object in the night sky on July 31, 2003 in Kelowna, BC. She also told me she has a habit of glancing up into the sky as she has a beautiful view of the stars and it is very dark in her area. On this night the woman had already turned in, but couldn’t sleep due to how warm it was in her home. The lady got up out of bed and went outside for some weird reason and when outside the lady looked towards the south. As the witness sat out looking around she spotted something, her thoughts were there shouldn’t be any airplanes out here at this time of night, but there was something very strange. She watched an object traveling from east to west and described the object as being almond in shape and a luminas green in color. The witness also reports only seeing one green light.

The lady reports that from their location, which was not at all far away from the two ladies who experienced the missing time, something very strange took place. She brought out her camera to take some pictures, but as she tried to take her photos, the camera would not work. It went dead! Also she reports that the evening was warm, and she could hear coyotes cutting up. But soon they became silent, and so did everything else around them including the crickets which were making some noise. She said it was if someone had clicked off a switch. The air went from a nice sweet smelling night to a musty cold in this dead silence.

Also this witness said that two nights ago a person telephoned the radio station (CKOV) on an open line call in program and reported seeing a streak of light, and at the front of this streak a round ball was noted and the caller reported “it” had landed somewhere in South East Kelowna in the exact area where the green object had been witnessed, also where the two ladies had their missing time event. – NUFORC / HBCC UFO Research  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I was talking to my cousin on the phone when I watched it go by my bedroom windows to the south . It was traveling to my east heading north going slow right above the tree line. I jumped out of my chair and told my cousin I see a ufo and she didn’t believe me and then I pulled up my camera and got three photos of it back to back with one of them zoomed in. It was an oval racetrack shape solid glow. What caught my attention is that I am a pilot and you never see that color glow, especially since there was no beacon. I’m personally positive this is a ufo but please feel free to prove me wrong! I don’t mind my information being released until after the experts deem it is legitament UFO evidence. Thank you! Contact me anytime! This case is under investigation by Star Team Investigator Glenn Green of MUFON New Jersey.



“I’m just gonna get right into it. I never thought I’d share this story. This happened about 25 years ago when I was 18 in 1993. I’ve lived here in Washington, in the Clark County area my whole life except for time I lived in Utah for three years. My father had been a teacher and in the summer time we would haul horses at night. And in a little town, Orchards, up in Vancouver. We had about ten acres up there and we were buddied up to another 20 acres on one side and another 20 acres on the other. So there was about 50 acres around our farm and we had about 22 horses out there at the time.

Well, we were hauling horses in the middle of the night in the summer time and we were coming home from Ephrata. And we started getting toward our area…and again, this was a tiny town, Orchards, at this time. Narrow two lane road and we saw this huge glow. At first my father thought our house was on fire and he started freaking out. My mom was freaking out. And there were two others in the car, myself and a friend of mine. And as we got closer we thought the field was on fire. My dad started screaming that the field was on fire. This was like half a mile away. This is the whole area and we thought, one of our houses is on fire. As we got closer, we pulled into our driveway and our farm goes about two hundred yards, the driveway, it was a long driveway, and in the back we had 22 horses underneath this huge light… and all I can tell you, it was like this huge heat-lamp spotlight. My mom started freaking out. My dad was honking the horn.

If you know anything about horses, horses just don’t sit there and do nothing – all 22 of our horses were standing underneath this light as still as can be. We hadn’t cut the field yet so the grass was a foot high. There was no movement in the grass. My dad started just hauling ass down the gravel driveway to get to the horses. He was honking his horn and the horses would not move. We got out, we jumped out, and next thing we know – and I mean, this thing was huge. It took up the entire field. The entire ten acres. It was enormous! It was over our house. It was over the field but the light was coming down on our horses. All of a sudden this thing just… This is the best way I can describe it, it goes up about 150 yards and it starts going at a 45 degree angle, and it stops. It stops a little ways up there. The Air Force were flying a lot of F-16s still – there were fighter jets all over our house, like low flying… low enough to shake our barn. And this thing, it was still so bright, it was lighting up the entire farm community at 3 o’clock in the morning. Next thing we know, this thing just went, you know, 45 degree, right past a plane and… gone! I turned to my dad. My dad looked at me and he goes, ‘We won’t ever talk about this again.’

Now that I’m in my 40s. I’m not afraid of my dad anymore and I don’t care what people think. It’s something that my dad said, ‘We’re not gonna talk about it,’ you know what I mean? ‘People will think you’re crazy.’ (Lewis asks about the horses) So we went and checked them and that’s the first thing we did. After this thing took off, we went out to check our herd. We pulled the horses in and their eyes were huge and dilated. You know how when an animal stares into a light and their eyes will dilate really bad? So, all of our horses were like that. And horses, when they stand still when they’re terrified, their muscles will vibrate and shake really bad and that’s all they did. They didn’t run. They just stood out there and their muscles were shaking. We had to go out there. We had to calm them down and give them grain. It took a good half hour to get them to stop shaking and then they just started moving around like normal. We thought… We didn’t know what the heck had happened out there and to this day I still can’t believe it.

I’m a teacher. I’m the most practical guy in the world and I still can’t believe what I saw to this day. Again, my dad told me, ‘We don’t talk about this. We don’t say anything about it.’ Like I said, there were fighter jets and helicopters all over our farmland down in Orchards for a good hour and a half, just doing fly-bys over and over and over all night. You never think Orchards. When I looked at the light it was almost like looking at a flash burn of a welder. You couldn’t look at it. It hurt. And so I was shielding my eyes, kinda looking down at the horses and the grass. Now if they had any kind of a thruster or an engine, I mean the grass would have been moving and when this thing went into the air, the grass was as still as could be, I mean aside from a light breeze. And this thing was huge! I’m talking at least a couple hundred yards across, spanning our entire and our neighbor’s acres. I honestly have no idea what that was or what happened that night.” NOTE: The above image is cgi.


JULY 1, 2018 ………..VERNAL UTAH

Hi! So the other night I was so excited I just had to tell everyone that I took a photo of a UFO. Now, I’m finally getting the chance to report it (I have another to report as well from the night or two after this one). What I did was blew it up 400%, then also left it at the size which it was took along with the camera data, focal length etc. I would LOVE TO KNOW if this is an actual UFO or something else. Maybe someone out there familiar with lots of craft could verify if this is an actual craft? I don’t see how it couldn’t be where in the un-zoomed photo, it is definitely not a star, a satellite (I checked & it’s not the space station) etc. Which leads me to believe it is an actual craft. Since that night (which was my first night taking photos of the sky with the specific goal of shooting UFO’s & to be honest I really wasn’t expecting to get anything with a 300mm lens) & since that night I have gone out every night since (took this photo on the 1st, today is the 3rd) & have actually gotten other photos of suspicious objects as well. I would also like to say, I did not alter these ONE BIT, other than zooming the one & cropping the other. I am not trying to pull a hoax, I simply want the truth. I personally can’t wait for the day when we get full disclosure, until then I keep hoping. Anyways, if you KNOW (as in KNOW 100% KNOW), please let us all know. I am very interested in finding out.


In the late evening of 2nd November 1989, on what was already a cold Russian winter night, the temperature in the truck of Oleg Kirzhakov and Nikolai Baranchikov suddenly plummeted even lower. So low, in fact, it was now well below freezing. They were making their way to Moscow .That was until they came up against road repairs near the Emtza Train Station in the Archangelsk region of Russia. In front of them were huge piles of gravel, sand, and machines.  Oleg would make a turn onto a lonely dirt road instead of turning back. As they made their way down the deathly silent roadway a sudden bend came, forcing Oleg to pull the wheel to his left. As he did so, the headlights of his vehicle briefly reflected back from a huge metallic structure now slightly ahead and to his right-hand side. Although there was various construction equipment about the immediate area due to the road repairs, there was something different about this particular piece of machinery.  As the truck got to just short of a hundred feet of the shining object its engines suddenly cut out. The large, multi-wheeled vehicle coasted to a halt in front of another bend in the road. Although the engine was dead, the back-up power supply still allowed the headlights to shine. In front of them were trees, their view of the mysterious object now obscured. Oleg asked his colleague to remain with the vehicle while he went to take a closer look.

“Increased Resistance” From The Air

Almost immediately after stepping foot outside the cabin of the truck, Oleg noticed how the atmosphere felt strange. As he moved closer to where the object was he began to experience “increased resistance”, as if the air itself was becoming thick and hard to walk against. In fact, so intense was this feeling of resistance that Oleg would turn back, fearing he would become paralyzed if he went any further.  Instead, he went back to the front of the truck and would attempt a different route to reach the strange object. However, despite getting to within thirty feet of it, the same feeling of intense pressure from the atmosphere would prevent him going any further. He remained at this distance and began to take in as much detail from the strange craft as he could. He was now in no doubt whatsoever that this was something from another world and not machinery for the road repair. The object was a huge disc shape. He estimated it to be around 140-feet across and in the middle, on the top, was a dome-shape. Around the thick edge of the craft were what appeared to be portholes although no lights shined from inside. He could also see two “legs” reaching to the ground from the underside of the craft.  Oleg continued to stare at the silvery disc. It appeared to be completely deserted. Then, out of nowhere in front of his face, a red-dotted line glimmered in the air/

The Communication Screen

The strange, glowing, red line began to form a screen in front of him which floated at head height. Letters began to appear on it. Oleg remembers the phrase was “burning fire” although he had no idea what message it was conveying. As Oleg moved his focus he quickly realized that the screen would follow so it was constantly in front of him.  On the screen, words would appear. As if reading his mind, it was only when Oleg had read and understood them, that a different word would appear. He realized these words were making up an instruction. After several moments, he returned to the truck where his colleague watched with a look of fear and confusion on his face. Once there, he retrieved a box of matches from the cabin and the bottle of pure alcohol they used as anti-freeze in the blistering cold conditions. He then slammed the door shut, leaving Nikolai inside and returning to the spot he had just come from.  This time as he walked there was none of the resistance he experienced previously, and the air felt normal around him. He quickly gathered together a small pile of dry leaves and poured some of the alcohol on top of them. He then struck a match and dropped it onto the pile, watching as the flames ate up the alcohol and engulfed the leaves.  It was then that he saw a ramp leading to a passageway inside the craft. And the dark, shadowy figure approaching him from inside it.

Shadowy Figure “Like A Dark Mass”

As the shadowy figure continued to approach, Oleg felt a surge of fear run through him and stepped backward. As he did so he tripped and stumbled into a nearby ditch. He regained his balance but deciding the ditch made as safe a place as any to view the events from he remained where he was. The dark figure, which Oleg would describe as a “dark mass which reminded me of a bag or a sack” continued forward. It would sway slightly as it moved. The shadow descended down the ramp and towards the pile of burning leaves. It remained still for several moments before reaching down and “picking up the box of matches”. With the same swaying motion, it then returned to the ramp and back on board the craft. Oleg pulled himself out of the ditch and then stood again at the side of the road, watching the dark mass disappear inside the silver disc. He could see his colleague watching events unfold from inside the truck, a look of absolute fright on his face. Nevertheless, he remained where he was, eager to see what would happen next, despite his own fear simmering inside.  Almost as soon as he began to think about approaching the ship and getting a closer look at it, the screen appeared again. An invitation to enter appeared in front of him. After a second or two, Oleg stepped forward towards the metallic disc.

An Invitation To Board The Craft

As he approached he could see that what he thought were portholes or windows were actually openings into the craft. Behind each one was something akin to a wire grid. As he was examining the legs upon which the craft stood, a tube-like tunnel emerged straight downwards from the underside. He moved closer to it and reached forward with his hand, noting how it felt “cold and metallic” to touch.  He reached forward a little more and grabbed the tube, intent on using it to pull himself up. However, as soon as full contact was made with it, he found himself stood in the opening of the ship. As he stood taking in his surroundings, another message appeared on the screen in front of him. He was not to be afraid, and he should enter the ship. He stepped forward into a strange corridor. The floor was completely flat as you would expect. However, from there the walls and the ceiling formed a rough, circular shape, like an arched tunnel. There were no doors, at least none that he could see. He continued onwards. At the end of the corridor, he could suddenly make out a “shimmering light”. As he approached this light he could see that it opened out into a “large hall” which was contained within a domed ceiling. Around the edges of this hall were several other doorways like the one he had just emerged from, and on top of the dome was a bluish light. On the walls inside this large domed room were several panels of flashing lights. Then he saw two dark “bags” on the opposite side of the hall. It was then he realized these bags were actually the dark shadowy entities like the one he had seen outside the craft.

Answers To Thought Questions

As questions would come up in Oleg’s mind, the answers would automatically appear on the screen in front of his sight. They would also appear directly in his mind. For example, he asked what the dark rooms he could see at the side of the room were for. An answer immediately came back to him that they were “3-dimensional information screens”. He would go inside and images of other ships in space appeared on the screens all around him. Following this demonstration, he went back into the large hall. He could see several desk-like objects with control panels and buttons on them. They glowed a variety of colors. As he looked upwards he could see various symbols on the ceiling of the craft. Although he couldn’t make out any intricate detail, he could make out the different shapes such as circles, triangles, and many with combinations of many others. Then the question of who these entities were and where they were from entered his mind. As it did, the lighting above grew dim. Then, as if on an invisible screen, a star map flashed up before him “just like in a planetarium”.  As he looked intently at this futuristic star map in an attempt to find anything that might look even vaguely familiar, he noticed a certain star pulsing and glowing. It then grew larger as if being brought forward for him to view. This was obviously their home system. He looked at it for several more seconds before it faded away and blue light returned the domed room back to its original lighting. When he asked where that star was, the answer came back, “This is in your galaxy”.

A Torrent Of Information

From there the questions kept appearing in his head. As did the answers. While Oleg would not remember everything by the time the encounter was over, much of what he was told did stick in his mind. For example, the ship he was on at the moment was part of a “scouting mission”. Furthermore, it used “electromagnetic fields” to operate.  After a third entity entered the hall, it would seem that the session was to come to an end. When Oleg asked if he was likely to see the visitors again he was told if he was even in danger, they would “locate him within fifteen seconds”.  He backed out of the hall and back into the corridor. And ultimately back towards the tube which led him outside. As he reached the truck, he could see Nikolai outside, watching and waiting for him.

Intriguing, If Perplexing!

As he turned back to the area of the ship he could see that the ramp had disappeared, and the legs were no longer there. He also noticed that two other cars had arrived near their stalled truck. Both he and Nikolai, as well as the drivers of the two cars, looked on and watched the disc, now just a light overhead, disappear into the night sky. Emotional and visibly moved by the experience, Oleg was unable to talk for several minutes. When he looked at his watch, despite the experience seeming to last much longer, only twenty minutes had passed. For the rest of the journey back to Moscow, Nikolai would take charge of driving duties. They would not report the incident to their superiors or the authorities. Mainly for fear of losing their jobs or even arrest. They did, however, speak to Russian UFO researcher and investigator, Dr. Valery Mikhailovich, who would ultimately bring the encounter to the attention of the wider UFO community. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Was a late evening, going up to bed, normally I look outside and lift the blinds before going to bed. I like to see the night sky and stars. Relaxes me. Was approximately 2 am. Bright orange/yellow light caught my eye on the south side, towards the lake. Intense light, not bluish like the stars. Did not see plane lights or anything to indicate that it was a plane. Hovered and was quite large. Not a helicopter, no sound, at that time of the night didn’t think it would be a helicopter. Maybe a meteor; however, did not fall, instead moved directions.

The object itself was sideways and then turned itself. Glowed more around the base. It was dome shaped on top and wider around the bottom. Did not know what it could be. So I got my 35 mm camera, zoomed in and started snapping photos. To be honest, when I looked at the photos, it almost appears that there is something or someone in it. Very odd. I checked online to see if anyone had reported a sighting that evening, it was late and then went to bed. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. Checked next day still nothing, but I thought I should report this.



Hi Ken : I was sky watching when I spotted a large round translucent object moving at speed across the sky. I tracked the object across the sky and watched as it changed direction several times before it headed in the direction of a passenger plane. The round translucent object then passed right in front of the passenger plane before flying off into the distance. I managed to take two photographs of this amazing aerial encounter with my Nikon P900 camera. I bet the pliots had a real shock seeing this object pass right in front of them like that. The photographs were taken on the ‎22nd of ‎June ‎2018, ‏‎1:39: PM at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.

KENS NOTE: John Mooner is the Chief Investigator and photographer for World UFO Photos. I feel he is the leading researcher in finding and photographing these alien objects in the sky.


Argentina: Three Children Abducted by a UFO

A shocking case that was not very well known at the time, or whose information was concealed, took place is 1997 in the vicinity of the Concordia, Entre Rios (Argentina). Three children were supposedly abducted by aliens, the crew of an unidentified flying object (UFO) before the frightened eyes of their parents and neighbors.

In the field of UFO phenomena, abductions, that is to say, the kidnapping of human beings by extraterrestrials, occur with far greater frequency than we can imagine, despite the fact that such information is concealed or belittled. One of these spectacular case took place in late 1997 in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of Concordia, Entre Rios, when three small children were taken aboard an extraterrestrial craft and discovered the wonders of the universe in a journey that took three days until they were returned home, according to civilian authorities and researchers who looked into the spectacular abduction case. Since the protagonists were three small children, little importance and credibility was given to their story. But earnest investigation followed and the authenticity of their story was confirmed.

Rodrigo Ortiz, a special investigator for the Concordia Police Department, said: “adults lie, teenagers lie, but these children are too small to lie, at least in this way. We are sure that they spent three days aboard a spacecraft piloted by alien beings. They really traveled into space and saw stars. They even thought God was taking them to heaven, according to their childish reasoning. Emilio and Carmen Molero, the children’s parents, said that following the event, they were contacted by researcher Armando Azparén, who saw the story in the newspapers and was able to talk to the children: Andres, 9, Jorge, 8 and Carlos, 7 after their incredible experience.

“The three were playing with other neighbor children,” says Azparén, “in a property located next to his home. His mother was nearby and was able to hear when all the kids began shouting in an unusual way. She went out to see what was happening and saw how an enormous golden ship, with an approximate diameter of 25 meters, was suspended over the group of children. Carmen cried out for her husband, seized by fear, but neither parent could do anything. Suddenly — according to the parents and three neighbors who saw it all – a beam of light came out of the UFO, covering the three siblings, and lifted them to its interior.

The woman became hysterical and the husband was terrified as he watched the craft taking his offspring away, as it vanished from sight almost instantly. The siblings do not know how long they spent aboard the flying saucer, as they did not know whether it was day or night, their eyewitness account to researchers and authorities was the following: “An enormous golden craft lifted us into the air. It was driven by God; we’re certain, [as] he wore golden clothing and had long silvery hair. He was also very shiny. He was very kind and told us his name was Lalar. During the trip, he showed us the Moon and other planets in the sky.

“When we were hungry, he gave us a very a kind of very tasty white bread, which made us feel good. We were a bit afraid at first, but we got over it.”

Throughout the journey, Lalar was always very kind to the three. The craft was spacious and there were other men similar to him, although they did not glow so brightly. Before returning us to our home, Lalar scratched our faces with a white stick and then stuck some needles in our backs, but it didn’t hurt at all.” The smallest of the children, Carlos, said “there were many lights shining everywhere and they turned on and off. The gentleman who took us had a very large head and very large yellow eyes. There were many like him, but they were all our friends.”

Emilio and Carmen, the children’s parents, told the story of how the aliens returned their children unharmed. “It was Tuesday night. The police had already searched everywhere. The authorities had event sent military craft from a nearby base to comb the area. I was desperate that night and Mr. Azparén, who contacted us almost immediately, told us to remain calm, and that it was most likely that they would return our children without a scratch.”

“And that’s what happened,” said Emilio. “That night we were in the living room when it we suddenly saw the property next door light up intensely. We went out and discovered that our three children were descending from the same craft that took them away. I went to tell the police that our children had returned home.”

The following day, the Moleros took their children to the doctor, who confirmed that their boys had been subjected to certain medical tests, since the needle marks were clearly visible on their backs after returning home, and were photographed by those authorities present. Spokesmen for the aeronautical authorities involved in the case stated curtly: “We are looking into everything that happened and the facts will be made publicly known upon completion of our investigation. We hope to obtain more solid information soon, and we will disclose it.” NOTE: The above image is CGI.








It was the summer of 1995 when I was 19-years-old, living in Culpepper, Virginia. I really didn’t see an alien space craft but I was abducted. It all started when I was sleeping in my bedroom. I was sleeping on my bed when I rolled over onto my left side. I opened my eyes and saw this alien looking down on me. The alien was smoke (black) colored skin, had shiny, black reflective eyes. It was tall and slender. When I looked into the eyes of the alien, I immediately froze. I was defenseless and had no control over my body. I couldn’t even move or speak. I tried to open my mouth and scream but I couldn’t. The alien took over my neurological system, which made it difficult for me to move. The only thing that I could do was watch in horror.

The alien then lifted their hand and I suddenly saw a bright flash of light that last for about a second. I was then on what appeared to be the craft. The room (inside the craft) was really bright. I saw 3 other aliens. They had me on a hard bed which was made out of some type of smooth stone. I then watched them inject a needle that had 3 smaller needles around it, inside my right bicep. I didn’t feel any pain but I was able to feel the coldness of the needle. After the injection, an alien came over to me, lifted his hand up and a bright flash of light fulfilled my eyes. I was then back in my house, laying on my bed. I got out of bed and went into the kitchen and turned on the light. There, I observed my right arm (bicep muscle) and I saw markings (red dots) where they had injected me with their needles. I saw one dot, about 3cm and 3 smaller dots (about 1cm) that surrounded the bigger dot. This was my encounter. RR  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



During my night shift I observed three UFO objects of the same type like over Netanya one year before. But this time there were at least two helicopters and one jet aircraft. In the beginning both (one object and helicopter) moved on the circle trajectory but different altitude (ufo was higher). After that I shoot only the UFO object that flew near industrial building. Unfortunately in this time I had only HTC cellular phone in my hand. That’s why quality of the video is less than it was in Netanya. But objects were the same shape and performed the same blinking. Suddenly I saw that helicopter was fling in the close to the ufo region and it was possible to shoot them together. It was only time question. At the same time. I understand that ufo isn’t alone. In the sky were two ufo! After short time I had to came  bac k to  work  but  sometimes  I  had  watched  the sky. Helicopters disappeared. But objects not. Moreover number of ufo grow up to three! It was happened exactly year after my first meeting with ufo (20.03.2012). It was the first day of the US president Obama visit to the Israel.  NOTE: The above image is CGI. This case is under investigation by International Director Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Israel.



Me and my wife (Margareth Orlandi Boaventura) were on vacation on Easter Island. We stayed at Hotel Victoria in Hanga Roa. On March 14, 2018, we returned to the hotel and I saw a silver object entering the cloud and I warned my wife. Then my wife saw another object farther on and also disappeared into the cloud. I was able to get only one photo of the unidentified flying object at 5:23 p.m. on March 14, 2018. In the last few days we saw bright strange lights at night that were not airplanes, stars, balloons, or drones. It was strange. On the 14th we saw by day the two silver objects that reflected the light of the Sun. We would like an analysis in the photograph.


Account From The “Iron Triangle” Regiments

During a typical, cold, Chicago winter in January 1987, former private first class in the Korean War, Francis Wall, sat down with UFO investigator, John Timmerman. The story he was about to tell remains one of the most fascinating on record. Wall took Timmerman back to the spring of 1951, in war-torn Korea. Wall was serving with regiments now known as the “Iron Triangle” and was based near Chorwon. He and his unit were on the slopes of a mountain overlooking a small village. In the days previously, small units had ventured into the village to issue warnings of an upcoming attack to civilians. They believed there were militant targets in the village. On this particular evening, Wall’s unit was just about to launch that attack. “We had aerial artillery bursts coming in,” Wall told Timmerman. “We suddenly noticed on our right-hand side what appeared to be a jack-o-lantern come wafting down across the mountain”. The men continued to watch the object as it floated down gracefully, seemingly unaware of the bursts and explosions around it. Then, it started to speed up dramatically. Wall would describe it as “so quick that it could get into the center of an airburst of artillery and yet remain unharmed”. This would continue for some time, with the aerial bombardment lasting up to forty-five minutes. Then, the orange-glow would head in their direction. The light was pulsating and as it approached it changed color to an intense blue-green.  Wall would request permission from his superiors to open fire on the object. He would receive such permission.

Under Attack!

As Wall took aim and fired with the “armor-piercing” bullets of his M-1 rifle, the audible sound of his bullet striking metal proved he had hit the object. To his amazement, it began to exhibit signs of damage. Wall couldn’t understand why a lone bullet caused this reaction when the barrage of heavy artillery had seemingly no effect.  Regardless of the reasons, the strange object began to move erratically. The lights were flashing on and off in random sequences. Suddenly, after having moved in complete silence before, the sound “like diesel locomotives revving up” washed over the night air. The unit watched in silence, anticipating something, but not at all sure what. “Then”, Wall would state, “we were attacked!”  A strange ray beam came from the object in pulses, “in waves you could visually see (but) only when it was aiming directly at you”. The beam reminded him of a heavy-duty searchlight. Only, when it swept over the men, “a burning, tingling sensation (spread) all over your body”. Wall would describe this burning as “penetrating”.  Orders would sound out into the air for the men to retreat to their bunkers. Still unsure just what the strange object was, the men did as instructed. Wall would state later in no uncertain circumstances, “We were scared. We didn’t know what was about to happen”.

Mysterious Outbreak Of Illness

From the relative safety of their bunkers, Wall and the unit would use their “peepholes” to peer out at the strange object outside. It was hovering in the air, shining its light across the area as if looking for the men. And then, in a matter of a second or two, it would shoot upwards at lightning pace and was gone.  Things returned to normal for Wall and the rest of his unit, but only for so long. Three days after the incident, the entire unit became suddenly and seriously ill. Many were so weak from this sudden illness that they could no longer walk. The unit was evacuated from their positions with suspected dysentery. When doctors eventually conducted tests, however, each of the unit had white blood cell counts that Mysterious Outbreak Of Illness.  From the relative safety of their bunkers, Wall and the unit would use their “peepholes” to peer out at the strange object outside. It was hovering in the air, shining its light across the area as if looking for the men. And then, in a matter of a second or two, it would shoot upwards at lightning pace and was gone. Things returned to normal for Wall and the rest of his unit, but only for so long. Three days after the incident, the entire unit became suddenly and seriously ill. Many were so weak from this sudden illness that they could no longer walk. The unit was evacuated from their positions with suspected dysentery. When doctors eventually conducted tests, however, each of the unit had white blood cell counts that were “extremely high”. What’s more, they had no idea why this was the case.  At this time, only the unit and the unit-commander were aware of the sighting. Wall would state, “at that time, no such thing as a UFO had ever been heard of, and we didn’t know what it was”. Fearing “they’d lock every one of us up”, the men would decide not to mention their sighting in their usual daily reports. Nor did they mention it upon admittance to the military hospital following their sudden illness.  Although all the men would recover eventually, according to Walls, he and the ones he still knows continue to suffer from memory loss, disorientation, and difficulty maintaining weight. Officially Walls (in 1987) is “retired and disabled”. It is hard not to think the sudden illness, and the lifelong “conditions” Wall and the rest of the men suffered was linked to their bizarre UFO encounter.were “extremely high”. What’s more, they had no idea why this was the case.  At this time, only the unit and the unit-commander were aware of the sighting. Wall would state, “at that time, no such thing as a UFO had ever been heard of, and we didn’t know what it was”. Fearing “they’d lock every one of us up”, the men would decide not to mention their sighting in their usual daily reports. Nor did they mention it upon admittance to the military hospital following their sudden illness. Although all the men would recover eventually, according to Walls, he and the ones he still knows continue to suffer from memory loss, disorientation, and difficulty maintaining weight. Officially Walls (in 1987) is “retired and disabled”. It is hard not to think the sudden illness, and the lifelong “conditions” Wall and the rest of the men suffered was linked to their bizarre UFO encounter. NOTE: The above image is CGI.




We were vacationing at Holden Beach NC Sitting on upper balcony listening to pod casts. We seen two commercial planes flying along coast. We used an app to determine this. My son said what it that. A third object came into view and passed the two commercial planes in sky. It then don a 180 Degree turn and slowed to almost a stop over the ocean.

It still looked like a distant plane. Then it changed into a single amber light. It then changed into two amber lights. It then changed to three and back to one. It then just disappeared. Several people saw this but I’m only speaking for me and my son.



While driving on Route 52 at roughly 50 MPH I noticed something that seemed to be floating above the roadway ahead. I couldn’t see it clearly because another car was tailgating very close but wouldn’t pass, which is a common occurrence on this road. I pulled off into the parking lot of the Greenfield Park post office to let the car go by. As I was turning the car back toward the roadway I thought I saw the object in the streetlights. With the car window open I asked, “Is that you little light?” The object seemed to move further up the road. I pulled back onto the road and pursued it. It stayed ahead but not that far ahead. It may have been 100′ to 300′ away and moving along with my car. It was hard to tell the scale of the object. It appeared to be a little more than two feet across, roughly the size of a streetlight but it’s hard to tell how large it is or exactly how far away. It looked like a metallic truncated cone shape with glowing blue lines running down its sides from the narrow end to the wider end. The metallic surfaces of the object reflected moonlight and streetlights near the firehouse and trailer sales office. Light began to come from the wider end, initially shining down on the road slightly off to the right of the lane I was in. The light was spreading in a wide cone shape and was slightly bluish. Then it started to rotate.

The light moved upward then around as it rotated. It shined at me and flashed five times in my direction as it rotated (not turning on and off). As it faced away I could see the ‘top’ or the side that the light wasn’t shining from. The center where the cone shape was truncated looked dark and the lines of blue light looked like ‘EL Wires’ radiating from it. They seemed to come out of the dark opening and go into a metallic-looking flange surrounding the wider end that was shining the light. When it had flashed at me five times it shut off its light and disappeared into the trees to the right of the road with only the ‘wires’ lit. During the sighting I could see the planets Venus and Mars (I think) with the moon between them off to the left so I definitely wasn’t seeing the planet. About the time it disappeared a floodlight at the yeshiva ahead on the same side of the road came into view briefly through the trees. NOTE: The above image is the witness rendering.



In the early hours of the 2nd November 1968, Dr. X could hear the calls of his young son from his bedroom. He wasn’t upset, rather he was responding to something he could see or hear. Outside of the isolated villa in which they lived, a storm raged. Looking over at his wife and realizing she was fast asleep, he rose from the bed and steadily made his way to their son’s room. This task wasn’t at all easy, as the doctor was suffering from the effects of a leg injury. While chopping wood for the fires in the home, he had slipped with the ax and administered a particularly nasty wound on himself. When he had negotiated the corridor and entered his son’s bedroom, he found him standing in his cot pointing towards the window. Every now and then, bright flashes from outside would bathe the room in a temporary glow. He assumed they were lightning bolts, although they filled him with an anxious feeling. The doctor began to walk towards the young boy when he felt a “rumbling” over and around the house. He believed, at the time, that a huge gust of wind had simply unleashed itself over the property. He settled his son a little, and then placed him back inside his cot. Turning to leave the room, he began to wonder about the “lighting” and the gust of wind. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt the need to explore outside. Just to confirm in his own mind that what he had seen was merely the result of an electrical storm.  He went to one of the windows at the front of the property and looked out into the night. He couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing.

Taking The Electricity “Out Of The Air!”

In the night sky, were two identical, glowing saucer-shaped objects. Each object looked to be made of two “superimposed” parts. The upper section glowed an intensely bright silver, while the bottom part was a “deep sunset red”. From underneath each object, a column of light periodically shone downwards. Not able to fully see the scene as it unfolded, the doctor grabbed his coat and notepad and made his way to the front door of the home.  As he stood in the grounds of his property, he could clearly see a strange “lightning bolt” passing between the objects. Realizing this must be the source of the flashes, he remained where he was, attempting to sketch what he was seeing. He would state later to investigators, “It seemed to me that the two objects were sucking in the atmospheric electricity and that I could see it entering through their antennae and then exploding between the two objects. The whole thing producing one single glow of light”. Strangely, despite the intense brightness of the flashes, they made no noise whatsoever. The objects themselves, however, would resonate with an electrically charged humming sound.  Standing underneath this fascinating scene, the doctor began to scribble notes and sketches of anything he thought might be relevant. It is from his quick thinking to record the event that the incident is as rich in detail as it is.

 He was still scribbling away in his notepad when the two objects began to move and merge together as one. It was identical to the two objects in the sky a moment ago, only a lot closer, only yards from the property. As the doctor continued to look on in both awe and fear, he could see “something moving” in the bottom red section. A bright light also shone downwards again from the object’s underside.  Suddenly, it moved towards him at speed, tilting slightly as it did so. Within seconds, it was directly overhead, its light fully enveloping him. Just as fear was about to explode inside him, the light was gone, as was the craft. The doctor would later claim to have heard a “bang” sound and felt that the craft had “dematerialized”. A small cloud of smoke-like fog was all that remained which itself disappeared soon after. A strange silver string appeared to hang in the air in front of him as if attached to an invisible balloon. It would then shoot directly upwards at speed. The doctor checked his watch seeing it was just after 4 am. He had been outside around ten minutes. He quickly gathered his thoughts and went inside to wake his wife. As he excitedly told her of his encounter, she would suddenly notice he was no longer limping. Amazed, the doctor examined his leg. It was as good as new. The deep cut – in which he had damaged a vein – was completely healed.  Over the next few months, both he and his son would experience a strange triangular rash on their torsos. No explanation has ever surfaced for this, but it is not a stretch to think it is connected to each of their close proximities to the strange craft. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Filiberto Cardenas received a phone call while in his Miami gift shop on the early evening of 3rd January 1979. It was his friend Fernando Marti. He wished to come and pick Cardenas up so they could drive to a merchant butcher. The location was near the city limits and aside from the company, Fernando required his friend’s assistance to help transport a whole pig he wished to purchase for an upcoming family roast. Cardenas agreed, and by the time he locked his premises, his friend, along with his wife, Mirta, and their daughter, Isabel, arrived.  They decided to take Filiberto’s car which Fernando would drive. The journey, however, would prove unsuccessful. The two farms they visited couldn’t supply them with what they wanted. Deciding to try one more place, Fernando turned the car onto a quiet, apparently little-used dirt road. Not long after, the vehicle’s power failed completely and came to a halt.  The two men exited the car and began to investigate under the hood. It was as they carried out these elimination tests that they noticed a strange “humming sound”. When they realized a bright red and yellow glow was reflecting in the bodywork of the car’s engine they began to get an inkling that something was wrong. Suddenly, the car began to shake.  Inside the vehicle, the remaining Marti family, believing an earthquake was happening, began to panic and scream. It was then that the two men under the car’s hood realized they were seemingly paralyzed.

“Don’t Take Me!”

If not being able to move was terrifying (which it undoubtedly was) then when Filiberto began to feel himself rise in the air, that terror went into overdrive. According to Fernando, who could see his friend rising from the ground, Filiberto would shout, “Don’t take me! Don’t take me!” Then, everything stopped. The light was gone. The humming had ceased. And Filiberto was nowhere to be seen. Fernando looked upwards and would claim to see “a bulky object that ascended and then moved away”.  He turned his attention to the car. His wife and daughter were now quiet. He screamed at them “They have taken Filiberto” while jumping into the driver’s seat and going to start the engine. It took several attempts but eventually, it sputtered into life. He backed out of the dirt road and made his way back to the highway. As he drove, he wrestled with the notion of calling the police. He feared they might not believe him. Furthermore, they might think he had kidnapped his friend, or worse.  He ultimately decided he had to report it and would contact the police from a payphone at a service station. He would also contact Filiberto’s wife. The police, although they felt sure there was some confusion on Fernando’s part, nevertheless launched a search for the missing man. This would include requested assistance from the nearby Homestead Air Base.  Fernando, meanwhile, after returning his wife and daughter home, began to doubt what he had seen. What if he was wrong and had left Filiberto – wherever he was – stranded on the outskirts of Miami. He would get back in his car and return to the location where his friend had disappeared.

Waking On A Florida Highway

Unbeknown to Fernando and the police search units, Filiberto was at this point waking up in the middle of a highway around ten miles away from where the encounter had taken place, on the Tamiami Trail. A police vehicle was approaching him. He could hear the tires on the road and could sense the flash of their car. They left their vehicle and approached Filiberto, who didn’t speak English and so couldn’t answer their questions, even if he had all his wits about him.  Thinking he was drunk, the police officers searched his pockets for identification and proceeded to take him to the police station where a Spanish speaking officer could speak to him. As their report reached the police switchboard, it was realized they had their missing man. While awaiting his arrival, Filiberto’s wife and Fernando were brought to the police station also. After ensuring there was no medical “damage” to him, Filiberto was free to go shortly after. NOTE: The above image is CGI.


On the evening of 22nd June 1976, residents of the Canary Islands (Tenerife, La Palma, and La Gomera) would see and report bizarre lights in the sky overhead. The reports were likely in their hundreds, although newspaper headlines the following day suggested “thousands of people” had seen the bizarre display. The lights themselves performed maneuvers that known aircraft were simply not capable of. And furthermore, these movements were not of any known natural object. Perhaps the most intriguing reports, however, were those that claimed to have witnessed “aliens” within the strange crafts.  The Spanish Air Force would investigate the sightings and would send a basic report to journalist, J. J. Benitez. While Benitez would conduct his own extensive research, it wasn’t until the aforementioned releasing of military files in 1994 on the case that the full picture was available. It would seem the Spanish naval vessel, the Atrevida, had been the first to raise the alarm of the strange lights. They would send a report from their position at 9:27 pm. They would state that “an intense yellowish-bluish light “was heading in their direction from the shore. It would suddenly become “stationary” before a “luminous beam from it began to rotate”. After two minutes the beam disappeared and, in its place, “an intense great halo of yellowish-bluish light developed”. The object remained there for forty-minutes in full view of the entire crew. The naval report continues that “the light split into two parts” two minutes after the “great halo” first appeared. The smallest part would move to beneath the halo while the larger part would “climb in a spiral, rapid and irregular” way before vanishing.

All the while, the halo, remained in place.

Several minutes after this detailed account from the Atrevida, came sightings from civilians. And these reports came from all parts of the islands’ society, including “professionals” such as doctors and teachers, which, rightly or wrongly, always lends credence to such reports.  With no military or civilian aircraft airborne that evening, there should have been nothing in the sky. And even if a “private flyer” had made their way up unbeknown, they surely couldn’t be in possession of such a phenomenally futuristic craft. The reports from residents began to separate themselves into two groups. There was the large object of intense yellow-blue light as seen by the crew of the Atrevida. And there were the sightings of the smaller, sphere-like object – which housed several alien entities. If these seemingly outlandish sightings of extraterrestrial-navigated orbs had come from one or two of the populace, then the military General who commissioned the investigation could have put them down to overactive imaginations. They didn’t, however. They came from multiple people, with the same descriptions and details. Several of them offer detail so precise they stand out from the others.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.




Although the exact date is not known, sometime “between January and Easter, 1917”, Anni Lattu (some sources spell her name as Enni) would disappear for several days. Anni lived in a small house in what is now the North Karelia region of Finland. The newspaper account claims her home was several miles away from the Church in the town of Kurkijoki. Local villagers, although thinking it strange that she had left without telling anyone in the village, assumed she had gone to visit her adult daughter. However, when she returned, she did so with a fantastic and mesmerizing tale of her adventures.

One day while performing her usual duties a “large apparatus, like a big washing basin” descended from the sky near to her home. Incidentally, at the time in Finland, wash basins had the appearance similar to large soup plates. This strange object would land close to her house and after several moments a ladder emerged from the craft to the ground. Several small creatures made their way from the craft (she would later refer to these creatures as “little devils”) and approached her.  She knew they wished her to go with them on board their ship. She didn’t wish to go, however. Despite her efforts to resist, the creatures would forcibly take her on board. Once inside the craft, which “shone inside” they “traveled very quickly” and “many wonders” were shown to her. She would also state that the craft was silent and “did not make any noise as in the train”.  These details would prove to match the many details given by alien abductees decades later. This perhaps not only lends an authenticity to the encounter but suggests a continued and persistent presence on Earth by entities unknown.



When we looked out the window that night, we saw a strange bright star floating slowly towards our building, growing larger as it drew nearer. After that, I went to bed. For about an hour, I tried to sleep and heard a low humming droning sound. When I couldn’t sleep, I got up and peered out my window. There were about another 6 (maybe more) little lights buzzing around the big glowing light like little fireflies. They moved very fast and erratically.

Coming to the light, moving around it, and then racing away from it across the sky. A cluster of them came around the big light when the electric in the neighborhood died for a few seconds and when it came on again only the one light was left in the sky. (I took the photos with my iPhone so unfortunately the quality is low).


A few years ago, NASA destroyed hundreds of Apollo-era tapes found in the basement of a deceased Pennsylvania man’s home. Two massive computers were also found in the basement, though NASA claimed the serial number imprinted on them didn’t match anything in its records.


In response to a FOIA request from Motherboard, NASA’s Office of Inspector General released a report detailing an investigation into a trove of data reels found in the basement of a former IBM engineer. The engineer, whose name was redacted in the report, had worked as a NASA contractor and was given permission to take the tapes, as well as two large computers, sometime between 1968-1972.  According to his widow, the IBM Alleghany Center in Pittsburgh gave him permission to take the materials. The man’s widow expressly stated, “please tell NASA these items were not stolen.”  Upon receiving custody of the tapes, a NASA inspector decided there was no use for them, as they were moderately to severely damaged by mold. The tapes, many of which were unlabeled, appeared to be from the Pioneer and Helios missions. The Pioneer missions sent probes to study Jupiter and Saturn, while Helios probes were sent to study the sun.


The labelled reels accounted for just over 100 of the 325 tapes. After conferring with NASA’s archive department, the inspector deemed them historically insignificant and recommended they be destroyed.  But the correspondence between the inspector and his NASA colleagues revealed some strange findings that were left unexplained. One discrepancy was found with a tape seeming to be labelled from the Pioneer 11 mission, which launched in 1973. However, the date on the tape was marked 1972.  The computers found in the basement presented another enigma, as they were incredibly heavy and labelled with a contract serial number that NASA had no record of ever having. The numbers read, NAS5-2154 and NAS5-17620-5, initially bringing up a contract number for an HVAC system. Even stranger, the contract duration for one of the computers found in the NASA archives was from 2003-2004 for a computer number inscription from 1962.

This quandary lead one NASA employee to state, “It really feels like archeology to me.”

NASA said it had no use for the computers and they could be used for scrap or disposed of by whatever means. The computers themselves were said to be extraordinarily heavy, likely requiring a crane to move them. Yet, somehow, they ended up in the basement of this man’s house.  Though these tapes are unrelated to the Apollo missions, they are relevant when considering NASA’s archival preservation methods at the time. One would be remiss not to remember the degaussing, or erasing, of over 200,000 magnetic tapes, in which one with the original footage of the moon landing in 1969 was lost.  Motherboard pointed out NASA’s abysmal archival process has been known and chastised by the government in the past. For the Pioneer 10 and 11 missions contained in this recent trove of basement tapes, only 30 to 59 percent of mission data was archived at the Goddard National Space Science Data Center. NASA considers this a “good” level of documentation.  Motherboard confirmed that the tapes were disposed of and recycled by NASA. It will remain a mystery as to what exactly was contained on the tapes, though NASA employees say they were likely blank. It is surprising, however, that NASA would allow a private contractor to take home that many magnetic data reels when it was making such an effort to save money by erasing and recycling them, including the one containing the moon landing. Was this unnamed engineer who held onto the tapes for over 40 years really just a collector?

KENS NOTE:  Seems NASA is already trying to cover up the Apollo tapes. The misplaced, missing or destroyed tapes had all of the information that we did not go to the moon starting in 1969.  Destroying the evidence is one way of covering up a lie.




Manalapan — I have goose bumps and chills down my spine. I was visiting my parents around 9:50 pm on June 22, 2015. I was leaving and saw a bat or bird in the sky and looked closer to see this thing flying towards me. As it got closer it got larger and was massive about 300 feet wide and 400 feet long, extremely dark black triangular, shape that looked as if it was a shadow because it reflected no light. I could see the shape of this object so clearly. There were no lights anywhere on this triangle, like a bat mobile flying over my head.  My dad was coming out and I kept yelling to him to look above over his head, this thing came up Madigan Lane from Pease Rd to (northeast) then hovered over my head for a few seconds then went southeast towards Longbow Drive. It moved so quickly and changed directions on a dime. I reported it to the Manalapan NJ Police Department and the cops think I’m crazy. They said “We cannot do anything about it”, REALLY! Something is flying over my head in our air space and you cannot do anything about it?  NOTE: The above image is CGI.




Noticed 3 objects. Far away so can not tell the shape but they appear to be something unusual. The 3 objects are in a trianglular formation but spread out. The center object appears to be the largest. Lights appear white but you can see flashes of small red and blue. The light on the object does not appear to be connected. At times I could see 3 separate distinct lights on the center object with a glow that moved towards he back. I zoomed in on my camera phone to X10 and captured the pictures attached. The object to the left had a red orange glow to the lights. I’m honestly not sure what I’ve seen but I would love some feedback on what it could be.



On Thursday the 2nd of June 2016 I decided to go Dawlish Warren because I like the secluded beach and sand dunes with the marram grass. I walked across the beach before i headed over to the sand dunes with the grass. I sat down on a log that was in the long grass. I was facing Exmouth and I could see all the people on the beach soaking up the sun. It was a beautiful day and I could see for miles up the coast. There are some amazing views to be seen when you look over at Exmouth and Starcross. I had my new Nikon COOLPIX P900 camera with me. This camera has 83x optical zoom which is incredible. I started taking photographs of all the views and I was happy snapping away in the hot sun when all of a sudden I had the feeling of being watched. I stood up and turned around and at first I couldn’t see anyone. But the feeling of being watched was overwhelming so I looked through my camera viewfinder and started to look along the horizon. In the distance there was a slight hill with bushes and grass. This is in the direction of the nature reserve. It was in this area that I noticed what at first I thought were people. 


There were two of them and they were just standing there looking in my direction one of the beings was on the left and the other one was on the right. On closer inspection I could clearly see that they were dressed in tightly fitting one piece overalls that were silver and they were wearing helmets that had black visors. They looked just like space suits and the sun was reflecting off their surface. I could not believe what I was seeing. I quickly started taking photographs, with that the being on the right side begin backing off and I managed to capture this in the photographs that I took. I continued watching as the being on the left just stood still and was starring in my direction. After about 5 minutes of looking in each others direction the being turned and slowly walked off. I could no longer see the two beings as I looked up and down the horizon for them. A few minutes later I saw an object lift up from the area of the nature reserve and move from left to right and it then shot off into the far distance. The object appeared to be round and had what looked like blades coming out of each side. The object just hung there way off in the distance. As the object hung there in the distance it appeared to be changing shape. The object then moved off and out of sight. To my amazement there was a loud roar as a military Apache helicopter appeared from behind me. The Apache helicopter has rocket launchers and has a radar dome on the top above the rotors. The Apache helicopter circled around before moving off in the direction of the strange object that I had witnessed. As the military helicopter moved off into the distance I looked on with amazement. Wow. This was Incredible. Needless to say I had a great day at Dawlish Warren.



A few days ago, June 5th, I went out to my girlfriend’s fathers house for the evening. Whilst we were there, we made a point to attempt contact. Once again, we were successful. We witnessed quite a few this evening. Though we lost count, we saw at least 6 orange or white orbs, at various distances. It was amazing. The next night, June 6th, we did the same thing. We were successful, however, this time I pulled out my new Samsung Galaxy S9+ and got a KILLER video.

Now, keep in mind that it was around 10pm, so unless you can do some contrast editing etc… it’s hard to make out anything but the UFO itself. I simply don’t have the software capabilities. I recorded this video in 1080p resolution @ 60 frames per second, so, the quality is top notch for a night shot. However, I have to figure out how to get the original, uncompressed video over to you. I’ll do what I can to send SOME version. If the video doesn’t send for whatever reason, please let me know. Also, this particular object was the closest one out of the two nights BY FAR.

We estimated, with little debate, that it must have been within a mile from us. My girlfriend and I also, for the first time, experienced all the loud insects the vicinity QUIET DOWN, just as we noticed one of the craft. I’ll also include a couple screen shots I grabbed from the unedited video to further inspect the object, and they are INCREDIBLE. I promised that I would report anything I captured in the future so here it is. Keep in mind that, we SPECIFICALLY requested that the crafts come closer on this second evening. They obliged.




I saw, through binoculars, an object in the sky that was bright white & looked like a ferris wheel. It was round & had spokes on it. It was brighter than any star & stationary in the southern sky. Then it would suddenly change form & become smaller pulsating lights of green, yellow, blue & red that would zip around erratically about the sky at impossible speeds, then it would return to appear as the original structure. I counted at least 20 of these objects in the sky, but all of the others were further away & these objects were seen everywhere except for in the Western sky. Does anyone have any idea what these things are? These objects have been seen by many people other than myself. I am going to view them through my telescope tonight.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



I was fishing with 2 friends on the beach at fort Victoria. Was mid summer I believe. Had just got dark and was a clear sky no clouds. One of my friends said what is that? We looked around as this object was flying at a level elevation coming from the east to west but located towards the south of the island flying west.  It flew along with a changing colour and seemed as if it was dripping and with no noise, though at this time it was half a mile away. As it got to exactly south of us it sped up at a incredible speed and done a near on 90′ turn. As it sped up it trailed multi colours from it. It passed just to the west of us and was now only about 400 metres away from us. Still no noise but climbing at an incredible speed and angle. We watched till it disappeared. We were all shocked and none of us could say what it was but couldn’t say it was anything from earth as nothing can fly at the speed it was doing from slow to full speed in an instant turning at a near on right angle. It would kill someone if they were inside? We hardly spoke that night as we were all deep in thought. We all told everyone what we seen and people were laughing saying we were on drugs. I believe it was on a Wednesday and we have a local newspaper that comes out only on a Friday.

On that weeks papers front page it had a picture of a field near carisbrooke castle in Newport on the island with a message saying ” greetings earthlings ” this had appeared the same night as we seen this object. Everyone was saying ” wow you did see a UFO ”. Someone did come forward saying they had created the message in the field a week later so people didn’t know what to believe. A couple of days ago I was looking through YouTube at ufos and seen a UFO buzzing around in the same area whilst the red arrows ( Britains flight aerobatic team) were doing a display just off of fort Victoria beach. I couldn’t believe it was the same area. It has haunted me in many ways and one of my friends it really affected that much that he has never been the same since. He turned to god and jehovah witness for a time then to drugs and back to god etc. I watch the sky’s and go out looking for another sighting. I have ” night sky app” on my phone so I know what is flying about and where. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



Was looking at a light as I got off I-65 south exited the x-way and started filming as soon as I could pull over.  Shot on iPhone 5. Could not explain it and I work at airport. Only saw the pulsing orb at first then noticed the other two blinking in and out of visibility ,like they were checking the orb out.

One was zippy fast, and other was a lenticular shape that was almost invisible. Camera picked it up better than the human eye. Two other object seemed to phase in and out. Once the orb started blinking when I asked it to creeped me out so I left.



Farmington Hills — I was leaving the bowling alley with my husband on June 2, 2018. I observed an extremely large “V” shaped UFO traveling southwest at an alarming rate of speed. From my viewpoint and the altitude of the object, I estimate it to be 50-100 times larger than a modern sized airplane. The object had seven lights-three on each line of the “V” and one light where the lines intersect. The lights were white and dim and in sync.  The object was moving at a rapid rate of speed (I only observed it for 8-10 seconds before I lost sight of it). The object was completely silent. I observed the underside of the object that was black except for the seven lights. NOTE: The above image is CGI.